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Yandle, Bruce M
Research Fellow, Independent Review; Professor of Economics, Clemson University; economist
Yarmuth, John A
319 Cannon House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515-1703
600 Martin Luther King Jr Pl #216, Louisville, KY 40202
600 E Main St #313, Louisville, KY 40202 ?
202-225-5401, 502-582-5129, 502-905-0060?, fax 502-582-5897, email form,,
US Representative, KY 3rd, 2007-; Democrat; Progressive; Founder & President, Center for Kentucky Progress (defunct); Founder & Executive Editor, Louisville Eccentric Observer; jewish
Ybema, Charles
c/o Committee to Elect Charles Ybema, Box 19815, Kalamazoo, MI 49019
269-599-3763, email Ybema60{at} (replace {at} with @)
Republican Party candidate, MI State Rep, 60th, 2008; Endorsee, Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan, 2008; cannabis legalization proponent; libertarian
Yeager, Leland B
145 E Magnolia Ave, Auburn, AL 36830
341 Graystone Ln, Auburn, AL 36830
Ludwig von Mises Professor Emeritus of Economics, Auburn University; Board Director, Independent Review; Adjunct Scholar, Cato Institute; Contributing Editor, Liberty; Co-Author (with George Selgin), The Fluttering Veil: Essays on Monetary Disequilibrium, 1997; monetary activist; libertarian; classical liberal?; philosopher; self-identified "methodological libertine"; self-identified "reverent atheist"; nontheist
Yellen, Janet Louise
Vice Chair & Chair nominee, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; Past Chair, White House Council of Economic Advisers; Professor Emerita, University of California at Berkeley; Democrat; Federal Reserve System policy shift from inflation moderation to full employment proponent; subject of article "Yellen to the Rescue?" by Axel Merk, Oct 16 2013; agrees CBO estimate that increasing minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 would cost 500,000 jobs; PhD Economics; Keynesian economist; Jewish
Yeltsin, Boris Nikolayevich
born Feb 1 1931, died Apr 23 2007
Russia President, 1991-1999; credited for the dissolution of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Communist Party domination
Yoder, Kevin W
214 Cannon House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515
Overland Park, KS
202-225-2865, fax 202-225-2807, email form,,,,,,
US Representative, KS 3rd, 2011-; Republican; US House Committee on Appropriations; Special Assistant, Office of Counternarcotics, United States Department of Defense, 2001; KS State Representative, 20th, 2002-2011; firearms liberty proponent; Obama health care critic and repeal proponent; secure border proponent; Social Security privatization critic; private retirement accounts critic; swam nude in Sea of Galilee, Israel, 2011; JD; attorney; Methodist Christian
KS Ratings: KFL 80%
Ratings: AFP 100% 78% 83% 92% 30% 56% 15%, GOA A, NRA A A C- D
Yoo, John Choon
Past Director, United States Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel; Contributor, Patriot Act; Co-Author (with Jay Scott Bybee, David S Addington) "Re: Standards of Conduct for Interrogation under 18 U.S.C. §§2340-2340A" claiming waterboarding is not torture; written memos about habeas corpus, legality of torture and harsh interrogation techniques, and applicability of Geneva Convention protections for enemy combatants; testified with Addington before US House Judiciary Committee on detainees, harsh interrogation techniques, torture, and executive power; Author, Point of Attack: Preventive War, International Law, and Global Welfare, 2014; Author, Crisis and Command, 2010; subject of articles by Jane Mayer; Visiting Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, 2003-
Young, Brigham
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, mormon Christian; mason; 33rd degree mason ?; deceased
Young, Charles William (Bill)
US Representative, FL 10th, 1971-2013; Republican; Congressional Social Security Caucus; Methodist Christian; Melvin Sembler's friend; US Representative Rodney P Frelinghuysen's friend; conservative; born Dec 16 1930; died Oct 18 2013
Ratings: ACLU 0%, ALRA 91%, ATR 92%, CAGW 34%, GOA 25%, NARAL 0%, NORML -3, NRA 58%, NRLC 86%, NTU 56%, RLC Economic 69%, RLC Personal Liberties 37%
2407 Rayburn House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515-0910, 202-225-5961, fax 202-225-9764, email, (2013)
Young, Coleman
Detroit MI Mayor; Democrat; Coleman A Young II's father; deceased
Young, Coleman A, II
588 House Office Bldg, Lansing, MI 48909
517-373-1008, fax 517-373-5995, email colemanayoungii{at} (replace {at} with @)
MI State Representative, 4th; Democrat; Coleman Young's son
Young, Donald Edwin (Don)
2111 Rayburn House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515-0201
510 L St #580, Anchorage, AK 99501-1954
Box 1030, Bethel, AK 99559
101 12th Ave #10, Fairbanks, AK 99701-6275
Federal Bldg #971, Box 21247, Juneau, AK 99802-1247
110 Trading Bay Rd #105, Kenai, AK 99611-7716
540 Water St #101, Ketchikan, AK 99901
851 E Westpoint Dr #307, Wasilla, AK 99654
202-225-5765, 907-271-5978, 907-543-1639, 907-456-0210, 907-586-7400, 907-283-5808, 907-225-6880, 907-376-7665
fax 202-225-0425, fax 907-271-5950, fax 907-543-1637, fax 907-456-0279, fax 907-586-8922, fax 907-283-4363, fax 907-225-0390, fax 907-376-8526
email form, email dyoung{at} (replace {at} with @),,,
US Representative, AK At Large, 1973-; Republican; Chair, US House Transportation Committee; US House Homeland Security Committee; US House Resources Committee; AK State Senator, 1970-1973; AK State Representative, 1966-1970; Fort Yukon AK Mayor, 1964-1966; Board Member, National Rifle Association; episcopalian Christian; conservative; firearms liberty activist
Ratings: ACLU 18%, ALRA 91%, ATR 92%, CAGW 42%, GOA 75%, NARAL 0%, NORML -3, NRA 100%, NRLC 86%, NTU 59%, RLC Economic 70%, RLC Personal Liberties 39%
Young, Francis L,,,,
Past Chief Administrative Law Judge, US Drug Enforcement Administration; medicinal cannabis liberty proponent
Young, James K
4307 Judson Ave #5, Royal Oak, MI 48073
Libertarian Party nominee, MI State Representative, 26th, 2008; libertarian
Young, JeDonna
15650 Fenkell St, Detroit, MI 48227-2301
313-835-1840, 313-531-5980, 313-835-1849
Contact, Michigan Families Against Mandatory Minimums; sentencing reform activist
Young, Neil
cannabis smoker?; Willie Hugh Nelson's friend; Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Crazy Horse; soloist; songwriter; vocalist; musician
Young, Rodger
1139 Curzon Ct #104, Howell, MI 48843
517-548-5868, email RodgerYoung4Liberty{at} (replace {at} with @)
Libertarian Party nominee, MI State Representative, 47th, 2008; libertarian
Young, Stephen  photo (middle right front row)
c/o DrugSense, 14252 Culver Dr #328, Irvine, CA, 92604-0326
c/o DrugSense, Box 651, Porterville, CA 93258
800-266-5759, email steve{at}, email theyoungfamily{at} (replace {at} with @),
Editor, DrugSense Weekly; drug liberty activist
Young, Todd Christopher
1721 Longworth House Office Bldg, Washington, DC 20515
Bloomington, IN
202-225-5315, 812-250-6399, fax 202-226-6866, email form, email cc{at} (replace {at} with @),,,,,,
US Representative, IN 9th, 2011-; Republican; US House Committee on Armed Services; US House Committee on Budget; MBA from University of Chicago; President, Indiana University Federalist Society; Member, National Rifle Association; firearms liberty activist; self-identified "firearms enthusiast"; self-identified "sportsman"; "assault weapons" law repeal proponent; Founder & President, National Organization for People Versus Irresponsible Government Spending, 2007-; balanced budget constitutional amendment proponent; Signer, No Climate Tax Pledge; "earmarks" moratorium until balanced budget; Social Security reform proponent; CO2 cap and tax critic; Signer, Taxpayer Protection Pledge; no new taxes proponent; "fair tax" or flat income tax proponent; legislation constitutionality proponent; self-identified "pro-life"; Obama health care critic and repeal proponent; tort reform proponent; undocumented immigrant pathway to citizenship critic; Afghanistan War supporter; JD; attorney
Ratings: GOA A