Freedom Activist Network's Guide To
2006 US Candidates

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2006 Federal Candidates of Interest to Freedom Activists

Bingaman, Jeff (US Senator, NM, Dem)
Carter, John William (US Senator, NV, Dem)
Ericson, Cris (US Senator, VT, Rep)
Friedman, Richard "Kinky" (TX Governor, NPA)
Gonzalez, Frank J (US Rep, FL 21st, Dem)
Masel, Ben (US Senator, WI, Dem)
Paul, Ronald Ernest (US Rep, TX 14th, Rep)
Ream, Charles (US Rep, MI 7th, Dem) (lost primary)
Vernuccio, F Vincent (US Rep, MI 15th, Rep) (failed to receive necessary 1000 write-in primary votes)
Zeese, Kevin (US Senator, VA, Green Party, endorsed by Libertarian Party, Populist Party)



2006 State & Local Candidates of Interest to Freedom Activists

Ericson, Cris (VT Governor)
Nall, Loretta (AL Governor, Libertarian, write-in)
Peirce, William S (OH Governor, NPA)
Thornton, Clifford Wallace, Jr (CT Governor, Green)
Warren, Rebekah (MI State Rep, Dem)