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Willow Herb





Willow Herb

Strictly Medicinal Herb Seeds' "Small Flowered Willow Herb"
"Epilobium parviflorum. Family: Onagraceae
Annual. Native to temperate Europe, Asia and North America. As the smallish plants mature, they develop much red pigmentation in stem and leaf. The delicate pink flowers give way to elongated pods, which split, curl, and dress themselves with a downy cloud of pappus. The herb contains high levels of beta-sitosterol, and is a specific for inflamed prostate, bladder and urethra. It is used extensively in Europe as an extract to treat benign swelling of the prostate. There is growing interest in this species in the US, and the dried herb deserves attention from growers as a marketable item. Cultivation: Although the seed is small, germination is easy. Press into surface of potting soil and keep moist. Germ in 7 days. Likes good garden soil and plenty of moisture. Transplant 6 inches apart. Grows up to 18 inches tall."
Willow Herb Retailers
Nature's Method 60 Prostaid 475mg Capsules
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Pronatura 60 Softgels $13.37 +s&h $13.08 +s&h $14.21 +s&h
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