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Television Organizations

also see Media Organizations

A&E Television Networks
ABC Television Network
British Broadcasting Corporation
CBS Television Network
CW Television Network
Discovery Communications, Inc
Disney-ABC Television Group
FOX Broadcasting Co
Ion Media Networks, Inc
National Cable Satellite Corp
Pot TV
Public Broadcasting Service
Television Marti
Turner Broadcasting System Inc



Broadcast Stations & Satellite Channels


A&E Network
Affiliations: satellite channel of A&E Television Networks
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Al Jazeera
Box 23127, Doha, Qatar
Affiliations: satellite channel of Al Jazeera, acquired assets of Current
Animal Planet
Affiliations: satellite channel of Discovery Communications, Inc
Biography Channel
Affiliations: satellite channel of A&E Television Networks
Outlaw Bikers
Dallas, TX
Founder Glenn Beck
Issues: Conservatives, Libertarians
Aka: The Blaze
Dana with Dana Loesch
Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck
Glenn Beck Radio with Glenn Beck
Liberty Treehouse
Pat & Stu
Real News with Sarah E Cupp, Buck Sexton
Buck Sexton Show with Buck Sexton
Bloomberg TV
731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, 212-318-2000
Issues: Economics, Investment & Investors
Aka: Bloomberg Television
Affiliation: television channel of Bloomberg LP
Issues: Economics, Investment & Investors
Affiliation: channel of NBC Universal, Inc
Crime Inc with Melissa Francis
Kudlow Report with Lawrence Kudlow
Money in Motion
Affiliation: channel of Cable News Network, Time Warner Inc, Turner Broadcasting System Inc
Capital Gang (defunct)
Crossfire with Sarah Elizabeth "S E" Cupp, Stephanie Cutter, Newton Leroy Gingrich, Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones
Anderson Cooper 360° with Anderson Hays Cooper
Lou Dobbs Tonight (defunct) with Louis Carl Dobbs
Larry King Show (defunct) with Larry King
Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
Reliable Sources with Howard Kurtz
Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer
Affiliations: satellite channel of National Cable Satellite Corporation
Current (defunct)
Affiliations: assets sold to Al Jazeera, was satellite channel of Current TV, LLC
Gay Pride
That's Gay
Discovery Channel
Affiliation: channel of Discovery Communications, Inc
Brew Masters
Global Warming: What You Need To Know
Militia Rising
Secret America
Sons of Guns
Cocaine Nation
Heroin Nation
Sturgis: Motorcycle Mania
Documentary Channel (renamed)
Issue: Documentaries
Aka: renamed Pivot
FOX Business Channel
Issues: Economics, Investment & Investors
Affiliations: channel of FOX News Network LLC, News Corporation
Commentators Jason L Riley, John Stossel
The Independents with Lisa Kennedy Montgomery aka Kennedy, Matt Welch, Kmele Foster
Lou Dobbs Tonight with Louis Carl Dobbs
Stossel with John Stossel
FOX News Channel
Issue: Conservatives
Affiliations: channel of FOX News Network LLC, News Corporation
Judicial Analyst Andrew P Napolitano; Commentators Mike Baker, Herman Cain, Adam Corolla, Michelle J Fields, Charles Krauthammer, Dennis J Kucinich, Judith Miller, Katie Pavlich, George Frederick Will; Contributors Michelle J Fields, Pete Hegseth, Jason L Riley
Beltway Boys (defunct) with Frederic W Barnes, Morton M Kondracke
Freedom Watch (defunct) with Andrew Napolitano
Glenn Beck (defunct) with Glenn Beck
Geraldo At Large with Geraldo Miguel Rivera
Hannity with Sean Hannity
Hannity and Colmes (defunct) with Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes
Huckabee with Michael Dale Huckabee
The O'Reilly Factor with William James O'Reilly
On the Record with Greta Van Susteren
Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, Andy Levy, Joanne Nosuchinsky
Special Report with Brit Hume with Brit Hume
Stossel with John Stossel
Strategy Room with Lauren Sivan
War Stories with Oliver Laurence North
Aka: formerly Headline News
Affiliations: Cable News Network, Time Warner Inc, Turner Broadcasting System Inc
History Channel
Issue: 9/11 Research
Affiliation: channel of A&E Television Networks
History's Mysteries with David Ackroyd, Arthur Kent
Beltway Unbuckled
102 Minutes That Changed America
The 9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction
Home Box Office (HBO)
Real Time with Bill Maher with Bill Maher
Double Crossed
Investigation Discovery Channel
Affiliation: Discovery Communications, Inc
CIA: America's Secret Warriors by Marc Levin
Ion Television
601 Clearwater Park Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33401, 561-659-4122, 212-757-3100, email
Affiliation: channel of Ion Media Networks, Inc
Logo TV,
Issues: Gays, Transgenders, Transvestites & Crossdressing
Affiliations: channel of MTV Networks, Viacom Inc
Affiliations: satellite channel of Microsoft Corp, NBC Universal, Inc
Buchanan and Press (defunct) with Patrick J Buchanan, Bill Press
Hardball with Chris Matthews with Chris Matthews
Rachel Maddow Show with Rachel Anne Maddow
The Ed Show with Ed Schultz
Tim Russert Show (defunct) with Timothy John Russert Jr (deceased)
Tucker (defunct) with Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson
Past News Anchor Kurt F Loder, Past VJ Lisa Kennedy Montgomery aka Kennedy
Affiliations: satellite channel of MTV Networks, Viacom International
MTV Networks
Comedy Central
Country Music Television
Nick at Night
TV Land
Affiliations: satellite channel of Viacom Inc
Military Channel
Affiliations: satellite channel of Discovery Communications, Inc
Issue: Military
C.I.A. Secrets
Meet the Press with Timothy John Russert Jr (deceased)
c/o Participant Channel Inc, 331 Foothill Rd, 3rd Fl, Beverly Hills, CA 90210,, email
Issue: Documentaries
Aka: formerly Documentary Channel
Affiliation: part of Participant Media
Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
2100 Crystal Dr, Arlington, VA 22202
President & CEO Paula Kerger
Frontline with William Lyman
McLaughlin Group with John McLaughlin, Patrick J Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Monica Crowley
Bill Moyers Journal with William Donald Moyers
Reason TV
Issue: Libertarians
Affiliation: Reason Foundation
Past Host & Past Interviewer Michelle J Fields
Ron Paul Channel, email form
Issue: Libertarians
Founder & Host Ronald Ernest Paul; Host Diana Alvear
Affiliations: satellite channel of MTV Networks, Viacom Inc
King of Vegas with Wayne Allyn Root
Science Channel
Affiliations: satellite channel of Discovery Communications, Inc
The L Word
Queer as Folk (defunct)
Weeds with Craig X Rubin
Sportsman Channel,
Aka: The Sportsman Channel
Guns& Ammo with Kyle Lamb, Craig Boddington
NRA News Cam and Company with Cam Edwards
Personal Defense with Richard Nance, James Tarr, Dave Spaulding, Massad Ayoob, Kelly McCann
Affiliations: satellite channel of Time Warner Inc, Turner Broadcasting System Inc
Affiliations: satellite channel of Discovery Communications, Inc
Aka: The Learning Channel
Travel Channel
America Declassified with Mike Baker, Ben McGee
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew with Drew Pinsky
Sex Rehab with Dr Drew with Drew Pinsky
Lansing, MI
Show: Off the Record with Tim Skubick
Detroit, MI



Television Series, Shows & Programs

also see Documentaries

America Declassified
Hosts: Mike Baker, Ben McGee
Channel: Travel Channel
Issues: Conspiracies, Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure, Government Intelligence
Atheists Speak Up
Executive Producer Marty Maier
Channel: Ann Arbor Community Television Network
Issue: Nontheist Television
Glenn Beck
Host Glenn Beck
Channel: FOX News Channel, formerly on CNN Headline News (2009)
Beltway Boys,
Hosts Frederic W Barnes, Morton M Kondracke
Channel: FOX News Channel
Billions Behind Bars: Inside America's Prison Industry, email
Host: Scott Cohn
Channel: CNBC
Issue: Prisons ↦ Prisoners
Brew Masters
Producer Discovery Channel; with Sam Calagione, Mariah Calagione, Nick Benz, Connie Park, Floris Delee, Jesse Prall, Bryan Selders
Issue: Alcohol
Buchanan and Press (defunct)
Hosts Patrick J Buchanan, Bill Press
Channel: MSNBC
Capital Gang (defunct)
Panelists Patrick J Buchanan, Margaret Carlson, Mona Charen, Al Hunt, Robert Novak, Kate O'Beirne, Mark Shields
Channel: CNN
Celebrity Rehab Sober Living (defunct)
Host Drew Pinsky; Celebrity Patients Steven Adler, Mary (Carey) Cook, Andy Dick
Channel: VH-1
Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew (defunct),
Host Drew Pinsky; Celebrity Patients Steven Adler, Mary (Carey) Cook
Channel: VH-1
Conspiracy Test
Hosts John de Lancie, Uki Goni; Producer: Creative Differences Productions Ltd; Executive Producers Erik Nelson, Phil Fairclough, Dave Harding
Channels: Discovery Channel, Military Channel
Issue: Conspiracy Research
Conspiracy Theory,
Host Jesse Ventura
Channel: truTV
Issues: Conspiracy Research, Disinformation Research
Anderson Cooper 360°,,
Host Anderson Hays Cooper
Channel: CNN
Cops & Coyotes
Producer: Target Entertainment
Channel: Investigation Discovery Channel
Issues: Drug War, Immigration
Host Keith Olberman
Channel: MSNBC
Crime Inc,
Host: Melissa Francis; Producer: Kurtis Productions Ltd; Executive Producer: Bill Kurtis
Channel: CNBC
Issues: Black Market, Criminalization & Overcriminalization
Hosts Sarah Elizabeth "S E" Cupp, Stephanie Cutter, Newton Leroy Gingrich, Anthony Kapel "Van" Jones
Past Hosts Bob Beckel, Paul Begala, Tom Braden, Patrick J Buchanan, Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, James Carville, Michael Kinsley, Mary Matalin, Robert David Sanders Novak, Bill Press, Robert Anthony Snow, John E Sununu, Joe Watkins
Channel: CNN
Channel: SPIKE TV
Issues: Drug War, Drugs, US Drug Enforcement Administration
Jeff Davis Show
Host Jeff Davis
Democracy Now!
Host & Executive Producer Amy Goodman
Issues: Broadcasting Liberty, Democracy, Peace
Lou Dobbs Tonight
Host Louis Carl Dobbs
Channel: CNN
Issue: Populists
Dog the Bounty Hunter
Issue: Bail
Channel: A&E Network
The Drug Years
Interviewee Liz Phair
Channels: Sundance, VH1
The Ed Show
Host Ed Schultz
Channel: MSNBC
Evans, Novak, Hunt and Shields
Hosts Rowland Evans Jr (deceased), Al Hunt, Robert David Sanders Novak, Mark Shields
Face the Nation,
Host Bob Lloyd Schieffer; Past Hosts Lesley R Stahl, George Herman, Martin Agronsky, Paul Niven, Howard K Smith, Stuart Novins, Ted Koop
Network: CBS Television
Firing Line (defunct)
Host William Frank Buckley, Jr (deceased)
Forbidden Knowledge, email
Host Craig
Network: Community Television Network
Freedom Watch (defunct),,
Host Andrew P Napolitano; Guest Commentator Nick Gillespie
Issue: Libertarians
Aka: formerly Freedom Watch With The Judge
Narrator William Lyman
Network: PBS
Gay Pride
Channel: Current
Issue: Gays & Gay Rights
Geraldo At Large,
Host Geraldo Miguel Rivera
Channel: FOX News Channel
Give Me A Break (defunct)
Host John Stossel
Global Warming: What You Need To Know
Host: Tom Brokaw
Channel: Discovery Channel
Issue: Climate
Gun & Ammo,
Hosts Kyle Lamb, Craig Boddington
Channel: Sportsman Channel
Issues: Firearms
Aka: Guns & Ammo TV
Guns of the World
Issues: Firearms, Military Weapons
Host Sean Hannity
Channel: FOX News Channel
Issue: Conservatives
Hannity and Colmes (defunct)
Hosts Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes; Guest Host Michael S Steele
Channel: FOX News Channel
Hardball with Chris Matthews
Host Chris Matthews
Channel: MSNBC
History's Mysteries's_Mysteries,
Host Arthur Kent; Narrator David Ackroyd
Channel: History Channel
Issues: Secretive Organizations
Episodes: (partial list)
"Ancient Aliens"
"Ancient Drugs"
"Failed Assassinations"
"Getting High: A History of LSD"
"Hell's Angels"
"History of Prostitution: Sex in the City"
"Jack Ruby on Trial"
"Salem Witch Trials"
"Secret Brotherhood of Freemasons"
"Secret Societies" aka documentary Secret Societies
"The Civil War Draft Riots"
"The Death of Marilyn Monroe"
"The Occult and the Third Reich"
Host Michael Dale Huckabee
Channel: FOX News Channel
The Independents,, email
Hosts Lisa Kennedy Montgomery aka Kennedy, Matthew Welch, Kmele Foster
Channel: FOX Business Channel
Issues: Independents, Libertarians
King of Vegas
Host Wayne Allyn Root
Channel: SPIKE TV
Larry King Show
Host Larry King
Channel: CNN
The Kudlow Report
Host Lawrence Kudlow
Channel: CNBC
The L Word
Channel: Showtime
Late Edition
Host Wolf Blitzer
Channel: CNN
Libertarian Alternative
1830 N Cherokee Ave #511, Los Angeles, CA 90028, 323-469-5372, 323-633-6275, email, email
Producer Mark Selzer; Hosts Mark Selzer, Dusti Taylor
Rachel Maddow Show
Host Rachel Anne Maddow
Channel: MSNBC
Marijuana Outlaws
Channel: Current TV
Issue: Cannabis
McLaughlin Group
1717 Rhode Island Ave NW #640, Washington DC 20036, email
Host John McLaughlin; Panelists Patrick J Buchanan, Eleanor Clift, Monica Crowley; Guest & Past Panelists Frederic W Barnes, Anthony David Blankley (deceased), David Corn, Morton M Kondracke, Mort Zuckerman
Network: PBS
Meet the Press
Host David Gregory; Past Hosts Tom Brokaw, Timothy John Russert Jr (deceased)
Network: NBC
Militia Rising
Narrator J V Martin; Executive Producers Brent Burnette, Brian Flanagan, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Eric Leemon, Matthew Ostrum; Director Josh Abrahamson
Channel: Discovery Channel
Issue: Militias
Money in Motion
Channel: CNBC
Issue: Monetary
Morning Joe
Hosts Charles Joseph Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Willie Geist
Channel: MSNBC
Bill Moyers Journal
Host William Donald Moyers
Network: PBS
Issue: Libertarians
NBC Nightly News
Anchor Brian Williams
NRA News Cam and Company,
Host Cam Edwards
Channel: Sportsman Channel
Issues: Firearms, National Rifle Association
NewsHour with Jim Lehrer
Host Jim Lehrer; Washington Correspondent Judy Woodruff; Analysts Mark Shields, David Brooks, Gwen Ifill
Network: PBS
The O'Reilly Factor
Host William James O'Reilly
Channel: FOX News Channel
Off the Record (OTR)
MI, 517-432-9527, email
Host Tim Skubick
Stations: WKAR, WTVS
On Point with Armstrong Williams
Host Armstrong Williams
On the Record
Host Greta Van Susteren
Outlaw Bikers
Channel: Biography Channel
Issue: Motorcycles
Penn and Teller: Bullshit!
Hosts Penn Jillette, Raymond Joseph Teller
Channel: Showtime
Personal Defense,
Host Richard Nance; Featuring James Tarr, Dave Spaulding, Massad Ayoob, Kelly McCann
Channel: Sportsman Channel
Issues: Firearms, Self Defense
Aka: Personal Defense TV
Pot Cops
Narrator Jaime Meline; Producer Hoggard Films; Executive Producer Steven Hoggard; Senior Producer Daphna Rubin; Series Editor Lyman Smith
Issue: Cannabis
Channel: Discovery Channel
Real Time with Bill Maher
Host Bill Maher
Channel: Home Box Office
Red Eye
Host Greg Gutfeld; Commentators Andy Levy, Joanne Nosuchinsky
Channel: FOX News Channel
Issue: Libertarians
Reliable Sources redirects to
Host Howard Kurtz
Channel: CNN
Tim RuPaul's Drag Race
Host RuPaul
Issue: Transvestitism & Crossdressing
Tim Russert Show (defunct)
Past Host Timothy John Russert Jr (deceased)
Channel: MSNBC
John Safran Versus God
Host John Safran
Issue: God, Nontheist
Secret America
Channel: Discovery Channel
Issue: Secretive Organizations
Sex, Drugs and Civil Liberties
Host Dan Viets
Rob Sherman Television Show
Host Robert I Sherman
The Sister Wives
Channel: TLC
Issue: Polygamy
The Situation Room
Host Wolf Blitzer, Contributor Jack Cafferty
Channel: CNN
The Situation with Tucker Carlson (defunct)
Host Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, "The Outsider" Max Kellerman
60 Minutes,
Correspondents Katie Couric, Steve Kroft, Laura Logan, Scott Peeley, Andrew Aitken (Andy) Rooney, Morley Safer, Bob Simon, Lesley R Stahl, Myron Leon (Mike) Wallace; Contributors Anderson Cooper, Charlie Rose; Past Host Harry Reasoner
Network: CBS Television
Sons of Guns
Channel: Discovery Channel
Issue: Firearms
Special Report with Brit Hume
Host Brit Hume, Contributor Morton M Kondracke
Channel: FOX News Channel
Host John Stossel
Channel: FOX Business Network
Issue: Libertarians
Strategy Room (defunct)
Host Lauren Sivan
Channel: FOX News Channel (2011)
Supernatural Science (defunct)
Producer: British Broadcasting Corporation, 1999-2000
Channels: BBC Television, Chiller
Issue: Supernatural
Texas Drug Wars
Channel: Discovery
Issues: Drug War, Drugs
That's Gay
Channel: Current
This Week
Host George Robert Stephanopolous; Panelist George Frederick Will
Network: ABC
Time 4 Hemp,,
Creator, Producer & Host Casper Leitch; Past Director of Operations Beth Soloe
Issues: Cannabis, Cannabis Hemp
30 Days
Exec Producer Morgan Spurlock
To Catch A Predator
Issue: Pedophilia
Today Show
Anchors Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira; News Anchor Ann Curry
Network: NBC
The True Story of Charlie Wilson
Channel: History Channel
Tucker (defunct)
Host Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson
Channel: MSNBC
Past Anchor Hugh Malcolm Downs
Network: ABC
US Drug Wars
Channel: Discovery
Issues: Drug War, Drugs
Unsealed Alien Files
Issues: Extraterrestrials
Unsealed Conspiracy Files,
Issues: Conspiracies
Host Dan Abrams
Channel: MSNBC
Viewpoint with James Zogby
Host James J Zogby
Channel: Abu Dhabi Television
War Stories
Host Oliver Laurence North
Channel: FOX News Channel
Issue: Military
Weed Country
Channel: Discovery Channel
Issue: Cannabis
Creator & Writer Jenji Kohan; Actors Mary-Louise Parker, Craig X Rubin; Marijuana Consultant Craig X Rubin
Channel: Showtime
Montel Williams Show
Host Montel Williams
With Liberty and Justice For All
Host Dennis Grover
Years of Living Dangerously
with Thomas Friedman, Mark Bittman, 2014
Issues: Climate, Heartland Institute, Pollution
Fareed Zakaria GPS
Host Fareed Zakaria
Channel: CNN



Television Hosts & Personalities

Abrams, Dan
Ackroyd, David
Barnes, Frederic W
Beck, Glenn
Beckel, Bob
Begala, Paul
Blankley, Tony
Blitzer, Wolf
Braden, Tom
Bradshaw, Terry
Broder, David S
Brokaw, Tom
Brooks, David
Brzezinski, Mika
Buchanan, Patrick J
Cafferty, Jack
Carlson, Tucker Swanson McNear
Carolla, Adam L
Carville, James
Charen, Mona
Clift, Eleanor
Colmes, Alan
Cooper, Anderson Hays
Cronkite, Walter (deceased)
Crowley, Monica
Davis, Jeff
Dobbs, Louis Carl
Dobson, James C
Donaldson, Sam
Downey, Morton, Jr
Downs, Hugh Malcolm
Geist, Willie
Gergen, David Richmond
Goodman, Amy
Gregory, David
Grover, Dennis
Hannity, Sean
Hilder, Anthony J
Hume, Brit
Ifill, Gwen
Imus, John Donald, Jr
Kellerman, Max
Kent, Arthur
King, Larry
Kinsley, Michael
Koernke, Mark Gregory
Kondracke, Morton M
Krauthammer, Charles
Kudlow, Lawrence
Kurtz, Howard
Lauer, Matt
Lehrer, Jim
Leitch, Casper
Lunden, Joan
Lyman, William
Maddow, Rachel Anne
Maher, Bill
Matalin, Mary
Matthews, Chris
McLaughlin, John
Moyers, William Donald
Napolitano, Andrew P
North, Oliver Laurence
Novak, Robert
O'Donnell, Lawrence
O'Reilly, William James
Olberman, Keith
Pinsky, Drew
Povich, Maury
Press, Bill
Raphael, Sally Jessie
Rivera, Geraldo Miguel
Rooney, Andrew Aitken (Andy)
Root, Wayne Allyn
Russert, Timothy John, Jr (deceased)
Safer, Morley
Safran, John
Sagan, Carl
Scarborough, Joe
Schieffer, Bob Lloyd
Selzer, Mark
Sherman, Robert I
Shields, Mark
Schultz, Ed
Sivan, Lauren
Skubick, Tim
Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Liz)
Snow, Robert Anthony (deceased)
Stahl, Lesley R
Steele, Michael S
Stephanopolous, George Robert
Stern, Howard
Stossel, John
Sununu, John E
Thomas, Cal
Van Susteren, Greta
Ventura, Jesse
Vieira, Meredith
Viets, Dan
Wallace, Myron Leon (Mike)
Walters, Barbara Jill
Watkins, Joe
Will, George Frederick
Williams, Armstrong
Williams, Brian
Williams, Montel
Woodruff, Judy
Zakaria, Fareed
Zogby, James J
Zuckerman, Mort