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FACTNet, Inc
Box 3135, Boulder, CO 80307-3135, email, email
c/o Independent Institute, 100 Swan Way, Oakland, CA 94621-1428, 510-632-1366, fax 510-568-6040, email, email
Authors Daniel B Klein, Alexander Tabarrok
Issue United States Food and Drug Administration
Parent Organization: Independent Institute
FOX Broadcasting Company
Issues: Television
Parent Organization: News Corporation
FOX News Network, LLC
Issues: Media
Parent Organization: News Corporation
Television Satellite Channel: FOX News Channel
Radio Network: FOX News Radio
FOX News Radio,
Issue: Conservatives
FOX Radio Network
FTM International (FTMI)
740A 14th St #216, San Francisco, CA 94114, 877-267-1440
1360 Mission St #200, San Francisco, CA, voicemail 415-553-5987 ?
5337 College Ave #142, Oakland, CA 94618 ?, email
President Levi Alter; Board Members Lyle Garcia-Blake, Zander Keig, Deborah Serval, Alexander Yoo; Past President James Green
Issue: Transgenders & Transgendered Rights, email (2007)
FX Networks, LLC
Issues: Television
Parent Organization: News Corporation
Television Satellite Channel: FX
320 National Press Bldg, Washington DC 20045, 202-879-6700, fax 202-879-6707, email
Issue: US Candidate Information & Research
Director Brooks Jackson
Affiliation: project of Annenberg Public Policy Center
Fair Elections
975 Park Ln, Oakland, CA 94610, 510-832-4033, email
Issues: Campaign Finance, Election Fraud
FairElections Oregon
Box 8488, Portland, OR 97207, 503-246-2906, email form
Issue: Campaign Finance
6930 Carroll Ave #610, Takoma Park, MD 20912, 301-270-4616, fax 301-270-4133, email
Founder & Past Chair John B Anderson
Issue: Proportional Representation
Fair Vote Canada (FVC)
26 Maryland Blvd, Toronto, Ontario M4C 5C9, Canada, 416-410-4034, fax 416-686-4929,, email
Issue: Proportional Representation
FairVote Minnesota
Box 19440, Minneapolis, MN 55419-0440, 763-807-2550,
email, email form
Issues: Election Reform, Proportional Representation
Aka: Fairvote Minnesota (2008)
Fairbanks National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Fairbanks NORML)
Fairbanks, AK, 907-474-0677
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR)
112 W 27th St, New York, NY 10001, email
Issue: Media Research
"Media Contact List"
Faith and Freedom Coalition (FFC)
3175 Satellite Blvd #600-325, Duluth, GA 30096, 770-622-1501, email form
Founder & Chair Ralph Eugene Reed, Jr; Executive Director Gary Marx; Director of Marketing and Events Joy Creasman; Director if Member Services Leanne Cash; National Field Director Billy Kirkland
Issues: Christians, Conservatives
Affiliate: Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition
Faith, Family, Freedom Alliance (FFFA)
Box 30136, Winston-Salem, NC 27103, 336-413-9260, fax 336-499-7556, email form
Founder Nathan Tabor ?
Issues: Christians, Economic Liberty, Firearms Liberty, Government Religion Liberty, Judicial Reform, Life Rights, Religion Freedom, Same Gender Marriage Liberation
Faith and Freedom Network
Box 399, Bellevue, WA 98009, 800-731-5328, email
Chair & CEO Joseph B Fuiten, President & Executive Director Gary Randall, Dirs Bob Higley, John Vasko
Issue: Conservatives
False Allegations
c/o Law Office of Barbara C Johnson, 6 Appletree Ln, Andover, MA 01810-4102, 978-474-0833, email
Issue: Child Abuse Victims, Defendant Rights, Sexual Abuse Victims, Sexual Harassment
Michaocan, Mexico,,
Leaders Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas aka El Chango, Sevando Gomez Martinez aka La Tuta, Alberto Espinoza Barron aka La Fresa, Dionicio Loya Plancarte aka El Tio; Past Spritual Leader Nazario Moreno Gonzalez aka El Mas Loco (deceased)
Issues: Assassins, Black Market, Christians
Aka: La Familia, La Familia Michaocan
Affiliations: member (with Gulf Cartel, Sinaloa Cartel) of United Mexican Drug Cartel Federation aka Federation aka New Federation, competitor of Zetas
Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)
1612 K St NW #1400, Washington, DC 20006, 202-822-6700, fax 202-822-6704, email
Founder & President Julie Stewart; Vice President & General Counsel Mary Price; External Relations Director Meagan Heller; Communications Director Monica Pratt Raffanel; Finance and Administration Director Roxana Rincones; Member Services Director Andrea Strong; Case Research Director & Digital Media Specialist Kate Taylor; Massachusetts Project Director Barbara Dougan; Florida Project Director Gregory Newburn; Board Vice Chair Scott Wallace; Board Secretary Eric E Sterling Esq; Board Treasurer Paul Beckner; Development Director Jason Flom; Other Board Members Jason Flom, Carmen Hernandez; Past Executive? Director, Past Campaign Director & Past Michigan Project Director Laura Sager
Issues: Family & Family Rights, Sentencing Reform
"Act Now!"
California FAMM
Florida FAMM
Georgia FAMM
Illinois FAMM
Indiana FAMM
Kentucky/Ohio FAMM
Massachusetts FAMM
Michigan FAMM
Minnesota FAMM
Nebraska FAMM
New Hampshire FAMM
New York FAMM
North Carolina FAMM
Oregon FAMM
Pennsylvania FAMM
Texas FAMM
Virginia FAMM
West Virginia FAMM
Wisconsin FAMM
Families Against Prohibition
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Family & Family Rights
Families and Friends for Drug Law Reform
Canberra, Australia
Issue: Drug Liberty
Families and Work Institute
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Families Anonymous, Inc
Box 3475, Culver City, CA 90231-3475, 310-313-5800, 800-736-9805
Issue: Drug Liberation
Families For Children Of Oregon
Box 18534, Salem, OR 97305, 503-873-4297, 503-588-9546
Issues: Children & Children Rights, Custody, Support & Visitation, Family & Family Rights
Families for Drug Peace
Issue: Drug War Liberation
Aka: East Coast November Coalition (2003)
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Families USA
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Family and Corrections Network (FCN)
32 Oak Grove Rd, Palmyra, VA 22963, 434-589-3036, fax 434-589-6520, email
Issue: Prison & Prisoner Rights
Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)
San Francisco, CA
Issues: Family & Family Rights, Parents & Parents' Rights, Seniors & Senior Rights
Family Coalition Party of Ontario (FCPO)
Box 367, Stoufville, Ontario, L4A 7Z6, Canada, 905-640-6702, fax 905-640-8102, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Family Council on Drug Awareness (FDCA)
Box 1716, El Cerrito, CA 94530, 310-288-4152
Box 71093, Los Angeles, CA 90071-0093 ?, email
Director Chris Conrad
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Drug Liberty, Family & Family Rights
Affiliate: FDCA Europe (2005)
Family Council on Drug Awareness Europe (FDCA Europe)
12490 Viala Du Tarn, Aveyron, France, voice/fax 0033-565-625740
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Drug Liberty, Family & Family Rights
Affiliation: Family Council on Drug Awareness
Family Foundation
1 Capitol Sq, 830 E Main St #1201, Richmond, VA 23219, 804-343-0010, fax 804-343-0050,, email
President Victoria Cobb; Vice Presidents Chris Freund, Dan Thompson; Grassroos Director Roger Pogge Issue: Family & Family Rights
Aka: The Family Foundation, The Family Foundation of Virginia
Family Leader
1100 N Hickory Blvd #107, Pleasant Hill, IA 50327, 515-263-3495, 877-866-4372, media 563-210-7475, email form, email
Founder, President & CEO Bob Vander Plaats
Issues: Exceptionalists, Family, Same Gender Marriage Liberty Critics
"The Marriage Vow: A Declaration of Dependence Upon Marriage and FAMiLY"
Aka: The Family Leader, THE FAMiLY LEADER
Family Scholars
c/o Institute for American Values, 1841 Broadway #211, New York, NY 10023, 212-246-3942
Issues: Family & Family Rights, Marriage Research
Parent Organization: Center for Marriage and Families, Institute for American Values
Family Research Council (FRC)
700 13th St NW #500, Washington, DC 20005, 202-393-2100,,,
Executive Vice President Chuck Donovan; Senior Director of Policy Studies Peter S Sprigg; Past President Gary L Bauer; Donor Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
Issues: Cannabis Liberation, Conservatives, Family & Family Rights, Life Rights, Same Gender Marriage Liberty Critics
cosponsor of March for Marriage
cosponsor of Values Voter Summit
Family Values Network (FVN) (defunct?)
Issue: Conservatives, Family & Family Rights (2005)
Family Values Party (FVP), email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Issues: Domestic Abuse Victims, Family & Family Rights
Family Watch
3619 Tallwood Terrace, Falls Church, VA 22041, 703-354-5694
Founder & Director Kendra E Wright
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Famous Speedtraps of the US
Issue: Speed Limits
Fane of the Psilocybe Mushroom
Box 8179, Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 3R8, Canada, email
Issue: Drug Religions
Farm Sanctuary
Box 150, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, 607-292-3030,
Issue: Animal Rights
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Parent Organization: Palestine Liberation Organization
Leader Mahmoud Abbas; Past Leader Yasser Arafat (deceased)
Father: A Child's Right
Box 119, 30 E Columbia Ave #F1, Battle Creek, MI 49015, email admin{at}
Issues: Children & Children Rights, Parents & Parents' Rights
Affiliation: Dads and Moms of Michigan
Fatherhood Project
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Fathers and Families
Box 270760, Boston, MA 02127, 617-542-9300
Issues: Family, Men, Parents
Executive Director Glenn Sacks
Fathers Are Parents Too (FAPT)
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Fathers for Equal Rights, Inc (FER)
Issues: Custody, Support & Visitation, Parents & Parents' Rights
Aka: Fathers for Equal Rights of America, Inc
Affiliation: National Fathers Resource Center
Dallas FER
Michigan FER
Texas FER Fort Worth Chapter
Washtenaw/Livingston County FER
Fathers Helping Fathers (FHF)
c/o Tim Ready, 811-75 Fiddlers Green Rd, London, Ontario N6H 4S8, Canada,
email, email
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Fathers' Resource Center (FRC)
430 Oak Grove St #B3, Minneapolis, MN 55403, 612-874-1509, fax 612-874-1014, email
Issues: Custody, Support & Visitation, Parents & Parents' Rights
Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange (FREE)
3140 De la Cruz Blvd #200, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 415-853-6877, 500-367-3237, email
Issues: Custody, Support & Visitation, Parents & Parents' Rights
Fathers' Rights Association (FRA)
3140 De la Cruz Blvd #200, Santa Clara, CA 95054, 415-853-6877, 500-367-3237, email
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Affiliates: FRA of New York
Fathers' Rights Association of New York (FRANYS, FRA of New York)
Issue: Parents & Parents' Rights
Affiliation: chapter of Fathers' Rights Association
Febrerista Revolutionary Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
800 Independence Ave SW, Washington DC, 20591,
Administrator Michael Huerta
Affiliation: agency of US Department of Transportation
Related Articles:
"FAA Rules On Drones Vs. Model Aircraft Protested" by David F Carr, July 28 2014
"FBI has received aviation clearance for at least four domestic drone operations" by Craig Whitlock, June 20 2013
"Integration of Drones into Domestic Airspace: Selected Legal Issues" by Alissa M Dolan, Richard M Thompson II, Apr 4 2013
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
J Edgar Hoover Bldg, 935 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC 20535-0001, 202-324-3000,,
Issues: Police & Law Enforcement, Rainbow Farm Campground, Ruby Ridge
Director James Brien Comey, Jr; Operational Technology Division Acting Deputy Assistant Director D Keith Bryars; Past Directors Robert S Mueller III, Thomas J Pickard, Louis J Freeh, Floyd I Clarke, William Steele Sessions, John E Otto, William Hedgcock Webster, James B Adams, Clarence M Kelley, William Doyle Ruckelshaus, Louis Patrick Gray III, John Edgar Hoover, William J Burns, William J Flynn, A Bruce Bielaski, Stanley Finch; Past Associate Director William Mark Felt (deceased); Past Deputy Director Cartha D DeLoach; Past Agents & Officers William Guy Banister, Sibel E Edmonds, Michael Gerard Grimm, Larry Grathwohl, Ted Gunderson, George Gordon Battle Liddy, Michael J Rogers, Donald Sachtleben, Ali Soufan
Past Confidential Informant Gregory Scarpa Sr; Whistleblower Sibel E Edmonds
Affiliations: bureau of Unted States Department of Justice, member of United States Intelligence Community, co-partner of Special Operations Division, Missouri Information Analysis Center
Centers, Divisions, Services:
Criminal Justice Information Services
Law Enforcement Online
Terrorist Screening Center (TSC)
Related Organizations & Websites:
Federal Bureau of Investigaion Agents Association
Society of Former Special Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Related Articles:
"FBI Director: If Apple and Google Won't Decrypt Phones, We'll Force Them To" by Jason Koebler, Oct 16 2014
"IRS Scandal Hearing: Conservative Non-Profit Head Fearlessly Takes on Political Suppression" by Emily Hulsey, Feb 8 2014
"Fast & Furious Bombshell: FBI Implicated in Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry" by Kyle Becker, Dec 28 2013
"FBI Can Hijack Your Webcam – And Much More" by Sandy Fitzgerald, Dec 8 2013
"FBI to Lavabit founder: 'Do you really think users trust you over us?' " by Geoffrey McLatchey, Oct 29 2013
"Report: U.S. government keeps data of innocent Americans for up to 75 years" by Josh Peterson, Oct 9 2013
"FBI shuts alleged online drug marketplace, Silk Road" by Emily Flitter, Oct 2 2013
"Why Did The Government Spy On Justin Raimondo?" by Rosie Gray, Aug 13 2013
"FBI has received aviation clearance for at least four domestic drone operations" by Craig Whitlock, June 20 2013
"Verizon forced to hand over telephone data – full court ruling" by Guardian, June 6 2013
"FBI Director Candidate Comey Complicit in 'Dark Chapter' in US History" by William Conroy, June 1 2013
"Florida teacher instigated FBI’s two-year investigation of 'Louie Louie' " by Eric Owens, May 27 2013
"The Federal Bureau of Investigation and Terrorism Investigations" by Jerome P Bjelopera, Apr 24 2013
"FBI Pursuing Real-Time Gmail Spying Powers as 'Top Priority' for 2013" by Ryan Gallagher, Mar 26 2013
"Google: FBI spying on thousands of users" by Parker Bunch, Mar 6 2013
"Domestic Surveillance: The History of Operation CHAOS" by Verne Lyon
"F.B.I. Watched Activist Groups, New Files Show" by Eric Lichtblau
Related Books:
Enemies: A History of the FBI by Tim Weiner, 2012
FBI, CIA, the Mob, and Treachery by Rodney F Stich
Deal with the Devil: The FBI's Secret Thirty-Year Relationship with A Mafia Killer by Peter Lance, 2013
Hoover's FBI: The Inside Story by Hoover's Trusted Lieutenant by Cartha D DeLoach
Subversives: The FBI's War on Student Radicals, and Reagan's Rise to Power by Seth Rosenfeld, 2012
The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda by Ali H Soufan, Daniel Freedman
The Bureau: My Thirty Years in Hoover's FBI by William C Sullivan
The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI by Ronald Kessler
The Dangers of Dissent: The FBI and Civil Liberties since 1965 by Ivan Greenberg
The FBI: Inside the World's Most Powerful Law Enforcement Agency by Ronald Kessler
The FBI Pyramid: From the Inside by William Mark Felt
The Secrets of the FBI by Ronald Kessler
The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI's Manufactured War on Terrorism by Trevor Aaronson, 2013
The Threat Matrix: The FBI at War in the Age of Global Terror by Garrett M Graff
The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious by John Dodson, 2013
The Unquiet Grave: The FBI and the Struggle for the Soul of Indian Country by Steve Hendricks
Triple Cross: How bin Laden's Master Spy Penetrated the CIA, the Green Berets and the FBI by Peter Lance
What The Government Does With American's Data by Rachel Levinson-Waldman, 2013
Related Documentaries:
Infiltrating Hollywood: The Rise and Fall of The Spook Who Sat By The Door, 2011
Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents Association (FBIAA)
Box 250, New Rochelle, NY 10801, 914-235-7580, fax 914-235-8235, email
Issue: Police & Law Enforcement
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
320 First St NW, Washington, DC 20534, 202-307-3198, email
Director Harley G Lappin
Parent Organization: agency of United States Department of Justice
Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC)
1800 F St NW, Washington, DC 20405-0002
Pueblo, CO
800-333-4636, 888-878-3256, email form
Parent Organization: Office of Citizen Services and Communications, United States General Services Administration
Consumer Action Website
FirstGov for Kids
National Contact Center, 888-878-3256,
USA Services
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
445 12th St SW, Washington, DC 20554, 888-225-5322, tty 888-835-5322, fax 866-418-0232
1919 M St NW, Washington, DC 20554 ?, email
Issue: Censors, Utilities Regulator
Chair Tom Wheeler; Other Commissioners Mignon Clyburn, Michael O'Reilly, Jessica Rosenworcel, Ajit Pai; Inspector General Kent R Nilsson; Acting General Counsel Paula Michele Ellison; Past Chair Julius Genachowski; Past Commissioners Meredith Attwell Baker, Michael J Copps, Robert M McDowell, Jonathan S Adelstein; Past General Counsel Bruce Fein; Past Chief Economist Thomas W Hazlett
"Enforcement Bureau"
"Office of General Counsel"
"Office of Inspector General"
"Office of Legislative Affairs"
Affiliation: independent agency of United States Government
Related Organizations & Websites:
American Community AM Broadcasters Inc
Americans for Radio Diversity
Michigan Music is World Class Campaign
National Association of Broadcasters
National Religious Broadcasters
Protect Internet Freedom
TRA Communications Consultants Inc
Related Articles:
"The Top 10 Failures of FCC Title II Utility Regulation" by Scott Cleland, July 7 2014
"FCC Votes To Adopt A Proposal That Could Kill Net Neutrality" by Charlie Warzel, May 15 2014
"FCC Whistleblower Pai: News Bias Study 'Suspended,' Not 'Canceled' " by Drew MacKenzie, Feb 24 2014
"FCC Shelves Intrusive Media Survey After Huge Backlash" by Andrea Billups, Todd Beamon, Feb 21 2014
"US court lifts FCC rules for Internet service providers" by Giuseppe Macri, Jan 14 2014
"Spectrum Policy: Provisions in the 2012 Spectrum Act" by Linda K Moore, Dec 23 2013
"The Federal Communications Commission: Current Structure and Its Role in the Changing Telecommunications Landscape" by Patricia Moloney Figliola, Nov 18 2013
"Telecommunications and Media Convergence: Selected Issues for Consideration" by Angele A Gilroy, Aug 14 2013
"FCC wants free WiFi for all" by Josh Peterson, Feb 4 2013
"The Federal Communications Commission: Current Structure and Its Role in the Changing Telecommunications Landscape" by Patricia Moloney Figliola, Dec 18 2012
"Technology and Freedom in a Post-DeMint Congress" by John Hayward, Dec 13 2012
"Documents show Obama’s FCC used regulatory muscle to destroy LightSquared’s competition" by Matthew Boyle, Feb 22 2012
"Court throws out Janet Jackson 'wardrobe malfunction' fine" by Betsi Fores, Nov 11 2011
"Incoming FCC Chairman: No Censorship" by Brian Jennings, June 17 2009
Related Books:
Dollarocracy: How the Money and Media Election Complex is Destroying America by John Nichols, Robert W McChesney, 2013
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
550 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20429
250 "E" St SW, Washington, DC 20219
3501 Fairfax Dr, Arlington, VA 22226
1700 G St NW, Washington, DC 20552
1776 F St NW, Washington, DC 20006
Issue: Financial Regulator
Chair Sheila C Bair; Vice Chair Martin J Gruenberg; Director Thomas J Curry; Comptroller of the Currency John C Dugan; Past Chair Bill Isaac
Affiliation: independent agency of United States Government
Affiliations: Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, Federal Reserve System
Related Organizations & Websites: (defunct)
Related Articles:
"FDIC Backpedals On Operation Choke Point As Victims Fight Back" by National Rifle Association ILA, Aug 4 2014
"US bank group threatens lawsuit over Volcker rule" by Reuters, Dec 23 2013
"Volcker Rule Arrives With the Hidden Jewel in Dodd-Frank" by Peter Morici, Dec 12 2013
" 'Volcker Rule' Finally Comes Up for Vote Dec. 10" by Reuters, Dec 3 2013
Federal Election Commission (FEC)
999 E St NW, Washington, DC 20463, 800-424-9530, 202-694-1100
Chair Steven T Walther; Other Commissioners Cynthia L Bauerly, Caroline C Hunter, Donald F McGahn II, Matthew S Petersen, Ellen L Weintraub; Inspector General Lynne A McFarland; General Counsel Thomasenia P Duncan
Issues: Campaign Finance, US Candidate Contributor Research
"Campaign Finance Reports and Data"
"National Mail Voter Registration Form"
"Office of General Counsel"
"Office of Inspector General"
"2008 Presidential Primary Dates"
Affiliation: independent commission of United States Government
Related Articles:
"IRS provided conservative groups' confidential tax information to FEC" by Caroline May, Oct 31 2013
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
500 C Street SW, Washington, DC 20472, disaster assistance 800-621-3362, tty 800-462-7585
Acting Administrator Nancy Ward; Acting Deputy Administrator David Garratt; Past Administrator Michael Brown
Issue: Acronyms Research
"FEMA Acronyms, Abbreviations and Terms",
"National Advisory Council"
"National Flood Insurance Program"
Affiliation: agency of US Department of Homeland Security
Related Organizations & Websites:
United American Freedom Foundation
Related Periodical:
New World Order Intelligence Update (defunct?)
Related Article:
"The Horrors of FEMA Disaster 'Relief'; The Glory Of Private Efforts" by Chuck Norris, Dec 2 2012
Related Documentaries:
"Police State" episode of television series with Jesse Ventura
When The Levies Broke
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
888 First St NE, Washington, DC 20426, 202-502-6088, 866-208-3372, tty 202-502-8659,; email
Acting Chair Jon Wellinghoff; Commissioners Joseph T Kelliher, Suedeen G Kelly, Philip D Moeller, Marc Spitzer
Affiliation: independent agency of United States Government
Related Articles:
"JPMorgan may face record $1 billion fine for energy market manipulation" by Giuseppe Macri, July 18 2013
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
Washington, DC, 202-728-5715
Issue: Financial Regulator
Chair Randall S Kroszner; Vice Chair Sheila C Bair; Executive Secretary Paul T Sanford
Affiliations: independent agency of United States Government, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Reserve System, National Credit Union Administration, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Office of Thrift Supervision
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
8200 Jones Branch Dr, McLean, VA 22102-3110, 703-903-2000, 800-424-5401,, email form<
Aka: Freddie Mac
Related Organizations:
Project On Government Oversight
Related Articles:
"Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1.27 Billion for Countrywide Fraud" by Reuters, July 30 2014
Federal IT Accessibility Initiative
Federal Judicial Center (FJC)
1 Columbus Cir NE, Washington, DC 20002-8003, email, email
Issue: Judiciary Research
Federal Judicial History Office
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA)
Box 326, Lewisberry, PA 17339, 717-938-2300, fax 717-932-2262, email
Issue: Police
Affiliation: FLEOA Foundation
Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation (FLEOA Foundation)
Box 1306, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163-1306
Issue: Police
Affiliation: Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association
Federal National Mortgage Association
3900 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, 800-732-6643,, email form;jsessionid=KHOQK0X1XV0IHJ2FECHSFGI?p=Contact+Us<
Aka: Fannie Mae
Related Organizations:
Project On Government Oversight
Related Articles:
"Bank of America Ordered to Pay $1.27 Billion for Countrywide Fraud" by Reuters, July 30 2014
Federal Reserve Facts
FRN Newsletter, 1359 Chandler Ave, Lincoln Park, MI 48146-2009, email
Issue: Federal Reserve System
Federal Reserve System
Martin Bldg, 20th St NW & C St NW, Washington, DC 20001, 202-452-3684, 202-452-3685, fax 202-872-7565, email form
Issue: Financial Regulator
Chair Janet Yellen; Vice Chairs Donald L Kohn, Janet Yellen; Board Members Elizabeth A Duke, Daniel K Tarullo, Kevin M Warsh; Past Chairs Ben Shalom Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, Paul A Volcker, G William Miller, Arthur F Burns, William M Martin Jr
National Information Center
Affiliations: indepedent central bank of United States Government, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Related Organizations & Websites:
A New Way Forward
Alameda County Republican Party
American Freedom Committee
Americans for Prosperity Arizona
Americans for Prosperity Michigan
Americans for Tax Reform
Audit the Fed
John Birch Society
California Republican Party
Campaign for Liberty
Citizen Outreach
Citizens Against Government Waste
Committee to Abolish the Fed
Committee to Restore the Constitution
Conspiracy Planet
Downsize DC
Eagle Forum
Federal Reserve Facts
Forbidden Knowledge
Free World Alliance
Green Party of the United States
Illuminati News
Independent American Party
International Freedom Foundation
Reality Zone
Restore The Republic
Rutherford Institute
WachaDoo and The American Underground
Young Americans for Liberty
Related Periodical:
New World Order Intelligence Update (defunct?)
Related Articles:
"The Fed’s 2% Inflation Target: The Ultimate Keynesian Con Job" by David A Stockman, Oct 12 2014
"U of Chicago Economist Challenges Fed Thinking on Inflation" by Reuters, May 29 2014
"US bank group threatens lawsuit over Volcker rule" by Reuters, Dec 23 2013
"Critics say Fed's stimulus program has widened income gap" by Breanna Deutsch, Dec 18 2013
"Is The Fed Increasingly Monetizing Government Debt?" by Axel Merk, Dec 3 2013
" 'Volcker Rule' Finally Comes Up for Vote Dec. 10" by Reuters, Dec 3 2013
"Fed's QE policy imposes $360 billion tax on savers" by Neil Munro, Dec 2 2013
"Fed Move Could Force Banks to Charge Consumers for Deposits" by John Morgan, Nov 26 2013
"Central Banks Risk Asset Bubbles in Battle With Deflation Danger" by Bloomberg News, Nov 13 2013
"New Fed Rules May Hamper Mortgage Lending" by Michael Kling, Nov 13 2013
"Former Fed Official: QE Is 'Backdoor Wall Street Bailout' " by Dan Weil, Nov 12 2013
Money Manager Baker: Fed Policy Helps the Wealthy at Expense of 'Main Street' " by Dan Weil, Nov 7 2013
"Yellen to the Rescue?" by Axel Merk, Oct 16 2013
"Druckenmiller: Fed Is Making Rich Richer" by Michelle Smith, Sept 25 2013
"Seven Millisecond Mystery: How Did Fed's Bond News Reach Gold Traders Faster Than Speed Of Light?" by Jonathan Vankin, Sept 25 2013
"Changing the Federal Reserve's Mandate: An Economic Analysis" by Marc Labonte, Aug 12 2013
"Fed Officials Spar Over Easing's Effect on Jobs Market: Helpful or Dubious?" by (uncredited), Thomson/Reuters, May 9 2013
"Dallas Fed's Fisher: Fed Should End its 'Monetary Ritalin' " by Michael Kling, Mar 1 2013
"Federal Reserve: Unconventional Monetary Policy Options" by Marc Labonte, Feb 19 2013
"Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve: Current Policy and Conditions" by Marc Labonte, Jan 30 2012
"U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit" by Mark Pittman, Bob Ivry, Nov 24 2008
"The Origins of the Federal Reserve" by Murray Newton Rothbard, Fall 1999
"The Federal Reserve System: A Fatal Parasite on the American Body Politic" by Edwin J Vieira Jr Related Books:
All The Presidents' Bankers: The Hidden Alliances that Drive American Power by Nomi Prins, 2014
End the Fed by Ronald Ernest Paul
Meltdown by Thomas Woods
Secrets of the Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins
The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve by G Edward Griffin, 1994, 5th edition 2010
The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed by David A Stockman, 1986, 2013
What Does Mr. Greenspan Really Think? by Lawrence M Parks
Related Documentaries:
Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve violates the US Constitution with Ted Baehr, G Edward Griffin, Ronald Ernest Paul, Edwin J Vieira Jr
Inside the World's Mightiest Bank by Pip Gilmour, with Tug Yourgrau, 2001
Masters of the Universe: The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve produced by Daniel Hopsicker
The Federal Reserve by G Edward Griffin
Federal Security Directorate (defunct)
Mexico City, Mexico
Past Directors Miguel Nazar Haro (currently imprisoned), Fernando Gutierrez Barrios (deceased)
Issues: Assassins, Corrupt Organizations, Government Intelligence Organizations Aka: Direccion Federal de Seguridad (DFS)
Parent Organization: Mexico Government
Related Articles:
"Overview: The CIA, the Drug Traffic, and Oswald in Mexico" by Peter Dale Scott
Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20580, 202-326-2222
business complaints 877-382-4357, business complaints tty 866-653-4261, identity theft 877-438-4338, identity theft tty 866-653-4261
Bureau of Competition, 202-326-3300,, email
Bureau of Consumer Protection, 202-326-3128,, email, email
Bureau of Economics
Issues: Economic Competition, Trade
Affiliation: National Cyber Security Alliance
Federal Wage and Labor Law Institute (FWLLI)
7001 W 43rd St, Houston, TX 77092, 800-767-9243, 713-690-5676, fax 713-690-5707,, email form
Issues: Employee Compensation, Employment Relations
Federalist Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Aka: Partido Federalista
Federalist Society
1015 18th St NW #425, Washington, DC 20036, 202-822-8138
1700 K St NW #901, Washington, DC 20006 ?, email
Issues: American Bar Association, Conservatives, Constitution of the United States, Constitutionalists, Intellectual Property
President Eugene B Meyer; Executive Vice President Leonard A Leo; Senior Vice President Lee Liberman Otis; Vice Presidents Lisa Budzynski, Jonathan Bunch, Peter Redpath, Dean Reuter, C David Smith; Development Director Cynthia Searcy; Lawyers Chapters Director Lisa Budzynski; Practice Groups Director Dean Reuter; State Courts Director Jonathan Bunch; Faculty Division Director Lee Liberman Otis; Student Division Director Peter Redpath; Director of Membership Peter Bisbee; Director of Publications Christian Corrigan; Director of Conferences Juli Nix; Director of Social Media & Alumni Relations Justin Shubow; Information Technology Director C David Smith; Director of International Affairs James P Kelly III; Director of the Pro Bono Center Peggy Little; Lecturer Ilya Shapiro
"ABA Watch"
"Bar Watch Bulletin"
"WIPO Daily Reports"
Aka: Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies
Federalist Society at the University of Michigan Law School (2004)
Federalist Society at the University of Michigan Law School
University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, email
Issues: Conservatives, Constitution of the United States, Constitutionalists
Affiliations: Federalist Society, student organization of University of Michigan
Federation Anarchiste (FA)
Issue: Anarchists
Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)
1666 Connecticut Ave NW #400, Washington, DC 20009, 800-395-0890, email
Issue: Immigration Liberation
President Dan Stein; Advisory Board Member Louis J Barletta; Donor Carthage Foundation
Federation of Agricultural Producers of the Rio Apurimac Valley (FEPAVRAE)
Issue: Coca Liberty
Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
1725 DeSales St NW, 6th Fl, Washington, DC 20036, 202-546-3300, fax 202-675-1010
1717 K St NW #209, Washington, DC 20036 ?, email fas{at} (replace {at} with @)
Project on Government Secrecy Director & Secrecy News Editor Steven Aftergood
Issues: Central Intelligence Agency, Congressional Research Service, Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure, Government Intelligence Research, Mass Destruction Weapons, Nuclear Weapons, Secretive Organizations Research
Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms,
"Intelligence Resource Program"
"Liberation Movements, Terrorist Organizations, Substance Cartels, and Other Para-State Entities"
"Nuclear Resources Links"
"Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century"
"Project on Government Secrecy", 202-454-4691, fax 202-675-1010,
"Secrecy News"
"WMD Resources"
"World Intelligence and Security Agencies"
Federation of Canadian Naturists (FCN)
Box 186 Station D, Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 4X2 Canada
Box 186, Islington, Ontario M9A 4X2, Canada
416-410-6833, email
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Federation of Circles and Solitaries (FOCAS)
Box 22, Wyandotte, MI 48192,
Issue: Pagans
Federation of Communist Anarchists (FDCA)
Italy, (2005), email, email, email
Issue: Anarchists
Aka: Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici (FdCA)
Federation of European Motorcyclists (FEM)
Issue: Motorcycle Liberty
Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives (FRAC) (defunct)
Box 4502, East Lansing, MI 48826, email
Issue: Anarchists
Federation of State Conservation Voter Leagues (FSCVL)
300 Lenora St #b156, Seattle, WA 98121, 206-441-3137, fax 206-374-0858
33 W Eighth St, New York, NY 10011, 917-534-0912, fax 917-534-0913, email form
Issues: Habitat, Voters
Federation of States
1402 Carol Ave, Lancaster, TX 75134-3236, 972-218-9338, email, email, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Aka: Southern Independence Party
Chair Dennis Joyce (2006)
Federation Qubecoise de Naturisme (FQN)
4545, av Pierre-de-Coubertin, CP 1000 Succursale M, Montreal, Quebec Canada H1V 3R2
514-252-3014, fax 512-521-8038
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Federazione Anarchica Informale (FAI)
Issue: Anarchists
Aka: Informal Anarchist Federation, Unofficial Anarchist Federation
Federazione Anarchica Italiano (FAI)
Issue: Anarchists
Aka: Italian Anarchist Federation
Felix Gallardo Organization (defunct)
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico,,8599,1899404,00.html
Founders Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo aka El Padrino (imprisoned), Rafael Caro Quintero (released), Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo
Past Member Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros (imprisoned)
Issue: Black Market
Aka: Guadalajara Cartel, Guadalajara Drug Trafficking Organization
Affiliations: protected by Mexico Federal Security Directorate (defunct), Medellin Cartel, southern territory regrouped as Guzman Organization aka Sinaloa Cartel, northern territory taken over by Arellano Felix Organization aka Tijuana Cartel
see Fellowship
Female Circumcision Issues Page, email
Issues: Genital Mutilation & Circumcision, Genital Mutilation & Circumcision Victims
Female Genital Cutting Education and Networking Project
Box 181077, Tallahassee, FL 32318, fax 603-853-7789, email form
Issues: Genital Mutilation & Circumcision, Genital Mutilation & Circumcision Victims
Female Genital Mutilation Research Homepage
Issues: Genital Mutilation & Circumcision, Genital Mutilation & Circumcision Victims
Issues: Activism Organization, Clothing Liberation, Women & Women Rights
Founder & Recruiter Victor Svyatski
Related Articles:
"Surprise, surprise: Topless feminist group actually run by a bro who loves hot women" by Sarah Hofmann, Sept 6 2013
Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce (FACT)
Aka: see Northwest Feminist Anti-Censorship Taskforce
Feminist Majority Foundation
1600 Wilson Blvd #801, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-522-2214, fax 703-522-2219
433 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, 310-556-2500, fax 310-556-2509
8105 W Third St, Los Angeles, CA 90048, 323-651-0495, fax 323-653-2689 ?, email form, email, email
Issues: Abortion Liberty, Domestic Abuse Victims
Domestic Violence Information Center
Feminist Women's Health Center (FWHC)
106 E "E" St, Yakima, WA 98901, 509-575-6473 ext 112, fax 509-575-0477, email
Issue: Abortion Liberty
"Pro-Choice Activist Alerts"
Feminists Against Censorship (FAC)
BM FAC, London WC1N 3XX, England, tel 020-8552-4405,,,
Issue: Censorship
Contacts Avedon Carol, Holly Combe, Ginny
Feminists Against Violence Network (FAVNET)
Issues: Violence Victims, Women
Feminists for Animal Rights (FAR)
Issue: Animal Rights
Feminists for Free Expression (FFE)
2525 Times Square Station, New York, NY 10108-2525, voice/fax 718-651-1232, email
Founder Marcia Pally; President Mary D Dorman; Vice President Marilyn Fitterman; Secretary Jamye Waxman; Treas Cassandra Abodeely; Board Dir Veronica Vera
Issue: Press Liberty
Feminists for Life
Rte 3 Box 23, Monticello, FL 32605, 904-997-2722
Prominent Member Sarah Heath Palin
Issue: Life Rights
Fernadale Coalition for Compassionate Care (FCCC)
703 W Lewiston, Ferndale, MI 48220, 248-259-3039
Founder & Chair Donal O'Leary III; Treasurer Tim Beck
Issues: Cannabis Propositions, Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Ferndale for Instant Runoff Voting (FIRV)
Box 20076, Ferndale, MI 48220, 248-336-9241, email
Issue: Election Reform
Ferndale Greens
Ferndale, MI
email, email
Co-Chairs Cindy Goustin, Kat Bruner
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliations: Green Party, Green Party of Michigan
Ferris State University Association of Lesbians and Gays
Box 85, Rankin Ctr, Big Rapids, MI
Issue: Gays & Gay Rights
Fetish Central
Issue: Fetish Liberty
Fianna Fáil Party
65-66 Lower Mount St, Dublin 2, Ireland, tel 01-6761551, fax 01-6785690, email info@fiannaFá
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Fifty Caliber Institute (FCI)
Box 1128, Choctaw, OK 73020-1128, 405-769-7851, fax 405-769-3736, email
Issue: Firearms Liberty
President John Burtt; Executive Director Keith R Pagel; Secretary & Treasurer Teri Burtt; Legal Affiars Director Jason A Davis; Federal Affairs Director Michael Marks; Manufacturers Affairs Director Rock McMillan; Webmaster Mike Haas
Fight AIDS in Africa Project
255 E Liberty St #273, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, 734-761-3003, fax 734-761-3820, email
Issue: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Parent Organization: project of Youth Empowerment Project
Fight for the Future
Box 55071 #95005, Boston, MA 02205, 508-474-5248, email
Issues: Electronic Communications Liberty, Electronic Communications Privacy, Intellectual Property, International Telecommunications Union, Privacy, Surveillance
Founders Tiffiniy Cheng, Holmes Wilson; Directors Tiffininy Cheng; Developer Joshua Blount; Lead Designer Vasjen Katro; Annual Funds Manager Mary Dickson; Campaign Manager Evan Greer; Intern Douglas Schatz
Event: cosponsor of Stop Watching Us Rally
Fight Internet Taxes! (defunct?)
Issues: Electronic Communication Liberty, Income Tax Reform, Utilities Tax Reform
Parent Organization: campaign of Heritage Foundation (2006)
Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking (FORCES)
Issue: Tobacco Liberty
Event: World Smokers' Day
FORCES International
Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking Canada (FORCES Canada)
7231 120th St #484 Delta, British Columbia, Canada V4C 6P5, 604-596-0193, fax 604-596-0154, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking
Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking International (FORCES International)
C Id No AC2164034, Fermo Posta Genova Succ 67, 16166 Quinto Genova, Italy, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking
Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking USA (FORCES USA)
Box 14347, San Francisco, CA 94114-0347, 415-675-0157, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of Fight Ordinances and Restrictions to Control and Eliminate Smoking
Fight The Right Network (FTRN)
Box 2084, Philadelphia, PA 19103-0084, email
Issue: Gays & Gay Rights
Issue: Self Defense
"Cases and Codes"
"US Constitution"
Issues: US Case Law Research, United States Statuatory Law Research
FindLegalForms, Inc
73700 Dinah Shore Dr #104, Palm Desert, CA 92211, 800-959-5899, 760-322-6900, fax 760-322-6909
Issue: Legal Forms
"Free Legal Forms"
Fine Gael
51 Upper Mount St, Dublin 2, Ireland, tel 01-6198444, fax 01-6625046, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Finland Anarchist Black Cross (Finland ABC)
c/o Anarkistinen Musta Risti, Box 157, 80101 Joensuu, Finland
Issue: Anarchists
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross
Finnish Cannabis Association
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Finnish Social Democratic Party
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists
Finnish Society for Acoustic Ecology
c/o FT Helmi Järviluoma, Musiikkitiede, Turun yliopisto, 20014 Turku, Finland
Issue: Pollution Liberation
Aka: Suomen Akustisen Ekologian Seura
Affiliation: World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
FireArms Import/Export Roundtable Trade Group (FAIR Trade Group)
1425 K St NW #350, Washington, DC 20005, 202-715-9941, fax 202-587-5601, email
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Event: cosponsor (with National Shooting Sports Foundation) of Firearms Import/Export Conference
Fire By Night Organizing Committee
1929 S Fifth St, Minneapolis, MN 55455
Issue: Anarchists
Aka: formerly Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation
Firearm Owners Against Crime
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Firearms and Liberty
c/o Shade's Landing Inc, Box 240653, Apple Valley, MN 55124, 952-891-1537, fax 612-431-6733
Founder Gary A Shade
Issues: Drug War Liberation, Firearms Liberty, Waco Siege Research
"The Kellerman Study"
"The War on Drugs"
Firearms Coalition
7771 Sudley Rd #44, Manassas, VA 20109, 703-753-0424, action alert 900-225-3006
Box 3313, Manassas, VA 20108
c/o Knox Communications, Box 84015, Phoenix, AZ 85071, 602-432-7002,
Executive Director Jay Knox; Director of Operations Jeff Knox; Director of Communications Chris Knox
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Firearms Coalition of Colorado (FCC)
Box 1454, Englewood, CO 80150-1454, 303-296-4867, fax 303-295-8567?,, (no content)
email, email
Issue: Firearms Liberty
President & Executive Director Steve Schreiner; Volunteer Bob Edmiston; Past Legislative Director Dudley W Brown
Affiliation: not affiliated with Colorado Firearms Coalition, (2013), (2009)
Firearms Freedom Foundation
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC)
c/o Calguns Foundation, 970 Reserve Dr #133, Roseville, CA 95678, 650-275-1015
c/o Calguns Foundation, 751 Laurel St #935, San Carlos, CA 94070-3113, 650-275-1015,, email form
Issues: Firearms Liberty
Founder & Managing Editor Brandon Combs
Affiliations: Calguns Foundation, member California Association of Federal Firearms Licensees
Firedoglake (FDL)
5731 Potomac Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016, voice/fax 202-506-3907, firedoglake{at} (replace {at} with @)
Issues: News Services, Progressives, Progressivism News
Founder & Publisher Jane Hamsher; Book Salon Editor Bev Wright; Assistant to the Publisher Bill Egnor
Firefighters for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (defunct?)
Issue: Firearms Liberty (2005)
First Amendment Center (FAC)
1207 18th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212, 615-727-1600, 615-321-9588, fax 615-727-1319, fax 615-321-9599,, email
Founder John Seigenthaler; Executive Director Gene Policinski; Religious Liberty Senior Scholar Charles C Haynes; Legal Research Director Tiffany Villager; Legal Research Scholar David L Hudson Jr; Library Scholar Ronald K L Collins; Website Managing Editor Brian J Buchanan; Visiting Scholar David A Keene
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Constitutional Organizations, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty, US Case Law Research
"US Supreme Court Files"
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum (2005)
First Amendment Cyber-Tribune (FACT), email
Issue: Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment
First Amendment Lawyers Association (FALA)
125 S Wacker Dr #2700, Chicago, IL 60606
Issues: Attorneys, Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Legal Assistance
First Amendment Project (FAP)
1736 Franklin St, 9th Fl, Oakland, CA 94612, 510-208-7744, fax 510-208-4562
1736 Franklin St, 8th Fl, Oakland, CA 94612 ?,, email
Founder James R Wheaton Esq; Executive Director & Staff Counsel David Greene; Senior Counsel, Secretary & Treasurer James R Wheaton Esq
Issues: Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Electronic Communications Liberty, Identification, Legal Assistance, Press Liberty
Affiliation: Association of Publishers, Editors and Writers?
Education Initiative
Free Press Initiative
Identity Project (IDP),
Legal Advocacy Project
First Amendment Task Force (FATF)
Box 741, Amherst, NY 14226, 716-636-4869,, email
Chair Edward Tabash, Esq
Issues: Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Government Religion Liberation
Parent Organization: project of Council for Secular Humanism
First Church of the Sacred Herb (defunct?)
see Sacred Herb Church
Issue: Drug Religions (2005)
First Colorado Light Infantry
Issue: Militias
First Freedom Center
1321 E Main St, Richmond, VA 23219-3629, 804-643-1786, fax 804-644-5024, email
Issues: Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Government Religion Liberation, Government Religion Research, Religious Freedom, US Case Law Research
President Randolph Bell
First Human Right Organization (FHRO)
Box 199, Hurdle Mills, NC 27541
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
1st SPOT Conspiracies
Issue: Conspiracy Research
Five Freedoms Project
Box 593, Amherst, NH 03031,, email
Issues: Censorship Liberation, Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Education Liberty, Government Education Reform, Government School Clothing & Dress Codes, Press Liberty, Religion Freedom, Speech Liberty, Students & Student Rights
Founding Director Sam Chaltain
c/o People For the American Way, 2000 M St NW #400, Washington, DC 20036, 202-467-4999, 800-326-7329, email
Issue: Constitution of the United States Article 5
Affiliation: project of People For the American Way
Berkeley, CA
Issue: Anarchists, Persons Research
"Prominent Anarchists and Left-Libertarians"
Flag Burning Page
Flagstaff Activist Network (FAN)
Box 911, Flagstaff, AZ 86002-0911, voice mail 928-213-9507, email
Issue: Activism
Flat Tax Home Page
Issue: Income Tax Reform
Flat Tax Page
Issue: Income Tax Reform
Flemish Liberals and Democrats
Issues: Liberals, Partisan Organizations
Aka: Vlaamse Liberalen en Democraten, founded by Flemish members of Party for Freedom and Progress (defunct)
Affiliation: Liberal International
Flex Your Rights Foundation
Box 21497, Washington, DC 20009, 202-642-3970
1623 Connecticut Ave NW, 3rd Fl, Washington, DC 20009, 202-986-0861, fax 202-293-8344, email
Issues: Defendant Rights, Driver Rights & Driver Liberty, Juries & Jury Rights, Search Liberation, Travel Freedom
Founder, Executive Director & Board President Steven Silverman; Associate Director Scott R Morgan; Board Secretary David Borden; Board Treasurer Kris Lotlikar; Other Board Directors Paul Bennett, Marisa Garcia, Chad R Thevenot; Past Board Directors Marc Brandl, Shawn Heller, Valerie Vande Panne
Not Guilty: A Juror’s Guide to Protecting Good People from Bad Laws (coming soon)
10 Rules for Dealing with Police
Affiliation: Students for Sensible Drug Policy
Flinders National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Flinders NORML)
Clubs and Societies Association Inc, Flinders University, Bedford Park, South Australia 5042, Australia
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Parent Organization: National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Flint American Civil Liberties Union (Flint ACLU)
Box 0535, Flint MI 48501
Issues: Attorneys, Death Penalty Liberation, Defendant Rights, Drug Liberty, Gays & Gay Rights, Immigration Liberty, Legal Assistance, Prison & Prisoner Rights
Parent Organization: American Civil Liberties Union
Flint Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (Flint ACORN)
436 S Saginaw St #400, Flint, MI 48502, 810-424-6547, fax 810-424-6629, email
Issues: Election Fraud, Employee Compensation, Progressives, Socialists?, Voters & Voter Rights
Parent Organization: Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, Inc
Flint Coalition for Compassionate Care
318 W Second St #B1, Flint, MI 48502, 810-449-8801, 810-496-1418,,
Founders Brian Morrissey, Charles Snyder III; Chair Charles Snyder III; Spokesperson Brian Morrissey
Issue: Cannabis Propositions, Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Flint Greens
Flint, MI, email, email
Co-Chairs Ken Mathenia, Merry Mikkelson
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliations: Green Party, Green Party of Michigan, also see Green Party of the Fifth Congressional District
Flint Hemp Society (FHS) (defunct)
G-3075 S Dort Hwy #475, Burton, MI 48529, 810-812-8779
Contacts Matt, Amy
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty
Affiliation: Michigan Hemp Coalition (defunct?)
Flint Hills National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Flint Hills NORML)
SGS Union #70, Kansas State Univ, Manhattan, KS 66506, 913-532-5254
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Florida Association for Nude Recreation
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Florida Campaign for New Drug Policies (Florida CNDP)
168 SE First St #606, Miami, FL 33131
Box 310, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785
727-595-7314, email
Parent Organization: Campaign for New Drug Policies
Florida Cannabis Action Network (FL CAN, Florida CAN)
2613 Larry Ct, Melbourne, FL 32935, 321-253-3673,,
email form CAN.htm, email, email
Founder & President of Board Kevin Aplin; Executive Director Jodi James; State Volunteer Coordinator Anthony Lorenzo; Webmaster Alvin Mites; Past Regional Development Director Scott R Bledsoe; ? David McKinney
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Event: Gainesville Hempfest
Parent Organization: Cannabis Action Network
Alachua County CAN
Brevard CAN (defunct?)
Broward CAN (defunct?)
Dade County CAN
Hillsborough/Tampa Bay Area CAN (defunct?)
Indian River CAN (defunct?)
Jacksonville CAN (defunct?)
North East FL CAN
Orange County CAN
Palm Beach CAN (defunct?)
Polk County CAN (defunct?)
Saint Lucie County CAN (defunct?)
Sarasota CAN
University of South Florida CAN (defunct?)
Florida Citizens for Term Limits
1135 S Pasadena Ave #107, Saint Petersburg, FL 33707, 727-347-2146, email
Chair Max P Linn; Treasurer Gale Deason
Issue: Term Limits (2007), (2007)
Florida Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Inc
Box 7238, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543, 813-991-9584, fax 813-991-6782, FL only pager 888-390-4567, email
Donor Americans For Gun Safety
Issues: Firearms Liberation
Affiliation: States United to Prevent Gun Violence
Florida Council of Conservative Citizens (Florida CofCC)
Box 57193, Jacksonville, FL 32257
Issue: Conservatives
Parent Organization: Council of Conservative Citizens
Florida Direct Action Network (Florida DAN) (defunct?)
Box 17838, Clearwater, FL 33762, 727-538-9050
Issues: Disobedience, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, World Trade Organization
Parent Organization: Direct Action Network (defunct?)
Florida Fair Elections Coalition (FFEC)
c/o Florida Fair Elections Center, 112 W New York Ave #211 (or? #202), DeLand, FL 32720, 386-736-8086, email
Founders Susan R Pynchon, Anita L Lapidus, Mary K Garber, Elizabeth Camarota, Sylvia Perkins;
Executive Director Susan R Pynchon; Legal Advisor Anita L Lapidus; Research Director Mary K Garber; Administrative Director Elizabeth Camarota
Issue: Election Fraud
Affiliation: Florida Fair Elections Center program of International Humanities Center
Florida Families Against Mandatory Minimums
Box 22561, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335, 954-463-7499, fax 954-522-3566
1401 61st St S, Saint Petersburg, FL 33707, 813-562-7852
1319 Rainbow Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, 561-641-5536, fax 561-641-5503
Issue: Sentencing Reform
Parent Organization: Families Against Mandatory Minimums
Florida Family Council
Issue: Family & Family Rights
Florida Government
Tallahassee, FL
Issue: America Governments
"Political Parties"
Branches & Divisions:
Division of Elections
Florida Legalization Organization
Box 350, LaCrosse, FL 32658
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Florida Medical Marijuana Initiative
Aka: see Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana
Florida National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Florida NORML) (defunct) (inactive)
Aka: FL state NORML chapter reconstituted as NORML of Florida
Box 14486, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33302-4486, 305-763-1900, (2012)
Florida Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (FORML) (defunct?)
Box 2061, Zephyrhills, FL 33539, 813-782-3735, 727-347-6245, fax 813-788-1887
email, email
Contact? Robert Quail
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Florida Right to Life, Inc (FRTL)
378 CenterPointe Cir #1272, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701, 407-834-5433,,, email form
President Carrie Eisnaugle; Vice President Adam Goldman; Secretary Ann Morris; Treasurer Mary Alice Hendricks
Issue: Life Rights
Affiliation: state affiliate of National Right to Life Committee
Florida Socialist Workers Party
137 NE 54th St, Miami, FL 33137
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists
Affiliation: Socialist Workers Party
Florida Southern Party (defunct)
Issues: Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Southern Party
Florida Sport Shooting Association (FSSA)
Box 14024, Jacksonville, FL 32238-4024
President Tom Brusherd; Vice-President Dana Baygents; Secretary Al Dart; Treasurer Ken Garcia Issue: Firearms Liberty
Affiliations: National Rifle Association
Florida State Militia 7th Regiment
FL, 904-271-4070
Contact Dan Strickland
Issue: Militias
Florida Voices for Animals, Inc
Tampa, FL, 813-969-3755
Issue: Animal Rights
Floridans for Medical Rights (FMR)
Box 290054, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-0054, 954-537-3150 (2006), email, email
Issues: Cannabis Propositions, Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Flower Therapy
3180 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, 415-255-6305
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Focus On The Family (FOTF)
8655 Explorer Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920
Colorado Springs, CO 80995
800-232-6459, 719-531-3400,
Founder & Chair James C Dobson; Past Vice President Gary L Bauer
Issues: Conservatives, Family & Family Rights, Same Gender Marriage Liberty Critics
Periodical: Plugged In
Event: cosponsor of March for Marriage
Focus on Recovery
Issues: Alcohol Liberation, Drug Liberation
Folsom Street Events
965 Mission #200, San Francisco, CA 94103, 415-777-3247, fax 415-777-3248, email
Issue: Fetish Liberty
Aka: formerly? South of Market Merchants' and Individuals' Lifestyles Events (SMMILE)
Bay of Pigs
Folsom Street Fair
Up Your Alley
Food Not Bombs (FNB)
3145 Geary Blvd #12, San Francisco, CA 94118, 626-296-5561, fax 626-296-5113, email
Issues: Anarchists, Peace & Warfare Liberation
Ann Arbor FNB
Forbidden Knowledge
c/o Mark Gregory Koernke, 4530 Dexter Pinckney Rd, Dexter, MI 48130
c/o Intelligence Report, Box 194, Dexter, Michigan 48130, email
Founder Mark Gregory Koernke
Issues: Conspiracy Research, Federal Reserve System, Illuminati, 9/11 Research, US Internal Revenue Service
Television: Forbidden Knowledge
c/o EMF The Social Justice Foundation, 9 Artillery Ln, London E1 7LP, England, tel 44-0-20-7426-8950, email
Issues: Domestic Abuse Victims, Marriage Liberty
Parent Organization: EMF The Social Justice Foundation
Forced Marriage Unit (FMU)
London, England, tel 44-020-7008-0151, global response centre tel 44-020-7008-1500
c/o Race Equality Unit, Home Office, 12th Fl, 50 Queen Anne’s Gate, London SW1H 9AT, England, tel 44-020-7273-3349, fax 44-020-7273-3376, email
Issues: Domestic Abuse Victims, Marriage Liberty
Contacts Chaz Akoshile, Dee Brown
Affiliations: joint initiative of UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office, UK Home Office
Ford Foundation
320 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, 212-573-5000, fax 212-351-3677, email, email
Grantees Alliance for Better Campaigns (defunct), Center for Responsive Politics, Albert Einstein Institution Le Cercle, New America Foundation, RAND Corporation
Past President McGeorge Bundy (deceased)
Issue: Philanthropies
Thomas B Fordham Foundation
1627 K St NW #600, Washington, DC 20006, 202-223-5452, publ 888-823-7474, fax 202-223-9226, email
Issue: Education Liberty
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC)
Washington, DC,,,,, Issue: Secretive Organizations
Presiding Judge John D Bates; Other Judges Dee Benson, Martin L C Feldman, Thomas F Hogan, Malcolm Howard, Mary A McLaughlin, Frederick J Scullin Jr, Roger Vinson, Reggie B Walton. Susan Webber Wright, James B Zagel
Past Judges Harold A Baker, Robert C Broomfield, Stanley S Brotman, James G Carr, Michael J Davis, Nathaniel M Gorton, Claude M Hilton, John F Keenan, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, Allan Kornblum?, James Robertson, William H Stafford Jr
Aka: United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
Related Articles:
"Phone Company Pushed Back Against N.S.A.’s Data Collection, Court Papers Show" by Charlie Savage, May 14 2014
"Surveillance orders declined in 2013" by Josh Gerstein, Apr 30 2014
"US Spy Court: NSA to Keep Collecting Phone Records" by Associated Press, Jan 3 2014
"Liberty and Security in a Changing World" by President’s Review Group on Intelligence and Communications Technologies, Dec 12 2013
"Surveillance court blasts NSA in newly-released documents" by Brendan Bordelon, Nov 19 2013
"DOJ asks FISA Court to reject tech firm push for surveillance data" by Josh Peterson, Oct 2 2013
Secret Court Renews NSA's Phone Records Collection" by Todd Bleamon, July 19 2013
"FISA court asks government to declassify secret order in Yahoo case" by John Ribeiro, July 16 2013
"Former Judge Admits Flaws in Secret Court" by Associated Press, July 9 2013
"Google challenges U.S. gag order, citing First Amendment" by Craig Timberg, Cecilia Kang, June 18 2013
"Verizon forced to hand over telephone data – full court ruling" by Guardian, June 6 2013
"Verizon's Internal Memo On The NSA Surveillance Snafu" by Matthew Lynley, June 6 2013
"Move to Declassify FISA Court Rulings Yields No Results" by Steven Aftergood, May 29 2013
"Reauthorization of the FISA Amendments Act" by Edward C Liu, Sept 12 2012, Jan 2 2013, Apr 8 2013
"Carrie Cordero on FISA Court Lessons for a 'Drone Court' " by Benjamin Wittes, Feb 18 2013
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review (FISCR),
Presiding Judge Bruce M Selya; Other Judge Morris Sheppard Arnold; Past Judge Ralph K Winter Jr
Aka: United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review
Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI)
1528 Walnut St #620, Philadelphia, PA 19102, 215-732-3774, fax 215-732-4401
3615 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 215-382-0685,, email
Chair Robert L Freedman; Vice Chairs Bruce H Hooper, Samuel J Savitz, John M Templeton Jr; President & Director Harvey Sicherman; Vice President & Secretary Alan H Luxenberg; Treasurer Charles B Grace, Jr; Trustee John F Lehman Jr; Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program Director & Senior Fellow James G McGann
Issues: Mexico Black Market Organizations Research, Conservatives, Government Relations, Organizations Research
"Browse all think tanks"
"La Familia Michoacána: A Deadly Mexican Cartel Revisited"
"The Global Go-To Think Tanks"
"Think Tank Directory"
Forejustice, email
Forensic Intelligence International, LCC
318 Cooper Ave, Hancock, MI 49930, cell 706-294-9993, fax 603-452-8208, voice/fax 906-482-4899, email, email
Founder & Chair Stephen P Dresch
Issue: Corruption Research
"Governmental Corruption Files"
Forest Alliance of British Columbia (FABC)
Box 49312, 1055 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1L3, Canada, 604-685-7507, fax 604-685-5373, email
Issue: Deforestation Liberation
Forest Guardians
616 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501
Issue: Deforestation Liberation
Forest Hills Nudist Club
Box 105, Sarana, MI, 616-642-9526, email
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Forest Reform Network
c/o Texas Conservation Alliance, 3532 Bee Caves Rd #110, Austin, TX 78746, 512-441-1122, fax 512-327-2115 ?
c/o Texas Committee on Natural Resources, 5934 Royal Ln #223, Dallas, TX 75230, 214-352-8370 ?
4144 Cochran Chapel Rd, Dallas, TX 75209 ?
Issue: Deforestation Liberation
Forest Watch
Box 188, Richmond, VT 05477, 802-434-2388
Issue: Deforestation Liberation
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights (FEAR)
20 Sunnyside #A-419, Mill Valley, CA 94941, 888-332-7001
Box 15421, Washington, DC 20003, 202-546-4381 ?, email, email bgrantland1{at}
President Brenda Grantland
Issue: Property Forfeiture Liberation
Book: Asset Forfeiture Defense Manual
Affiliation: Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation
Affiliate: New Jersey FEAR
Forfeiture Endangers American Rights Foundation (FEAR Foundation)
265 Miller Ave, Mill Valley CA 94941, 415-389-8551, 888-332-7001
Issue: Property Forfeiture Liberation
Periodical: FEAR Foundation Journal
Affiliation: Forfeiture Endangers American Rights
Fort Lauderdale National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Fort Lauderdale NORML)
19 SE 12th Ave #3, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301, 954-522-1812
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Fort Wayne Naturists
Box 12615, Fort Wayne, IN 46864
Issue: Naturism
Forty Committee (40 Committee),,,,
Prominent Members: McGeorge Bundy, Robert Cutler, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller, Brent Scowcroft, Maxwell Taylor
Issue: Secretive Organizations
Aka: 303 Committee, Special Group, Special Group 10/2, Special Group 5412, Special Group 5412/2, MJ-12, Special Study Group, Operations Coordinating Board, PI-40 Committee, MAJIC
Forum for International Policy (FFIP)
900 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20006, 202-296-9365 fax 202-296-9395,
Founder & President? Brent Scowcroft; Chair Lawrence Sidney Eagleburger; Trustees Dwayne Andreas, David L Boren, John M Deutch, Robert Michael Gates, Rita E Hauser, John M Hennessy, Carla A Hills, Harold A Poling, Brent Scowcroft, Robert S Strauss; Resident Trustee Brent Scowcroft
Forum fuer Klanglandschaft (FKL)
Hammerstrasse 14, CH-4058 Basel, Switzerland
Issue: Pollution Liberation
Affiliation: World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
Foundation Center
79 Fifth Ave at 16th St, New York, NY 10003-3076, 212-620-4230, 800-424-9836, fax 212-807-3677, media email
Issues: Nonprofit Organization Assistance, Philanthropy Research
Foundation for a Drug-Free World
1626 N Wilcox Ave #1297, Los Angeles, CA 90028, 818-952-5260, 888-668-6378, email form
Issue: Drug Liberation
Foundation for a Free Society (F4FS)
Box 171149, Austin, TX 78717, 512-522-8152, fax 512-597-0889, (redirects), email form
Issues: Constitution of the United States 10th Amendment, Leftist? Libertarians, Nullification
Executive Director Jason Rink; President R Lee Wrights; Secretary Mary Ruwart; Treasurer Norman Horn; Other Board Member Robert Butler; Educational Director John Bush
Foundation for Drug Policy and Human Rights
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Issue: Drug Liberty
Foundation for Educational Choice
1 American Sq #2420, Indianapolis, IN 46282, 317-681-0745, fax 317-681-0945, email form
Founders Milton R Friedman (deceased), Rose D Friedman; President, CEO & Executvie Director Robert C Enlow; Speaker Lisa Graham Keegan
Issue: Education Liberty
Aka: Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice
Foundation for Economic Education, Inc (FEE)
30 S Broadway, Irvington-on-Hudson, NY 10533, 914-591-7230, 800-960-4333, fax 914-591-8910,, email
Issues: Economic Liberty, Libertarians
Founder Leonard E Read (deceased); Chair Dan Grossman; President Lawrence W Reed; Director of Human Resource and Finance Linda Newton; Executive Director Carl Oberg; Director of Development Margaret E Poteet; Director of Academic Affairs Tsvetelin Tsonevski; Director of Programs and Alumni Relations Anna Cuthrell; Director of K-12 Education Outreach Aaron Ensley; Director of Web Media Chuck Grimmett; Director of Operations Pia Cromwell ?; Director of Content & Editor Max Borders; Managing Editor Michael Nolan; Assistant Director of Programs Brandon Wasicsko; Columnist & Historian-in-Residence Burton W Folsom; Distinguished Fellow Jeffrey Albert Tucker; Seminar Faculty Doug Bandow, Brad Birzer, Peter Boettke, Brian Brenberg, Bill Butos, Anthony Carilli, Christopher J Coyne, Paul Cwik, Bob Ewing, Burton W Folsom, Roger Garrison, Mark Hendrickson, Steven Horwitz, Israel Kirzner, Peter Leeson, Edward J Lopez, Robert McNamara, Matthew Mitchell, Isaac Morehouse, Ivan Pongracic, Benjamin Powell, Jeff Proctor, Lawrence W Reed, Gregory Rehmke, Mario Rizzo, Bruce Rottman, Frederic Sautet, Frank Stephenson, Nikolai Wenzel, Lawrence White; Prominent Members Richard L Hanna; Past Presidents Donald J Bourdreaux, Richard M Ebeling, Leonard E Read (deceased), Mark Skousen; Past Executive Director Lee Currie; Past Director of Programs Jacob G Hornberger; Past Academic Affairs Anna Ebeling; Past Editors Sheldon L Richman, Frank Chodorov, Willi Schlamm; Past? Trustee Andrea Rich; Past ? Bettina Bien Greaves
Periodical: The Freeman
Event: Liberty Banquet
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE)
601 Walnut St #510, Philadelphia, PA 19106, 215-717-3473, fax 215-717-3440
210 W Washington Sq #303, Philadelphia, PA 19106, email
Issues: Academic Freedom, Speech Liberty
Founders Alan Charles Kors, Harvey A Silvergate
President Gregory C Lukianoff; Senior Vice President Robert L Shibley; Vice President of Programs Adam Kissel; Director of Legal and Public Advocate William Creeley; Director of Speech Code Research Samantha K Harris
Board Chair Harvey A Silvergate; Other Board Directors Barbara Bishop, William J Hume, Richard Losick, Joseph M Maline, Daphne Patai, Virginia Inman Postrel, Daniel Shuchman, James E Wiggins
Individual Rights Defense Program Assistant Director Peter Bonilla; Advisors Lloyd Buchanan, T Kenneth Cribb Jr, Candace de Russy, William Dunn, Benjamin F Hammond, Nat Hentoff, Roy Innis, Wendy Kaminer, Woody Kaplan, Leonard P Liggio, Herbert London, Peter L Malkin, Muriel Morisey, Steven Pinker, Milton Rosenberg, John R Searle, Ricky Silberman, Christina Hoff Sommers; Chair Emeritus Alan Charles Kors; Past Executive Director Thor Halvorssen; Past CEO Thor Halvorssen; Past Advisor David Brudnoy (deceased)
Foundation for Rational Economics and Education (FREE)
Box 1776, Lake Jackson, TX 77566, 979-265-3034
Founder Ronald Ernest Paul
Issue: Economic Liberty
Project: Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity
Periodical: Ron Paul's Freedom Report
Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment (FREE)
4900 25th Ave NE #201, Seattle, WA 98105, 206-548-1776, 406-585-1776
Issues: Economic Liberty, Environmental Freedom, Privatization
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR)
1750 Ocean Park Blvd #200, Santa Monica, CA 90405, 310-392-0522, fax 310-392-8874,, email
Issues: Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance, Consumers, Insurance, Insurance Regulation Reform, Taxpayers' Rights
Founder Harvey Rosenfield, President Jamie Court, Executive Director Douglas Heller, Litigation Director Pamela Pressley, also see Arnold Schwarzenegger
Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME)
211 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017, 212-818-1206, fax 212-818-1197
Box 625, FDR Station, New York, NY 10150-0625, email LarryParks{at}, email Lparks{at}
Executive Director Lawrence M Parks; Advisors Richard M Ebeling, Ronald Ernest Paul, Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr; Scholars Walter E Block, Douglas V Gnazzo, Harry D Schultz, Edwin J Vieira Jr
Issue: Monetary
Foundation for the Defense of Democracies (FDD)
Box 33249, Washington, DC 20033, 202-207-0190, fax 202-209-0191,,,,,
Founding Members Donna Brazile, Steve Forbes, Louis J Freeh, Newton Leroy Gingrich, Jack French Kemp Jr (deceased), Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick (deceased), Joseph I Lieberman, Richard Norman Perle, Charles E Schumer, R James Woolsey Jr
Board Director Steve Forbes; President Clifford D May; Distinguished Advisors Louis J Freeh, Newton Leroy Gingrich, Max M Kampelman, Joseph I Lieberman, R James Woolsey Jr; Advisors Gary L Bauer, Eric I Cantor, Frank J Gaffney Jr, Charles Jacobs, P X Kelley, Charles Krauthammer, William Kristol, Richard D Lamm, Zell Miller, Richard Norman Perle, Steven Pomerantz, Oliver Revell, Frances Townsend; Freedom Scholar Michael A Ledeen; Past Board Directors Jack French Kemp Jr (deceased); Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick (deceased)
Issues: Conservatives, Democracy, Human Rights, Islamism Research, Neoconservatives, Surveillance Liberty, Zionists
Aka: Foundation for Defense of Democracies, formerly Emet: An Educational Initiative Inc
Affiliation: member of Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, Bucknell University
Foundation to End Drug Unfairness Policies (FED-UP)
484 Washington St #B-346, Monterey, CA 93940, 831-394-6470
Box 22231, Carmel, CA 93922, 831-626-8417, email, email
Founders David R Henderson, Lawrence K Samuels; Chair Lawrence K Samuels; Treasurer David R Henderson
Issues: Drug Liberty, Drug War Liberation, Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Fountainhead Institute
9400 S Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60620, 773-677-6418
Issues: Freedom Schools, Individualists, Objectivists
Founder & Instructor Marsha Familaro Enright
Affiliation: Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute
420 Girls
Issue: Cannabis Liberty,, email
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Box 33232, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420, email, email
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
c/o John Wesley Hall Jr, 1311 Broadway, Little Rock, AR 72202-4843, 501-371-9131, fax 501-378-0888, email
Issues: Constitution of the United States 4th Amendment, Search Liberation, Seizures
Periodical: supplement to Search and Seizure
Fourth of July Hemp Coalition (FJHC)
2120 L St NW #210, Washington, DC 20037, 202-251-4492, 202-887-5770,,, email
Event Organizer John P Pylka
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Event: Fourth of July Smoke-In aka Rally, March and Concert to End Marijuana Prohibition, email (2005)
Fox News Network
888-369-4762, email
Issue: Polls
"Fox News Polls"
Parent Organization: Fox Broadcasting Corporation, News Corporation
Fox Valley National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Fox Valley NORML)
WI, email
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Framework Convention Alliance (FCA)
2013 H St NW, Washington, DC 20006, 202-659-4310, fax 202-833-3921, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberation
Affiliation: Action on Smoking and Health
France Anarchist Black Cross (France ABC)
PADI, BP 232, 75624 Paris Cedex 13, France
Issue: Anarchists
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross
France Government
Paris, France
Issue: Europe Governments
Affiliation: G8
France Red and Anarchist Skinheads (France RASH)
BP 632, 76600 Le Havre Poste, Principale, France
Issue: Anarchists
Affiliation: Red and Anarchist Skinheads
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
1229 King St, 3rd Fl, Alexandria, VA 22314, 571-384-2090
547 S 7th St #176, Bismarck, ND 58504, 701-214-5612
127 S Peyton St #200, Alexandria, VA 22314 ?, email
Issues: Government Corruption Research, News Service
President Jason Stverak; Executive Vice President Gwen Beattie; Director of Special Projects John Connors; Vice President of Journalism Steven M Greenhut; Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach Erik Telford
Affiliations: State House News Online, Wisconsin Reporter
Franklin Pierce College National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Franklin Pierce College NORML)
College Rd Box 60, FPC Box 1230, Rindge, NH 03461-0060
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Fraser Institute
1770 Burrard St, 4th Fl, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6J 3G7, 604-714-4541, fax 604-688-8539
Director of Fiscal Studies Niels Veldhuis; Past Assistant Director Sally C Pipes
Issue: Economic Liberty
Affiliation: Economic Freedom Network
Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
2100 Gardiner Ln, Louisville, KY 40205-2900, 502-451-2700
Issue: Police & Law Enforcement
Fraternal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
Box 82, Charles City, IA 50616, email, email
Imperial Wizard Brother Douglas
Issues: Christians, European & White Rights
Free Agents Network (FAN)
3100 SW 35th Pl #31D, Gainesville, FL 32608, 352-262-7339, email
Facilitator Mike Gogulski; Webmaster Jason Talley
Issues: Anarcho-Capitalists, Classical Liberals, Freedomists, Leftist Libertarians
Aka: Fr33 Agents The Freedom Activist Network
Free Air Time Campaign
c/o Alliance for Better Campaigns, 1150 17th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20036, 202-659-1300, fax 202-659-1743, email
Parent Organization: project of Alliance for Better Campaigns
Free America (FA)
101 Dogwood Ln, Franklin, TN 37064, 615-599-7052, 615-591-7844, 615-429-5100, fax 615-599-3484
1224 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064, 615-599-6000, email
Founder Judson Wheeler Phillips
Issues: Conservatives
Affiliation: Tea Party Nation
Event: cosponsor of National Tea Party Convention
Free and Equal Elections
230 E Ohio St #212, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-320-4101, fax 866-309-7803, email
Founder & President Christina M Tobin
Issue: Ballot Access
Event: Independent/Third Party Presidential Debate
Free Beach Association of New South Wales
Box 1106, Manly, New South Wales 1655, Australia, tel 02-9948-3236, email
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Free Burma
Burma,,, email
Issues: Economic Related Boycotts, Myanmar Government
Free Burma Coalition (FBC)
Box 9573, Berkeley, CA 95709, email
Issues: Myanmar Government
Free Congress Foundation (FCF)
717 Second St NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202-546-3000, fax 202-543-5605,, email
Issue: Conservatives
Aka: Free Congress Research and Education Foundation, Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress
Founder Joseph Coors; Chair & CEO Paul M Weyrich (deceased); Board Director, Kathleen Teague Rothschild; Senior Editor Joseph F Borda
Donors Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation
Center for a Balanced Future
Center for Broadcasting Programs
Center for Conservative Governance
Center for Cultural Conservatism
Center for Law and Democracy
Center for Technology Policy
Coalition for Constitutional Liberties,
Free Congress Research and Education Foundation (FCREF)
Policy Centers
Free Conservatives, email form
Issue: Conservatives
Free Cuba Foundation (FCF)
c/o Florida International University, 11200 SW Eighth St, Miami, FL 33199, email
Issue: Cuba Government
Aka: Fundacion Cuba Libre
Free Enterprise Fund
Founder Stephen Moore
Free Enterprise Institute
Issue: Libertarians
Aka: see Instituto de Libre Empresa
Free Enterprise Legal Defense Fund
Liberty Park, 12500 NE Tenth Pl, Bellevue, WA 98005, 206-455-5038
Issue: Economic Liberty
Free Enterprise Society
2037 W Bullard Ave #353, Fresno, CA 93711, 209-966-7040, 559-294-0665, fax 559-272-6182, email
Director Steve Hempfling; Civil Support Service Director Shawn O'Connor
Issues: Driver Rights & Driver Liberty, Taxpayer Rights, Travel Freedom, US Internal Revenue Service
"Right to Travel"
Free Hawaii
HI, email
Issues: Hawaii Government, United States Government
Free Hemp in Alaska
2603 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503, 866-242-4367, 907-278-4367, fax 907-277-4367, email, email
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty
Free Inquiry Group of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky (FIG of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky)
c/o Donna Sue Loughry, 223 Woolper Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220, 513-961-7331, email
Founding Member Edwin Frederick Kagin; President John Welte; Vice President & Web Master Donna Sue Loughry; Secretary George Maurer; Treasurer Bryan Seller; Past Board Member Edwin Frederick Kagin
Issues: Humanists, Nontheists, Paranormal Research
Affiliations: American Atheists Inc, American Humanist Association, Council for Secular Humanism, International Humanist and Ethical Union, Society for Evolution Education
Free Kentucky (defunct?)
Box 44, Lebanon, KY 40033, 270-469-3486
Issues: Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Populists (2005)
Free Marijuana Church of Honolulu (defunct?)
Honolulu, HI (Japanese language),,
Issue: Entheogen Religion
High Priest ? Bernard von NotHaus ?
Free Marijuana Michigan (defunct?)
Box 1269, Sterling Heights, MI 48311-1269, 586-997-7108, 586-484-0808
Founder Bruce Ritchie
Issue: Cannabis Propositions (2005) (defunct)
Issues: Economic Liberty, Libertarians
Aka: website of Henry Hazlitt Foundation (defunct) renamed Free-Market.Net now part of International Society for Individual Liberty (2011)
Free Market Foundation
1st Fl, Norfolk House, Sandton Close 2, Norwich Close & 5th St, Sandton, South Africa, tel 011-884-0270, fax 011-884-5672
1st Fl, Equity House, 107 Saint George's Mall, Cape Town, South Africa, tel 021-422-4982, fax 021-422-4983
Box 785121, Sandton, 2146, South Africa
Box 805, Cape Town, 8000, South Africa, email
Executive Director Leon Louw
Issue: Economic Liberty
Free Market Institute
c/o Texas Tech University, Box 42101, Lubbock, TX 79409-2101, 806-834-4787,,, email
Issue: Economic Liberty
Director Benjamin W Powell; Administrator & Economist Charles Long; Research Associate Rick Weber; Research Assistant Audrey Redford; Affiliated Faculty Eduardo Segarra, Michael Giberson
Free Market Medical Association (FMMA)
OK, 703-375-9675,, email form
Issue: Economic Liberty
Founders Jay Kempton, G Keith Smith
Free-Market.Net (defunct) (defunct order form)
Publisher Louis James
Aka: Free-Market.Net: The Freedom Network, now part of International Society for Individual Liberty, formerly (2011)
Free Market News Network, Corp (FMNN)
666 Burrard St #500, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6C 3P6, 604-639-3190, email form
Issue: Economic Liberty
Contributors Mike Adams, Katherine Albrecht, Jim Babka, Radley Balko, Harold Browne, Alan Caruba, Michael Cloud, John Cobin, Richard M Ebeling, Ivan Eland, Marshall Fritz, Noel Gibeson, Robert Higgs, Nelson Hultberg, Gerard Jackson, Thomas L Knapp, Tibor R Machan, Wendy McElroy, Carl S Milsted Jr, George Reisman, Llewellyn H Rockwell Jr, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Walter E Williams (defunct)
email, email
Marketing Director Mark Owen; Webmaster Mike Brinkman
Issue: Libertarians (2007)
Free Minds Institute of Higher Education
Box 2590, Alameda, CA 94501,!/freemindsedu, email form, email
Issues: Freedom School, Objectivists
Director Fred Allen Stitt
Free Nation Foundation
111 W Corbin St, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Founder Richard O Hammer; Directors Richard O Hammer, Roderick T Long, Robert Mihaly, Christopher Spruyt
Issue: Libertarians
Periodical: Formulations
Affiliation: Radical Libertarian Alliance
Free Network Project,, email
Issue: Electronic Communications Privacy
Founder & Project Coordinator Ian Clarke
Free Nigeria Movement (FNM)
Box 441395, Indianapolis, IN 46244, 317-216-4590, email
Issue: Nigeria Government
Free Our Forests
Box 411, Ojai, CA 93024, 805-649-9012, email
Box 653, Santa Barbara, CA 98102, 805-565-1853, email
449 Vista Ave, Pasadena, CA 91107, 828-795-2642, email
5508 Pioneer Rd, Medford, OR 97501, 541-608-1043, email, email list ("join local" or "join national" in subject line)
Issue: Forest Liberty
Free Radio Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, 510-594-8082
Free Range Kids
3450 80th St #32, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, 212-779-3016, 212-779-3023
30 Waterside Plaza #18E, New York, NY 10010, 718-651-2808, email
Issues: Children & Children Rights, Parents & Parent Rights, Youth & Youth Rights
Founder Lenore V Skenazy
Free Republic LLC
Box 9771, Fresno, CA 93794, email
Issues: Assassinations, Conservatives, Mena
Search for "assassination"
"The Train Deaths, The Cover-Up, and Clinton"
Free Software Foundation, Inc (FSF)
51 Franklin St, 5th Fl, Boston, MA 02110-1301, 617-542-5942, fax 617-542-2652, email
Founder & President Richard M Stallman; Executive Direcotr & Comptroller Peter T Brown; Manager of Operations John Sullivan; Board Directors Hal Abelson, Benjamin Mako Hill, Geoffrey Knauth, Henri Poole, Richard M Stallman, Gerlad J Sussman
Issue: Intellectual Property
Free Speech Advocates
New Hope, KY 40052, 502-549-5454
Issue: Life Rights
Free Speech Coalition
Box 10480, Canoga Park, CA 91309, 818-348-9373, 866-372-9373, fax 818-348-8893, email
President Jim Everett; Vice President Tim Valenti; Treasurer Joy King; Chair Jeffrey J Douglas; Secretary Mark Kernes; Executive Director Diane Duke
Issue: Censorship Liberation, Erotic Art Liberty
Aka: formerly Free Speech Legal Defense Fund
Affiliation: Adult Film and Video Association of America (defunct)
Founder?, Editor & Webmaster Del Simmons
Issue: Conservatives?
Free Speech Policy Group (defunct?)
Free Speech Zone, email
Free State Project, Inc (FSP)
565 College Dr #C-160, Henderson, NV 89015, 888-532-4604,, email
Founder Jason Paul Sorens; President Carla Gericke; Vice President Publicity Varrin Swearingen; Treasurer Cathleen Converse; Secretary Stephen Cobb; Board? Chair Jason Paul Sorens; Board Secretary Jean Alexander; Board Directors Jean Alexander, Stephen Cobb, Irena Goddard, Jon Maltz, Jason Paul Sorens, Morey Straus, Brian Sullivan, Varrin Swearingen; National Media Spokesperson Elizabeth Merrill McKinstry; Spokesperson Chris Lawless; Past Presidents Varrin Swearingen, Amanda Phillips, Irena Goddard; Past Vice President Publicity Steve Cobbs; Past Vice President Operations Lynn Pina; Past Event Coordinator Martin Humphrey?; Past Board Secretary Sandy Pierre; Past Board Director Sandy Pierre
Issues: Libertarians
Events: Porcupine Freedom Festival, Liberty Forum
FSP is urging all freedom minded people to move to New Hampshire
Related Documentaries:
Libertopia directed by Christina Heller
Free the Slaves
1320 19th St NW #600, Washington, DC 20036, 202-775-7480, fax 202-775-7485
4025 Spencer St #104, Torrance, CA 90503, 310-371-4888, fax 310-542-6771
Founders Kevin Bales, Jolene Smith, Peggy Callahan; President Kevin Bales; Chief Executive Officer Jolene Smith; Executive Producer Peggy Callahan
Issue: Slavery Liberation
Free The World
c/o Fraser Institute, 1770 Burrard St, 4th Fl, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6J 3G7, 604-714-4541, fax 604-688-8539
Issue: Economic Liberty
Free Tibet Campaign
28 Charles Sq, London N1 6HT, England, tel 44-0-20-7324-4605, fax 44-0-20-7324-4606, email
Issues: China Government, Tibet Government
Free To Choose Network (FTCN)
2002 Filmore Ave #1, Erie, PA 16506, 814-833-7140, 800-876-8930, fax 814-833-7415,, email
Issues: Free To Choose, Milton Friedman, Libertarians
Founder Robert J Chitester; "executive" Max Borders
Affiliation: Free To Choose Enterprise
Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)
Issue: International & Multinational Governments & Treaty Organizations
Related Organizations & Websites:
International Advocates for Health Freedom
Stop the FTAA
Issue: Drug Liberation
Parent Organization: sponsored by National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign
Affiliation: Office of National Drug Control Policy
Free World Alliance (FWA)
11664 National Blvd #422, Los Angeles, CA 90064, 310-895-4474, email
Founder Anthony J Hilder
Issues: Bilderberg, Bushes, Clintons, Conspiracy Research, Council on Foreign Relations, Economic Related Boycotts, Federal Reserve System, Illuminati, New World Order, Order of Skull and Bones, 9/11 Research, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Secretive Organizations Research, Trilateral Commission, World Bank Group, World Trade Organization
"Boycott & Buy American"
"bush Crime Family"
"CFR Annotated Membership Roster: A - Z"
"Clinton Crime Family"
"Federal Reserve Corporation"
"New World Order"
"New World Order Gangsters"
"New World Order Technology Archive"
"911 Truth Archive"
"Rothschild and Freshfields founders had links to slavery, papers reveal"
"The Illuminati"
"The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story"
"Trilateral Commission"
"World Bank"
Free Zimbabwe
Issue: Zimbabwe Government
Freechild Project
Box 6185, Olympia, WA 98507-6185, 360-753-2686, email
Issues: Government School Uniform Liberation, Student Rights
"School Uniforms"
"Student Rights Directory"
Freedom Above Fortune
1805 N Carson St #188, Carson City, NV 89701, email
Founder Joseph R Banister
Issues: Income Tax Reform, Taxpayers' Rights
Freedom Action Network
1899 L St NW #1250, Washington, DC 20036, 202-331-2777, email
Contacts Alan Caruba, Peary Perry, John Walsh
Affiliation: Competitive Enterprise Institute, not affiliated with Freedom Activist Network
Freedom Activist Coalition (FAC) (defunct?)
Affiliation: not affiliated with Freedom Activist Network, email (2006)
Freedom Activist Network (FAN)
Ann Arbor, MI, 734-757-8000,, email form
Founder & Editor Richard James Birkett
Issues: Activism, Freedomists
Affiliations: not affiliated with Bureaucrash The Freedom Activist Network, not affiliated with Fr33 Agents The Freedom Activist Network, not affiliated with Freedom Action Network, not affiliated with Freedom Activist Coalition, not affiliated with Freedom Activists
2919 Brandywine Dr, Ann Arbor, MI 48104-5307, 734-677-0009 (2009)
Box 6014, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-6014, 9200 General Dr, Plymouth, MI 48170, 313-663-9048, 313-453-8840 (1995)
Freedom Activists, email form
Affiliation: not affiliated with Freedom Activist Network
Freedom Advocates
Box 3330, Freedom, CA 95019, 831-684-2232, fax 831-685-1472
58 Jehl Ave, Freedom, CA 95019,
Founder Michael S Shaw; Board Directors Daniel Beckett, Annette Crews, Andrew Duncan, Joanne Nathan, Michael Shaw
Issues: Climate, Constitutionalists, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, Sustainable Development, United Nations
Aka: formerly Freedom 21 Santa Cruz
Freedom Alliance
22570 Markey Ct #240, Dulles, VA 20166
Box 96700, Washington, DC 20090
703-444-7940, 800-475-6620, fax 703-444-9893, email form
Founder & Honorary Chair Oliver L North; Editor & Author Cliff Kincaid; Past Executive Director Marc Short
Issues: Conservatives, United Nations
"United Nations"
Affiliation: not affiliated with American Freedom Alliance
Freedom Association (TFA)
Box 145, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 9AT, England, voice/fax 44-0-845-833-9626, fax
Founders Viscount De L'Isle, Ross McWhirter, Norris McWhirter
Chair Roger Helmer; Secretary Tony Hilder; Treasurer Nigel Axelrad; Campaign Director Simon Richards; Campaign Manager Mark Wallace
Issue: Populists
Aka: The Freedom Association
Periodical: Freedom Today
Freedom Ballot Access
87 Park Ave #6, Worcester, MA 01605-3929, 508-754-1859
Contact George David Joseph Phillies
Issue Ballot Access
Issues: US Candidate Information & Research, US Elections Information & Research
Parent Organization: Century Foundation
Freedom Circle
618 Overland Dr, Brandon, FL 33511, 813-681-8189, email form, email jma{at} (replace {at} with @)
Contact Joseph Abbate
Issues: Libertarians, Organizations Research, Persons Research
Freedom Coalition of Minnesota
19258 Nordic Ridge Rd, Bovey, MN 55709, 218-256-8332, email, email form
Founder William D Hamm
Freedom Congress USA
306 Valley St, Marysville, PA 18017, 717-503-1645, 717-957-3605, 617-739-2274,
Founder William R Collier, Jr
Issue: Freedomists
Freedom Democrats,
Issues: Freedomists, Partisan Organizations
Freedom Domain
Issue: Order of Skull and Bones
"Skull & Bones"
Freedom Fighters of America (defunct),
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Founder Steven Hager; MA Leader Linda Noel; Freedom Fighters of the Year Roger Belknap, Adam Brook, Thomas Chong, Valerie Leveroni Corral, Gatewood Galbraith, Thomas Harris, Jack Herer, Gideon Israel, Charles Edward Lepp Elvy Musikka, R Keith Stroup Esq; Past IL Leader Debby Goldsberry
Periodical: Let Freedom Ring (defunct)
Freedom, Firearms and Gun Control (defunct?)
Issue: Firearms Liberty (2005)
Freedom First Foundation (FFF) (defunct?)
email (2005)
Freedom Force International
Box 4228, Thousand Oaks, CA 91359, email
Founder G Edward Griffin; Members Mike Adams, Katherine Albrecht, Rayelan Allan, Jack Blood, Marcy Brooks, Robin Falkov, Gary Franchi Jr, Patricia Griffin, John Hammell, Michael Herzog, Sherry Peel Jackson, Alexander Emerick Jones, Vickie Karp, Devvy Kidd, Vernie Kuglin, Charles Lee, Don Nicoloff, Daneen G Peterson, Howard Phillips, Doug Pokke, Aaron Russo (deceased), Bob Schulz, Rodney Stich, Mary Tocco, Bernard von Nothaus, Jerri Lynn Ward, Tim Wingate
Issues: Freedomists?, Libertarians
Freedom Forum (FF)
1101 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22209, 703-528-0800, fax 703-522-4831
300-A S Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, 407-783-3335, fax 407-783-9041, email
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Constitutional Organizations, Press Liberty, Religion Freedom, Speech Liberty, United States Constitution 1st Amendment
"Free Expression on Private Property"
"Parents fearful of Marilyn Manson seek school ban"
Affiliates & Centers:
First Amendment Center
FF African Center
FF Asian Center
FF European Center
FF Latin American Center
FF Pacific Coast Center
Media Studies Center
Freedom Forum African Center
JHI House, 7th Fl, 11 Cradock Ave, Rosebank 2196 Johannesburg, South Africa, tel 27-11-327-0269, fax 27-11-327 0242
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum
Freedom Forum Asian Center
Shui On Centre #1502, 6-8 Harbour Rd, Wanchai, Hong Kong, tel 85-2-2596-0018, fax 85-2-2598-8818
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum
Freedom Forum European Center
Stanhope House, Stanhope Pl, London, W2 2HH, England, tel 44-171-262-5003, fax 44-171-262-4631
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum
Freedom Forum Latin American Center
Ave del Libertador 602, Piso 23 "B", 1001 Buenos Aires, Argentina, tel 54-1-814-5005, fax 54-1-814-5006
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum
Freedom Forum Pacific Coast Center
1 Market St, Steuart Tower, 21st Fl, San Francisco, CA 94105, 415-281-0900, fax 415-281-3940
Issues: Assembly Liberty, Censorship Liberation, Constitutional Organizations, Press Liberty, Speech Liberty
Parent Organization: Freedom Forum
Freedom From Addiction
4590 Mountain Creek Dr, Roswell, GA 30075, 770-998-6487, email
Issue: Drug Liberation
Freedom from Addictions
Issue: Drug Liberation
Freedom From Fear
308 Seaview Ave, Staten Island, NY 10305, 718-351-1717 ext 19, fax 718-667-8893, email
Issue: Psychology & Psychiatry Organizations
Founder & Executive Director Mary Guardino
Freedom From Religion Foundation Inc (FFRF)
Box 750, Madison, WI 53701, 608-256-8900
Freethought Hall, 304 W Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53703,, email
Issues: Government Religion Liberation, Religion Liberation
Presidents Dan Barker, Annie Laurie Gaylor; Past Public Relations Director Dan Barker
Periodical: Freethought Today
Events: Darwin Day, Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention
Southeast Michigan FFRF
Freedom From Tobacco Network (FFTN)
1019 Pacific Ave #1001, Tacoma WA 98401, 253-593-2297, fax 253-597-3839,, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberation
Freedom House
1301 Connecticut Ave NW, 6th Fl, Washington, DC 20036, 202-296-5101, fax 202-293-2840
120 Wall St, 26th Fl, New York, NY 10005, 212-514-8040,,
Issues: Conservatives, Neoconservatives, Press Liberty
Founders George Field, Wendell L Willkie; Chair William Taft; Vice Chairs Ruth Wedgwood, Stuart Eizenstat; Secretary John Norton Moore; Treasurer Walter J Schloss; Chair Emeritus Max M Kampelman, Bette Bao Lord; Other Trustees Kenneth Lee Adelman, Patrick Jake O'Rourke, William H Taft IV, Wendell L Willkie II; Executive Director Jennifer Windsor; Donors National Endowment for Democracy, Smith Richardson Foundation, United States Department of State; Past Chairs Peter Ackerman, R James Woolsey Jr; Past Vice Chair Mark Palmer; Past Secretaries Kenneth Lee Adelman, Ned W Bander; Past Board Trustees Zbigniew Brzezinski, Malcolm Stevenson Forbes (deceased), Samuel Huntington, Jeane Jordan Kirkpatrick (deceased), J Danforth Quayle, Donald Henry Rumsfeld, Paul Dundes Wolfowitz
Affiliation: National Endowment for Democracy
Freedom House Detroit
2630 W Lafayette, Detroit, MI 48216-2019, 313-964-4320, email
Issue: Immigration Liberty
Freedom in the 50 States
c/o Mercatus Center, 3351 Fairfax Dr, 4th Fl, Arlington, VA 22201, 800-815-5711, 703-993-4930, fax 703-993-4935
Issues: Alcohol Research, Bicycle Research, Campaign Finance Research, Cannabis Research, Drug Research, Economic Liberty Research, Education Research, Electronic Communications Liberty Research, Employment Research, Family Research, Firearms Research, Fireworks Research, Forfeiture Research, Freedom Research, Government Budgets Research, Governments Research, Gaming Research, Insurance Freedom Research, Insurance Regulations Research, Legal Reform Research, Liberty Research, Marriage Research, Motorcycle Research, Occupational Regulation Research, Property Research, Property Takings Research, Price Regulation Research, Regulation Research, Salvia Research, Seatbelt Research, Property Takings Research, Taxation Research, Taxpayer Research, Tobacco Research, Travel Research
"Alcohol Taxes"
"Asset Forfeiture"
"Bachelor Party"
"Cable & Telecom"
"Campaign Finance"
"Civil Liberties"
"Drug Enforcement"
"Eminent Domain"
"Family Friendliness"
"Find A Job"
"Gun Control"
"Happy Hour"
"Health Insurance"
"Labor Market"
"Liability System"
"Marijuana & Salvia"
"Misc. Regulations"
"Nanny Laws"
"Occupational Licensing"
"Property Rights"
"Rent Control"
"Right To Work"
"Seat Belts"
"Tax Burden"
"Victimless Crimes"
Freedom Indiana
212 W 10th St, Bldg A #300, Indianapolis, IN 46202,, email
Issue: Same Gender Marriage Liberty
Campaign Manager Megan Robertson
Freedom Informant Network (FIN)
1 E 99th St, Cleveland, OH 44901, 419-289-3413,,, email form, email, email
Issues: News Service, Police & Law Enforcement, Radio Organizations
Founders Lonnie Harris, Lee
"FIN Radio"
"Latest News"
"News Feeds"
Freedom Institute
1900 W McNichols, Detroit, MI 48219, 313-533-5053, fax 313-533-3818, email
Issue: Africans, African & Black Rights
Freedom Keys, email
Issue: Libertarians
Freedom Law School
13211 Myford Rd #332, Tustin, CA 92782, 714-838-2896, email
President Peymon Mottahedah
Issue: Taxpayers' Rights
Freedom Lawyers Of America (FLOA),, email
Issues: Intellectual Property, Libertarians (2005)
Freedom Lights Our World! (FLOW)
1510 Falcon Ledge Dr, Austin, TX 78746-6104, 512-327-8860,, email
Issues: "Conscious Capitalism", Economic Liberty, Education Liberty, Immigration Liberty
Founders John Mackey, Michael Strong; CEO & Chief Visionary Officer Michael Strong; Executive Director & Chief Integration Officer Jeff Klein
Conscious Capitalism
Peace Through Commerce
Radical Social Entrepreneurs
Freedom Lovers Connection (FLC)
Box 987, Alamogordo, NM 88311
Freedom Network
Box 9384, Brixton, London, SW9 7ZB, England, tel 0171-978-8214, action line tel 0171-793-7343
email (2009), (2005)
Freedom Network (defunct?)
Issues: African Rights, Liberationists (2005)
Freedom Network
University of Texas, Austin, TX, email
Freedom Network, Inc
12 Broadway #201, Denver, CO 80203, email
Freedom Network (USA) To Empower Trafficked and Enslaved Persons, email
Freedom Now! (defunct)
15750 Bryson Rd, Millfield, OH 45761, 740-448-2866
Founders Ronald H Linker, Vicki Linker
740-448-7221 (2007)
Freedom Now World News, email
Freedom of Health Foundation (FHF)
Box 11599, Newport Beach, CA 92658-5035, 800-792-4269, email form
Founder Julian Whitaker
Issues: Medical Occupational Regulation Reform & Deregulation, Supplements Liberty
Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIAnet)
cPrincipe de Anglona 5, 2c, Madrid, Madrid 28005, Spain
Steering Committee Chair Toby Mendel; Donor Open Society Justice Initiative
Issue: Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure
Event: International Right to Know Day
Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (FIPA)
1093 W Broadway #103, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 1E2, Canada, 604-739-9788, email form, email
Issues: Electronic Communications Privacy, Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure, Surveillance Liberation
Executive Director Vincent Gogolek; Program Director Tyler Morgenstern; President Richard Rosenberg; Vice President Gwen Barlee; Treasurer Tom Crean; Other Board Directors Tom Crean, Bruno Godin, Carla Graebner, Michael Markwick, Ann Rees, Keith Reynolds, James Symons; Donors British Columbia Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Law Foundation of British Columbia, Notary Foundation of British Columbia, VanCity
Aka: BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association
Freedom of the Press Foundation
222 Sutter St #600, San Francisco, CA 94108, email form
Issues: Constitution of the United States 1st Amendment, Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure, Press Liberty
Founders Daniel Ellsberg, John Perry Barlow, Rainey Reitman, Trevor Timm; Board Directors Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, John Cusack, John Perry Barlow, Josh Stearns, Laura Poitras, Rainey Reitman, Trevor Timm, Xeni Jardin; Executive Director Trevor Timm; Chief Operating Officer Rainey Reitman; Chief Technology Officer Micah Lee
Freedom Of the Road for Vermont (FORVT)
45 State St #194, Montpelier, VT 05601, 888-989-9249, email
Issue: Motorcycle Liberty, email
Issue: Freedom
Event: Freedom Week
Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco (FOREST)
33 Margaret St, 6th Fl, London, W1G 0JD, England, tel 07071-766537, tel 07774-781840
Issues: Smoking Liberty, Tobacco Liberty
Freedom Partners
2200 Wilson Blvd #102-533, Arlington, VA 22201, email form, email
Issues: Economic Liberty, Government Budgets
Founders Charles de Ganahl Koch, David Hamilton Koch; Executive Director Richard Ribbentrop; President Marc Short; Executive Vice President Richard Fink; Vice President of Strategic Communications, James Davis; Other Board Members Wayne Gable, Kevin Gentry, Nestor Weigand Jr; Grantees American Energy Alliance, American Future Fund, Americans for Prosperity, Center to Protect Patient Rights, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee, Generation Opportunity, Heritage Action for America, LIBRE Initiative, National Rifle Association, Public Notice, 60 Plus Association, State Tea Party Express, Tea Party Patriots, Themis Trust, United States Chamber of Commerce
Aka: Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Inc
Related Articles:
"The Koch brothers' secret bank" by Mike Allen, Jim Vandehei, Politico, Sept 12 2013
Freedom Party (FP)
Issues: Freedomists, Partisan Organizations, Populists
Freedom Parties:
Austria: Freedom Party of Austria
Cabinda: Cabinda Freedom Party
Colorado: Colorado Freedom Party
Czech Republic: Freedom Union-Democratic Union
Denmark: Freedom Party of Denmark
Dominica: Dominica Freedom Party
Ecuador: Freedom Party of Ecuador
England: Freedom Party of United Kingdom
Italy: People of Freedom
Kyrgyzstan: Erkindik Party aka Freedom Party of Kyrgyzstan
Lesotho: Marematlou Freedom Party
Liberia: Freedom Alliance Party of Liberia, National Freedom Party of Liberia
Manitoba: Freedom Party of Manitoba (defunct?)
Netherlands: Freedom Party of Netherlands (defunct), Party for Freedom, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy
New York: Freedom Party of New York State
New Zealand: Freedom Party of New Zealand
Ontario: Freedom Party International, Freedom Party of Canada, Freedom Party of Ontario
Pennsylvania: Freedomist Party of the USA
Russia: Freedom Party of Russia
Saint Lucia: Saint Lucia Freedom Party
South Africa: Freedom Front Plus, Inkatha Freedom Party
Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka Freedom Party
Switzerland: Freedom Party of Switzerland
United States: Freedom Party of United States, New World Freedom Party International, Peace and Freedom Party
Freedom Party International (FPI)
240 Commissioners Rd W, London, Ontario N6J 1Y1, Canada
Box 2214, London, Ontario N6A 4E3, Canada
519-681-3999, 800-830-3301, fax 519-681-2857, email
Issues: Freedom Chronology Research, Partisan Organizations
"Calendar of Individual Freedom – Highlights and Dark Days"
Freedom Party of Austria
Eblinggasse 14-16, 1010 Wien, Austria, voice/fax 43-1-512-35-35, email
Past Leader Jorg Haider (deceased)
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Populists
Aka: Freiheitliche Partei Osterreichs (FPO)
Freedom Party of Canada
240 Commissioners Rd W, London, Ontario N6J 1Y1, Canada
Box 2214, Stn B, London, Ontario N6A 4E3, Canada
519-681-3999, 800-830-3301, fax 519-681-2857, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Freedom Party of Manitoba (defunct)
Manitoba, Canada
Issues: Freedomists, Libertarians, Partisan Organizations
Founder Clancy Smith; Leader James Cotton; President Chris Buors; Past Leaders Chris Buors, Dennis Rice
Aka: formerly Manitoba Marijuana Party, formerly Libertarian Party of Manitoba
Affiliations: not affiliated with Freedom Party International, not affiliated with Freedom Party of Canada
Freedom Party of New York State
NY, 347-636-3660, 718-857-1427,,
email, emailform
Founder Charles Barron; Other Members Eva Doyle, Ramon Jimenez
Issues: Black Rights, Latino Rights, Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Freedom Party
Freedom Party of Ontario (FPO)
240 Commissioners Rd W, London, Ontario N6J 1Y1, Canada
Box 2214, London, Ontario N6A 4E3, Canada
519-681-3999, 800-830-3301, fax 519-681-2857, email
Founder & President Robert Metz; Leader Paul McKeever; Vice President William Frampton; Officers Gordon Mood, Wayne Simmons
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Freedom Party of Russia
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Freedom Party of Switzerland
Postfach CH-4622, Egerkingen, Switzerland, email
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Populists
Aka: Freiheits Partei der Schweiz
Freedom Party of United Kingdom
27 Old Glouchester St, London WC1N 3XX, England, tel 0207-485-7487, email
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Populists
Freedom Party of United States
800-830-3301, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Freedom Press
84b Whitechapel High St, London E1 7QX, England, tel 020-7247-9249, email, email
Issues: Anarchists
Event: cosponsor of Stop Watching Us Rally (2005)
Freedom Project
424 C St NE, Basement Unit, Washington, DC 20002, 202-543-9495, fax 202-543-9498
111 C St SE, Washington, DC 20003, 202-546-6335 ?, email form, email, email
Founder? Chris Singerling; Honorary Chair John A Boehner
Issues: Conservatives, Partisan Organizations, political action committee to elect Republicans to US House of Representatives
FreedomReform Party (FRP)
Box 8212, University of Nevada, Reno, NV 89507
561 Keystone Ave #215, Reno, NV 89503
c/o Raymond L Avansino, 255 N Sierra St, Reno, NV 89501, email
Issues: Freedomists, Partisan Organizations
Chair Raymond L Avansino; Co-Chair Jared Forest; Treasurer Glenn Don Kirk Richardson; Secretary Kaitlyn Boyle; Chief Technology Officer David Ortiz; Ombudsman Jeremiah Pavelka; Executive Committee Members John Baldari, Chris Chapman, David Ortiz, Jeremiah Pavelka
Aka: formerly DuoFreedomist Party (2014)
Freedom Restoration Party of New York
Huntington, NY, email
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Populists
Affiliation: Independent American Party
Freedom Riders
Boston, MA, email
Director Diane Redfearn; Secretary Angie Clark; Treasurer Trish Doherty
Issues: Motorcycles, Women & Women Rights
Aka: Greater Boston Freedom Riders (GBFR)
Affiliation: Women On Wheels
Freedom School
2605 Douglas St, Austin, TX 78741, voice/fax 206-426-2272, 512-443-3103, fax 512-443-3129, email
Founder James-Marlin
Issues: Back Links, Freedom Schools, Individualists
Freedom Ship International
Box 5020, Sarasota, FL 34239, 941-539-6824, fax 941-952-1803,, email
Freedom Socialist Party (FSP),,
email, email
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists, Trotskyist Communists
Australia: Australia FSP, Geelong FSP, Melbourne FSP, Sydney FSP
British Columbia: Vancouver FSP
California: Los Angeles FSP, San Francisco FSP
Florida: Tallahassee FSP
New Jersey: Newark FSP
New York: Albany FSP, New York City FSP
Oregon: Portland FSP
Washington: United States FSP, Seattle FSP
Freedom States Alliance (FSA)
Box 618363, Chicago, IL 60661-8363
Donor Joyce Foundation; Past Board Director Mary McFate aka Mary Lou Sapone
Issue: Firearms Liberation
Project: Gun Guys
Ceasefire New Jersey
Citizens for a Safer Minnesota
Hoosiers Concerned About Gun Violence
Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence
Iowans for the Prevention of Gun Violence
New England Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence
New Yorkers Against Gun Violence
Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence
Wisconsin Anti Violence Effort
Freedom To Marry Coalition (FTM)
155 W 19th St, 2nd Fl, New York, NY 10011, 212-851-8418, fax 646-375-2069
120 Wall St #1500, New York, NY 10005, 212-809-8585 ext 205, fax 212-809-0055
1625 N Schrader Blvd, 4th Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90028-9998, 213-993-7607, email, email
Issue: Same Gender Marriage Liberty
Aka: formerly Freedom To Marry Coalition (2013)
Freedom To Read Foundation (FTRF)
50 E Huron St, Chicago, IL 60611, 312-280-4227 ext 4226, email, email
Issue: Censorship Liberation
Affiliation: American Library Association
Freedom Trainers
CA, 415-305-0945, email
Issues: Activism, Gays & Gay Rights
Freedom21, Inc
Box 191, Hollow Rock, TN 38342, 731-986-0099, email
Issues: Climate, United Nations Agenda 21
Freedom Underground (FU)
c/o Bret Dean, 5805 Aton Ave, Fort Worth, TX 76114-4127
Issues: Constitutionalists
Freedom Union
Issues: Partisan Organizations
Freedom Union and Cannabis Revolution (FUCR) (defunct?)
Founder RobMulligan III
Issue: Cannabis Liberty, email (2007)
Freedom USA
c/o NEW Enterprises, Box 913, Ehrenberg, AZ 85334-0913, 928-264-0013, cell 928-716-0144, email ;
Contact Neil E Wright
Issues: Conservatives, Firearms Liberty, Libertarians, Prostitution Liberty
Parent Organization: NEW Enterprises
Freedom Watch
c/o Libertarian Party of Monterey County, Box 22231, Carmel, CA 93923, 831-648-7271 voicemail ext 104, email
Chair Lawrence K Samuels; 2nd Vice Chair Jeff Pizanti; Treasurer/Secretary J; Member & Past Chair Mark Dierolf; Past 2nd Vice Chair Jeff Pizanti; Past Treasurer/Secretary Robert Ratto
Issues: Libertarians
Affiliation: Libertarian Party of Monterey County, not affiliated with any other Freedom Watch
Freedom Watch
601 Pennsylvania Ave NW #900, South Bldg, Washington, DC 20004, email
Chair Larry E Klayman
Issues: Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Corruption Research, Government Budgets
Affiliations: not affiliated with any other Freedom Watch
Freedom Watch (defunct?)
2237 S Pasfield, Springfield, IL 62704 ?
Affiliations: not affiliated with any other Freedom Watch (2007)
England?, email
Issues: Biotechnology, European Union, International Monetary Fund, Nationalism Critics, Speech Liberty, United Nations, World Trade Organization
Affiliations: not affiliated with any other Freedom Watch
601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, North Bldg #700, Washington, DC 20004
202-783-3870, 888-564-6273, fax 202-942-7649,,,, email form, email
Issues: Conservatives, Constitution of the United States 4th Amendment, Economic Liberty, Education Liberty, Electronic Communications Privacy, Federal Reserve System, Government Budgets, Internal Revenue Service, Monetary, Taxpayer Rights, US Social Security Administration
Chair Richard Keith Armey; Board Directors James H Burnley, Bill Jaeger, Matt Kibbe, Thomas Knudsen, Richard J Stephenson; President & CEO Matt Kibbe; Donor Charles G Koch Charitable Foundation; Vice President External Affairs Jaci Brown; Vice President Strategy Kent Lassman; Vice President Federal and State Campaigns Rob Jordan; Vice President Interactive Media Thomas Keeley; Vice President Research & Chief Economist Wayne T Brough; Vice President Operations Judy Mulcahy; Press Secretary Adam Brandon; Director of Development Andrew Smith; Director of Federal and State Campaigns Brendan Steinhauser; Public Affairs Coordinator Michael Shiba; Past Co-Chairs C Boyden Gray, Jack French Kemp Jr (deceased); Past Vice President Interactive Media Chris Kinnan
"Freedom Agenda Survey",
Aka: merger of Citizens for a Sound Economy, Empower America
Affiliations: Audit the Fed, member of Digital Due Process Coalition, FreedomWorks Foundation, Tea Party Patriots Inc
cosponsor of Stop Watching Us Rally
a sponsor of Tax Day Tea Party
1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 11th Fl, Washington, DC 20006-5805 (2007)
Related Articles:
"FreedomWorks pledges to fight proposed IRS guidelines" by Jason Pye, Jan 7 2014
"Sources: Cash-Strapped FreedomWorks In State Of Financial Disarray" by Rosie Gray, McKay Coppins, Oct 11 2013
"FreedomWorks freaks out at Cornyn in post-IRS scandal panic" by Patrick Howley, July 16 2013
FreedomWorks Foundation
c/o FreedomWorks, 601 Pennsylvania Ave NW, North Bldg #700, Washington, DC 20004
202-783-3870, 888-564-6273, fax 202-942-7649
Chair Richard Keith Armey; Board Directors Ted Abram, Steve Forbes, Matt Kibbe, Frank M Sands Sr
Issues: Conservatives, Economic Liberty, Education Liberty, Taxpayers' Rights
Affiliation: FreedomWorks
1775 Pennsylvania Ave NW, 11th Fl, Washington, DC 20006-5805 (2007)
Gelman Library, George Washington University, 2130 H St NW #701, Washington, DC 20037, email
Executive Director Thomas S Blanton; Executive Editor Toby McInstosh, Web Director Michael Evans; Donors William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network, Ford Foundation
Issue: Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure
Affiliation: maintained by National Security Archive
c/o Kross Publishing, 306 Valley St, Marysville, PA 17053, 717-503-1645,, email
Contact William R Collier, Jr
Issues: Christians, Conservatives, Freedomists, Libertarianism Critics criticizes libertarians for kowtowing to leftists on morality issues. - Editor
Freedomist Network
Kaneohe, HI
email rummel{at}
Founder? Rudolph J Rummel
Issue: Freedomists (2010)
Freedomist Party of the USA
306 Valley St, Marysville, PA 18017, 717-503-1645, 717-957-3605, 617-739-2274, email
Founder William R Collier, Jr
Issue: Freedomists, Partisan Organizations
Freedomizer Radio, email form
Issues: Conspiracy News Radio, Disinformation News Radio, Freedomist Radio, Freedomists, New World Order Radio, Radio Organizations
"The Freedomists"
Aka: Freedomist Freedomizing Freedom
ABC Show with ABC False Flag Radio with "Conspiracy Theorist"
Hempress Hour with Helene the Hempress
Jumpin' Ship With Cptn Dan with Cptn Dan
Nexus with Val Valano
Political Independence
Proof Negative Show with "Proof Negative"
Rise Above Dehumanization with Nickie with Nickie Nix
Soft Kill Weapon with Conspiracy Theorist
Survival Cooking Show with Doctor Prepper with James Talmage Stevens aka Doctor Prepper
Val Valano Hour with Val Valano
474 Roberson Blvd, Mooresville, IN 46158-7610, email, email
Founder R J Tavel
Issues: Jury Liberty & Juror Rights, Legal Research, Legal Self Representation, US Case Law Research, United States Law Research
"Jury Rights Primer"
"Self Help Legal Clinic"
"Sovereign Law Library"
Freedom's Nest, email
Issue: Libertarians
Freedoms Network
14713 Kent Dr, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772, 888-675-0202, email
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Founder Kenneth Blanchard
Freedoms Phoenix
4886 W Port Au Prince Ln, Glendale, AZ 85306, 602-717-5900, email
Founder & Publisher Ernest Hancock, Senior Editor Powell Gammill
Issue: Libertarians
Event: Freedom Summit
Freedom's Watch, Inc (defunct)
Box 1140, Dunkirk, MD 20754, 571-839-3709's_Watch, (inactive), email
Issues: Conservatives
Board Ari Fleisher, Matthew Brooks, Mel Sembler, William Weidner; Contact Christopher Adams; Donors Sheldon Adelson, Mel Sembler, John Templeton Jr, Kevin E Moley, Howard Leach, Anthony H Gioia, Richard Fox, Gary Erlbaum, Ed Snider; Past President Bradley A Blakeman
Affiliations: not affiliated with any other Freedom Watch
Related Article:
"Blakeman: IRS Targeted Freedom's Watch and its Donors" by Paul Scicchitano, May 31 2013
Freeman Education Association (FEA) (defunct?)
5147 S Harvard #174, Tulsa, OK 74135, 918-523-9309, fax 918-523-9321
8141 E 31st St #F, Tulsa, OK 74145 ?
Founder Vern Holland
Issue: Taxpayer Rights
Freemason Hall
Issues: Mason & Freemasonry Research, Masons
"Famous American Freemasons"
Freemasonry Watch
Issues: Mason & Freemasonry Critical Organizations, Mason & Freemasonry Research (2007)
Freie Arbeiter Union (FAU)
c/o Buchladen Le Sabot, Breitestr 76, 53111 Bonn, Germany, voice/fax 0228-695193
Issue: Anarchists (2005)
French Anarchist Federation (FAF)
Issue: Anarchists
Frescati Anarkistiska Sammanslutning (FAS)
Box 150 15, 104 65 Stockholm, Sweden, email
Issue: Anarchists
Milton and Rose D Friedman Foundation
1 American Sq #1750, Box 82078, Indianapolis, IN 46282, 317-681-0745, fax 317-681-0945

Founders Milton R Friedman (deceased), Rose D Friedman; Fundraiser William Joseph Walsh
Issue: Education Liberty
Friends of Cannabis
"Famous Friends of Cannabis"
Issue: Cannabis Smokers Research
Friends of Freedom
Issue: Freedom
Friends of Hemp
200 Hobson Br Rd, Weaverville, NC 28787, 704-652-8919
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty
Friends of Liberty
312-1520 Chesterfield Ave, North Vancouver V7M 2N6, British Columbia, Canada ?,,, email form
Issues: Conservatives, Libertarians, Populists
Owner & CEO Todd Brendan Fahey (2005)
Friends of Prop 215
2560 Bancroft Way #46, Berkeley, CA 94704, 510-486-8090, fax 510-486-8093
Issue: Cannabis Propositions
Friends of the Article V Convention
Founder Joel S Hirschhorn
Issue: Constitution of the United States Article 5
Friends of Tobacco
403 B East New Bern Rd, Kinston, NC 28501, voice/fax 919-522-4769, email
Issue: Tobacco Liberty
from Reason to Freedom, email, email form
Contact Truman West
Issues: Libertarians, Objectivists
From the Trenches World Report
Box 964, Chiloquin, OR 97624, email
Issues: Constitutionalists, Populists
Authors Henry Shivley, Dalila Gomez, Jesse Shivley, Mark Schumacher, Rick Bronson, Rachel Cohen, William Walbut, George Nathan, Carroll Mizell, Azuri Samone
Front Range National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Front Range NORML)
Box 2132, Fort Collins, CO 80522, 970-490-2998
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
FrontPage Magazine
9911 W Pico Blvd #1290, Los Angeles, CA 90035, 800-752-6562 ?
c/o David Horowitz Freedom Center, 4401 Wilshire Blvd, 4th Fl, Los Angeles, CA 90010, 323-556-2550 ?, email form
Issue: Neoconservatives?
Founder & Editor-in-Chief David Joel Horowitz; Columnists Ann Hart Coulter, Laurence A Elder, Don Feder, Frank J Gaffney Jr, David Harsanyi, David Joel Horowitz, Tanya Metaska, Dick Morris, John Perazzo, Dennis Prager, Michael Radu, Joseph Sabia, Stephen Schwartz, Bruce Thornton, Michael Tremoglie, Chris Weinkopf
Front Range Objectivists Group (FROG)
8700 Dover Ct, Westminster, CO 80005, 303-431-2525
Issue: Objectivists
Frontiers of Freedom
Frontiers of Freedom Institute (501c3)
Box 69, Oakton, VA 22124
1401 Wilson Blvd, 10th Fl, Arlington, VA 22209
1735 N Lynn St, Arlington, VA 22209
1100 Wilson Blvd #1700, Arlington, VA 22209
703-246-0110, 703-527-8282, 888-874-4487, fax 703-0129, fax 703-527-8388, email, email
Issues: Conservatives
Fully Informed Grand Jurors Alliance (FIGJA)
Box 667, Chickamauga, GA 30707, 706-937-8811
Issue: Jury Liberty & Juror Rights
Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)
Box 5570, Helena, MT 59604-5570
1939 Hwy 271, Box 59, Helmville, MT 59843
406-442-7800, 406-793-5550, 800-835-5879,, email
Founder Larry Dodge; Member Kenneth Proctor; Past? Board Director Mary J Ruwart
Issue: Jury Liberty & Juror Rights
"State Contacts"
Event: FIJAconV
Indiana FIJA, Inc
Michigan FIJA
Fund for a Conservative Majority
1200 G St NW #800, Washington, DC 20005, 202-546-3993
Issue: Conservatives
Fund for Animals, Inc
200 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, 212-246-2096, 888-405-3863, fax 212-246-2633,,, email
Issue: Animal Rights
Affiliation: Humane Society Legislative Fund, Humane Society of the United States
Founder: Cleveland Amory
Fund for Constitutional Government (FCG)
122 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002, 202-546-3799, fax 202-543-3156, email
Issue: Corruption Research
Fund for Peace
1701 K St NW, 11th Fl, Washington, DC 20006, 202-223-794, fax 202-223-7947, email
Issue: Peace & Warfare Liberation
Funders for LGBTQ Issues
116 E 16th St, 6th Fl, New York, NY 10003, 212-475-2930, fax 212-475-2532, email
Issue: Gay Rights
1219 SE Ivon St #200, Portland, OR 97202, 800-721-8166, fax 503-736-9835
Box 82791, Portland, OR 97282, email
Issue: Mortuary
Box 480503, Denver, CO 80248-0503, voice/fax 303-296-9359, email
Event: Telluride Mushroom Festival
FurBearers Unlimited (FBU)
Box 4129, Bloomington, IL 61702, email
Issue: Animal Liberty
Fur Takers of America, Inc (FTA)
Rte 3 Box 211A1, Aurora, IN 47001, 812-926-1049, email
Issue: Animal Liberty
Fusion Party of America (FPA)
50 Lafayette St, Jersey City, NJ 07304-4011, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
16 Old Lantern, Paxton, MA 01612, 617-325-0193
553 8th St #1R, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 718-499-2313, fax 718-499-2199 ?, email Issues: Capitalists, Economic Liberty
Founder & Editor Ira Stoll
Future of Freedom Foundation (FFF)
11350 Random Hills Rd #800, Fairfax, VA 22030-6044, 703-934-6101, fax 703-352-8678, fax 703-803-1480, email
Issues: Economic Liberty, Libertarians
President Jacob G Hornberger; Vice President of Operations Alicia Cannon; Academic Vice President Richard M Ebeling; Program Director Bart Frazier; Trustee Dominick T Armentano; Policy Advisors James P Bovard, Scott McPherson; Senior Fellow & Past Policy Affairs Vice President Sheldon L Richman; Contributing Editor Ralph Raico
Future of Privacy Forum (FPF)
919 18th St NW #925, Washington, DC 20006, 877-842-2226, email form, email
Issues: Constitution of the United States 4th Amendment, Electronic Communications Privacy Leaders Jules Polonetsky, Christopher Wolf
Affiliations: member of Digital Due Process Coalition, partnership with George Washington University Law School