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JFK Assassination: Articles
Webmaster Grover B Proctor Jr
Issue: Assassinations
JFK Assassination Resources Online
Webmaster David A Reitzes
Issue: Assassinations
Aka: JFK Online
JFK Lancer, Inc
100 Stonewood Ct, Southlake, TX 76092, email
President Debra Conway
Issue: Assassinations
JM Foundation
60 E 42nd St #1651, New York, NY 10165, 212-687-7735, fax 212-697-5495
? Joseph S Dolan
Issue: Philanthropies
Grantee: American Legislative Exchange Council
J Street
1828 L St NW, Washington, DC 20036, 202-248-5868,,,,7340,L-3795899,00.html
email info{at} (replace {at} with @), email form
Executive Director Jeremy Ben-Ami; Donors Nathan Cummings Foundation, Ford Israel Fund, Foundation for Middle East Peace, George Soros?
Issues: Progressives, Zionists
J Street Education Fund, Inc
J Street U
J Street U
114 W 26th St #1004, New York, NY 10001,, email
Issues: Progressives, Zionists
Aka: formerly Union of Progressive Zionists
Parent Organizations: J Street, J Street Education Fund
George Jackson Books to Prisoners Project (defunct?)
Box 1285, Roswell, GA 30077
3025 Shallowford Park Manor, Roswell, GA 30075
Contact Jason Rhodes
Issue: Prison & Prisoner Rights (2007)
Jackson County Volunteers (defunct)
Jackson, MI Past Commander Michael Micklea aka Captain Mikey
Issue: Militias
Aka: Michigan Militia Corps Wolverine 12th Brigade 8th Division
Affiliations: Michigan Militia Corps, South Central Michigan Militia (no longer redirects to Michigan Militia Corps Wolverines 8th Division)
email, email (2011)
Jackson Greens
Jackson, MI, 517-522-8852, 517-536-0276
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliations: Green Party, Green Party of Michigan
Henry Jackson Society
27 Old Gloucester Road, London, WC1N 3XX, England, email
Eponym Henry Martin Jackson; Patrons Robert Kagan, William Kristol, Richard Norman Perle, R James Woolsey, Jr
Issue: Zionists
Jacksonville Anarchist Black Cross (Jacksonville ABC)
c/o Youth Action Movement, 3628 Park St #20, Jacksonville, FL 32205,,,, email
Issue: Anarchists
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross (2005)
Jacksonville Cannabis Action Network (JaxCAN) (defunct?)
7056 Ponce de Leon Ave #3A, Jacksonville, FL 32217
Box 441621, Jacksonville, FL 32222, 904-732-4785, email
Agent Scott R Bledsoe
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Parent Organizations: Cannabis Action Network, Florida Cannabis Action Network
Event: Jacksonville Hempfest (defunct?) (2010)
Jailed Activist Info
154 Undercliff Ave #5, Edgewater, NJ 07020, 201-777-0009
Contact Antonio Musumeci
Issue: Prisoners
Jamaica Labor Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Labor Party
Jamaica National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Jamaica NORML)
Kingston, Jamaica, 876-925-2904
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Jamestown Foundation
1528 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20002, 202-483-8888
Issue: Government Relations
Japan Government
Tokyo, Japan
Issue: Island Governments
Affiliation: G8
Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
1765 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94115, 415-921-5225, email
Issue: Asians & Asian Rights
Affiliate: Asian Pacific Islander Chapter, 213-993-7429, email
Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association (HJTA)
921 11th St #1201, Sacramento, CA 95814, 916-444-9950
621 S Westmoreland Ave #202, Los Angeles, CA 90005, 213-384-9656,, email
Issue: Taxpayers & Taxpayer Rights
Jay's Leftist and Progressive Internet Resources Directory
Issue: Progressives, Progressivism Research
Jeff the Vomit Guy
Issue: Fetish Liberty
Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
400 Peter Jefferson Pl, Charlottesville, VA 22911-8691, 804-295-4784, fax 804-296-3621, email
Director Robert M O'Neil; Trustee James J Kilpatrick
Issues: Censorship Liberation, Nude Art Liberty, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Jefferson City National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Jefferson City NORML)
Jefferson City, MO, 314-496-3738
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Thomas Jefferson National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Thomas Jefferson NORML)
Box 3240, Charlottesville, VA 22903
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Jefferson Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Jeremiah Project
Issue: Order of Skull and Bones
"Skull & Bones Society"
Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA)
Beit Milken, 13 Tel Hai St, Jerusalem 92107, Israel, tel 972-2-561-9281, fax 972-2-561-9112, email
Issue: Zionists
Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace
11 E Adams #707, Chicago, IL 60603, 312-341-1205, fax 312-341-1206
114 W 26th St, 10th Fl, New York, NY 10001, 212-366-1670, fax 212-929-3459
122 C St NW #820A, Washington, DC 20001, 202-536-4092, fax 202-536-5135, email
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Peace & Warfare Liberation
Aka: Brit Tzedek v'Shalom
Jewish Defense League (JDL)
Box 480370, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 818-980-8535, fax 781-634-0338, email
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionists
Jewish Defense Organization (JDO)
Box 159, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150, 212-252-3383, email
Founder Mordechai Levy
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionists
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)
1779 Massachusetts Ave NW #515, Washington, DC 20036, 202-667-3900, fax 202-667-0601, email, email form
Vice Chair Morris Amitay; Board Directors Douglas J Feith, R James Woolsey Jr; Board Advisors John R Bolton, Michael A Ledeen, Richard Norman Perle
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Neoconservatives, Zionists
Jewish National Fund (JNF)
42 E 69th St, New York, NY 10021, 888-563-0099,, email
Speaker Raymond Tanter
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionists
Aka: Keren Kayemet LeYisrael (KKL)
Parent Organization: World Zionist Organization
Jewish Policy Center
50 F St NW #100, Washington, DC 20001, 202-638-2411, fax 202-638-6694, email
Issues: Conservatives, Jewish Organizations, Neoconservatives?, Zionists?
Jewish Task Force (JTF)
Box 650327, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionists
Jews Against Zionism
c/o True Torah Jews, 183 Wilson St #162, Brooklyn, NY 11211, email form
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionism Critics
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc (JPFO)
2874 S Wentworth Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207
Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027
262-673-9745, 414-769-0760, fax 262-673-9746, fax 414-483-8435
Executive Director Aaron Zelman
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Firearms Liberty
Jews Not Zionists
Issues: Jewish Organizations, Zionism Critics
John Birch Society (JBS)
Aka: see Birch Society, John
Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research
c/o Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 615 N Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21205, email
Issue: Firearms Research
Director Daniel W Webster; Co-Director Jon S Vernick; Adminstrative Coordinator Rachel Howard; Director of Communications Alicia Samuels
Affiliation: center of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University
Join Together
1 Appleton St, 4th Fl, Boston, MA 02116-5223
441 Stuart St, Boston, MA 02116 ?
617-437-1500, fax 617-437-9394 ?, email
Issue: Drug Liberation
Affiliations: collaboration of Boston University School of Public Health, Partnership at
Project: aka QuitNet,, (2013)
Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies
1090 Vermont Ave NW #1100, Washington, DC 20005-4928, 202-789-3500, fax 202-789-6385,, email
Issues: Africans & African Rights, Constitution of the United States 4th Amendment, Electronic Communications Privacy
Vice President Brian Smedley
Affiliation: member of Digital Due Process Coalition
Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)
Pope Air Force Base, NC
Fort Bragg, NC,
Commander William H McRaven
Issue: Assassination Organizations
Parent Organization: United States Special Operations Command
Special Mission Units:
United States Air Force's 24th Special Tactics Squadron
United States Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta aka Delta Force
United States Navy's Navy's Naval Special Warfare Development Group aka SEAL Team 6
Related Articles:
"Profile: Joint Special Operations Command" by History Commons
"The General's Report" by Seymour M Hersh
Jones Report, email jonesreport{at}
Issues: Bilderberg, Conspiracy Research, Secretive Organizations
Founder Alexander Emerick Jones
Joplin National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Joplin NORML)
926 S Ohio Ave, Joplin, MO 64801, 417-501-5558
Box 4591, Joplin, MO 64804, 417-291-0135,,,, (currently unavailble)
email, email
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Executive Director Kelly Maddy; Vice President Kyle Maddy; Secretary Adriel Maddy; Treasurer Chris Dee; Contact Jonathan Maddy
Affiliation: chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Journal of Ayn Rand Studies Foundation
1018 Water St #301, Port Townsend, WA 98368, email, email
Issue: Objectivists
Joyce Foundation
70 W Madison St #2750, Chicago, IL 60602, 312-782-2464, fax 312-782-4160, email
Issue: Philanthropies
Grantees: Alliance for Better Campaigns (defunct), Campaign Finance Institute, Center for Responsive Politics, Freedom States Alliance, Michigan Campaign Finance Network, Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort
Juarez Cartel
Aka: see Carrillo Fuentes Organization
Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration (JCCCR)
Box 10, Lufkin, TX 75902, 866-522-5582, 508-405-1337, cell 508-395-0142
Issues: Constitution of the United States, Jewish Organizations, Supreme Court of the United States
Issues: Judiciary, Supreme Court of the United States
Judges Against the Drug War
Box 73481, Davis, CA 95617-3481, voice/fax 530-750-7912, voicemail 888-950-6463, email
Issue: Drug War Liberation
Parent Organization: Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics
Judicial Accountability Initiative Law (JAIL)
Box 207, North Hollywood, CA 91603, email
Founder Ron Branson
Issue: Judicial Reform
Judicial Inc
Issues: Disinformation, John Sidney McCain III, Barack Hussein Obama, Zionism Research
"Israel's Mossad Black Ops and False Flags"
"Obama Tells Off America's Working Class"
"USS Liberty & John McCain"
Judicial Watch, Inc
501 School St SW #700, Washington, DC 20024, 888-593-8442, fax 202-646-5199
Box 44444, Washington, DC 20026
2540 Huntington Dr #201, San Marino, CA 91108-2601, 626-287-4540 ?, email
Issues: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Chinagate, Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton IV, Filegate, Government Corruption Research, Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure, Government Whistleblowers, Internal Revenue Service, IRS Harassment of Clinton Critics, Legal Assistance, Sonia Maria Sotomayor, Travelgate, Whistleblowers
President Thomas Fitton; Director of Litigation Paul J Orfanedes; Director of Investigations & Research Christopher J Farrell; Fundraiser Richard A Viguerie; Donor Carthage Foundation; Past Chair Larry E Klayman
"Alexander et al v FBI et al"
"Barr v Executive Office of the President & Department of Justice"
"Investigation of ACORN"
"Judicial Watch v Commission of US Pacific Trade"
"Judicial Watch v Export-Import Bank"
"Judicial Watch v Independent Counsel Robert Ray"
"Judicial Watch v US Department of State"
"Meng et al v William Jefferson Clinton et al"
"Rodearmel v Clinton",
"Sculimbrene v Janet Reno et al"
"Stewart v William Daley et al"
"Supreme Court Nomination Information"
"Linda Tripp Depositions re Filegate"
"Western Journalism Center v Cederquist et al"
Documentary: District of Corruption by Stephen K Bannon, 2012
Event: sponsor of National Tea Party Convention
Related Articles:
"The IRS stonewall" by Thomas Fitton, Dec 9 2013
"Watchdog group is prepared to sue for photos of bin Laden" by Kevin Bogardus
Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition (JPCC)
Box 22860, Juneau, AK 99802, 907-463-1548, email
Issue: Abortion Liberty
Issue: Technology Liberty
Junkbusters Corp
Box 7034, Green Brook NJ 08812, 908-753-7861, email
Issue: Electronic Communications Privacy
Just Cause
Box 1523, Lawrence, KS 66044
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty
Just Cause Law Collective
405 14th St #1012, Oakland, CA 94612-2709, 510-652-9937, email
Issue: Legal Assistance
Just Say No International
2101 Webster St #1300, Oakland, CA 94612, 510-451-6666, 800-258-2766
1777 N California Blvd #210, Walnut Creek, CA 94596, 510-939-6666
Issue: Drug Liberation
c/o Mark Rigstad, Philosophy Dept, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309-4401, 248-370-3390, email
Issue: Peace & Warfare Liberation
1380 Pear Ave #2B, Mountain View, CA 94043, 888-587-8421, email form
Issues: Constitution of the United States, Supreme Court of the United States, US Case Law
"The Constitution of the United States of America"
"US Supreme Court Center"
Justice and Development Party (JDP)
Sögütözü Caddesi #6, Çankaya, Ankara, Turkey, tel 90-0312-204-50-00, fax 90-0312-0312-204-50-20,
Issues: Islamists, Partisan Organizations, Veil Liberty
Aka: Adalet ve Kalkinma Partisi (AK Party, AKP)
Chronology: July 30 2008
Justice For All
Issue: Death Penalty Liberty
Justice for Shooters
Box 705, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, SL8 5FS, England, tel 01753-738314, fax 01753-738214
Issue: Firearms Liberty (2005)
Justice Institute
Box 881, Coquille, OR 97423
c/o Justice Denied, Box 68911, Seattle,WA 98168, 206-335-4254
Issue: Legal Assistance
Periodical: Justice Denied
Issue: Death Penalty Liberation
"Death Penalty"
Justice Party
Salt Lake City, UT,, email form
Issue: Partisan Organization
Founders Ross "Rocky" Anderson, Paul Steven Zeitz; Acting Chair Paul Steven Zeitz
Aka: Justice Party USA
Justice Party Mississippi
Justice Party of California
Justice Party Utah
Justice Party Vermont
Justice Policy Institute (JPI) (defunct?)
c/o Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, 54 Dore St, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415-621-5661, fax 415-621-5466, email
Issue: Prison & Prisoner Rights
Parent Organization: project of Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice
Justice Policy Institute
1003 K St NW #500, Washington, DC 20001, 202-558-7974, fax 202-558-7978
4455 Connecticut Ave NW #B-500, Washington, DC 20008, 202-363-7847, fax 202-363-8677 ?, email
Issue: Prison & Prisoner Rights
Past Research Director Jasmine L Tyler
Affiliation: project of Tides Center
Justice Pro Se of Michigan
Box 1809, Dearborn, MI 48121, 313-382-8282,, email form
Issue: Constitutionalists, Jury Liberty & Juror Rights
Justice Project
50 F St NW #1070, Washington, DC 20001
Box 97210, Washington, DC 20077-7378,,
Issue: Death Penalty Liberation
"Campaign for Criminal Justice Reform",
Justice Unlimited
HC 89 Box 184-A, Hermosa, SD 57744, 877-687-5297, (2009), (2009)
Secretary & Treasurer Bob Newland
Issues: Jury Liberty & Juror Rights, Propositions
Juvenation Naturists
605 Second Ave, Royersford, PA 19468, 610-948-8454
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation