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BC Activist Network
British Columbia, Canada, email
Issue: Activism
Parent Organization: Activist Network
BC Compassion Club Society
2995 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 4C8, Canada
Box 21550, Vancouver, British Columbia V5N 5T5, Canada
604-875-0448, email
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Aka: Cannabis Compassion Club
BC Marijuana Party (defunct?)
R141-757 W Hastings #717, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V6C 1A1, 604-684-7076, fax 604-682-1193
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Partisan Organizations
Founder & President Marc Emery; Campaign Manager Kirk Tousaw
Affiliation: Marijuana Party, email, email (2012)
BDSM Events Page, email
Issue: Fetish Events, Fetish Liberty
B4U-ACT, Inc
Box 1754, Westminster, MD 21158, 410-848-5431, email
Founder & Chair Russell A Dick; Director of Operations Richard Kramer
Issues: Pedophilia Research, Plutonic Pedophilia Liberty
BME World
c/o Body Modification Ezine, 1802 N Carson St #212-2498, Carson City, NV 89701
"Body Modification Laws"
Parent Organization: hosted by Body Modification Ezine
Ba'ath Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Iraq Ba'ath Party
Syria Ba'ath Party
Baby Boomer News, email
Backpackers Ultimate Guide to Hitchhiking in Europe
Issue: Hitchhiking
Badger Naturists
Box 55346, Madison, WI 53705, 608-798-1954
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Bakersfield National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Bakersfield NORML)
Box 10103, Bakersfield, CA 93389-0103, 661-369-3117, email
Contact Ed Sulla
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Box 41893, Bakersfield, CA 93304-9998, 805-397-0766 (2011)
Ballot Book
c/o Rod Walline, 212 Deren Ln, Pflugerville, TX 78660, 512-925-5463, email
Issue: US Candidates Research
Ballot Box News
2050 Old Bridge Rd #103, Lake Ridge, VA 22192, 703-492-1776, cell 202-256-0776, fax 703-910-7728
12934 Harbor Dr #111, Woodbridge, VA 22192 ?,, email
Contact Paul L Jacob
Issues: Ballot Access News, Election News, Election Propositions
Affiliation: project of Citizens in Charge Foundation
Ballot Initiative Strategy Center (BISC)
1825 K St NW #411, Washington DC 20006, 202-223-2373, 617-254-0207?, fax 202-429-9292, email
Issue: Election Propositions
c/o Sam Adams Alliance, 20 N Wacker Dr #3330, Chicago, IL 60606, 312-920-0080, fax 312-920-0090
Issues: Election Propositions, US Election Information & Research
Parent Organization: Sam Adams Alliance
Affiliation: former sponsor Citizens in Charge Foundation
Baltimore Anarchist Black Cross
Box 4309, Baltimore, MD 21223
Issues: Anarchists, Prison & Prisoner Rights
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross (2005)
Baltimore Refuse & Resist!
Box 33127, Baltimore, MD 21218, 410 243-8224
Issue: Socialists
Affiliation: chapter of Refuse & Resist!
Ban Clear Channel
Issues: Clear Channel, Fellowship
Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) (defunct)
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
London, England
76 other countries,
Issues: Government Corruption, Iran-Contra
Founder Agha Hasa Abedi; CEO Swaleh Naqvi; Vice President Alaudin Shaik; Panama Branch Manager Daniel Gonzalez; Prominent Shareholder Emir of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan; Prominent Depositors Monzer Al-Kassar, Leslie Aspin, Central Intelligence Agency, Saddam Hussayn al Tikriti aka Saddam Hussein (deceased), Abu Nidal, Manuel Noriega, Oliver Laurence North, Marc Rich?
Aka: Bank of Crooks and Criminals International, British Cover for Collecting Intelligence
Related Articles:
"The BCCI Affair: A Report to the Committee on Foreign Relations United States Senate"
Related Books:
The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed The Jewish People by John Loftus, Mark Aarons, 1994, 1997
Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
CH-4002 Basel, Centralbahnplatz 2, Basel, Switzerland, tel 41-61-280-8080, fax 41-61-280-9100, fax 41-61-280-8100,, email
Issue: Monetary
Related Articles:
"Central-Bank Group: Markets 'Under the Spell of Monetary Easing' " by Associated Press, June 2 2013
Related Books:
Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World by Adam LeBor, 2013
Bankrupting America
c/o Public Notice, 2111 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201, 571-970-6490, email
Issue: Government Budgets
Affiliation: project of Public Notice
Baptists for Life
Issues: Baptist Christians, Life Rights
Barbados Labor Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Labor Party
Bares-N-Cubs (defunct)
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Box 401476, Redford, MI 48240, 313-534-8204, email (2004)
Barry County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Barry County NORML) (defunct?)
2905 S Charlton Park Rd #5, Hastings, MI 49058, 269-945-5648, email, email
Contact Chad Coenen; Past Contact Larry Bonner Lippert (deceased)
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
email (2006), email (2005), 419 W Clinton St, Hastings, MI 49058, 616-948-0163, email, email (2004)
Bash Back!
Chicago, IL,, email
Issues: Anarchists, Gays & Gay Rights
Bash Back! Chicago
Bash Back! DC
Bash Back! Denver
Bash Back! Florida
Bash Back! Lansing
Bash Back! Memphis
Bash Back! Milwaukee
Basque Homeland and Freedom
Issue: Spain Government
Aka: Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (ETA)
Basque Nationalist Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Aka: Partido Nacionalista Vasco
Steinwegpassage 42 A, 38100 Braunschweig, Germany, tel 0531-4-44-71
Issue: Prostitution Liberty
Battered Women's Justice Project
Issue: Domestic Abuse Victims
Battle Creek Lesbian/Gay Resource Line
Battle Creek, MI, 616-731-2008
Issue: Gays & Gay Rights
Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors (BAADS)
Box 193730, San Francisco, CA 94119-3730
Issue: Veterans
Bay Area Coalition for Alternatives to the War On Drugs (BACAWOD)
Issue: Drug War Liberation
Bay Area Naturists (BAN)
Box 23781, San Jose, CA 95153-3781, email
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Bay Area PoliceWatch
1230 Market St #409, San Francisco, CA 94102, 415-951-4844, email
Issue: Police Reform & Critics
Parent Organization: Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Bay Area Red and Anarchist Skinheads (Bay Area RASH)
Box 31141, Oakland, CA 94604
Issue: Anarchists
Affiliation: Red and Anarchist Skinheads
Bay Area Sex Workers Advocacy Network (BAY SWAN) (defunct?)
Box 210256, San Francisco, CA 94121, 415-751-1659 ?
Founder & Director Carol Leigh
Issue: Prostitution Liberty (2007)
Bay City National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Bay City NORML) (defunct?)
118 N Van Buren St #3, Bay City, MI 48708, 989-893-2392
email, email
Past Director Kenneth Michael Chope
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliations: not affiliated with Michigan National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (2005)
Bay City Right to Life Committee
Bay City, MI
Issue: Life Rights
Bay County Greens
213 S Sheridan, Bay City, MI 48708, 989-892-2421
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Chair Tony Kozubal
Affiliations: Green Party, Green Party of Michigan
Issue: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Beacon Hill Institute (BHI)
Suffolk University, 8 Ashburton Pl, Boston, MA 02108-2770, 617-573-8750, fax 617-720-4272,, email
Issues: Conservatives, Economic Liberty
Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory
Harper Center 370, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, 5807 S Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL 60637
773-702-4196, fax 773-834-3040, email
Namesake Gary Stanley Becker; Founder Richard O Ryan
Issue: Price Regulation, Reform & Deregulation
Affiliation: University of Chicago
Beer Festival Calendar
c/o M Nasiatka, Box 700050, Plymouth, MI 48170, 734-454-0926, email form
Issues: Alcohol Events, Freedom Events Research
Affiliation: sponsored by Blue Lion Media LLC
Beer Institute
122 C St NW #350, Washington, DC 20001, 202-737-2337, 800-379-2739, fax 202-737-7004, email
Issues: Alcohol Laws, Alcohol Regulation Interest Organization
"The 21st Amendment and its Importance Today", email (2010)
Belgium Government
Brussels, Belgium
Issue: Europe Governments
Related Organziations & Websites:
Vlaams Belang
Beltran-Leyva Organization
southern Sonora, Mexico
Los Moches, Sinaloa, Mexico
Guerrero, Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico,,,
Issue: Black Market
Leaders Hector Beltran-Leyva (captured and detained awaiting trial), Sergio Villarreal Barragan aka El Grande aka Sergio Bernal (imprisoned), Carlos Beltran-Leyva (imprisoned); Past Leaders Marcos Arturo Beltran-Leyva aka Jefe de Jefes (deceased), Edgar Valdez Villarreal aka "La Barbie" (imprisoned)
Aka: Beltran-Leyva Cartel, Beltran-Leyva Drug Trafficking Organization
Affiliations: Zetas aka Los Zetas, formerly part of and now competitors of Guzman Organization aka Sinaloa Cartel; competitors of remnant Cartel del Pacifico Sur
Bengladesh Libertarian Party
Bengladesh, email, email, email
Founders Nizam Ahmad, Howard R Olson
Issues: Libertarians, Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Libertarian Party
Benzie County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Benzie County NORML)
6215 Smeltzer Rd, Benzonia, MI 49616, 231-882-4496, voice/fax 231-882-9721
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Director Steven B Thompson
Affiliations: chapter of Michigan National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
email (2007), email benziecountynorml{at}, email benziecountynorml{at}, email zoyam33{at} (2005)
Benzie Watershed Greens
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliations: Green Party, Green Party of Michigan
Benzodiazepine Anonymous
11633 San Vicente Blvd #314, Los Angeles, CA 90049, 310-652-4100
Issue: Drug Liberation
Berkeley Rx Cannabis Grower's Collective (defunct?)
Box 136, Berkeley, CA 94701, voice/fax 510-420-0215
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty, email (2005)
Berlin Anarchist Black Cross
c/o A-Laden, Rathenover St 22, D-10559 Berlin, Germany
Issue: Anarchists
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross
Berrien County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Berrien County NORML)
1624 Hickory St, Niles, MI 49120-3626, 269-684-6437, 269-357-1709
email, email, email dcbarnes420{at}
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Director Donald C Barnes
Affiliations: chapter of Michigan National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
email (2011)
Best Practices Policy Project
41 Mount Campbell Ave #304, Morristown, NJ 07960
email, email, email
Founder Penelope Saunders
Issue: Prostitution Liberty
Event: cosponsor of National Sex Worker Leadership Training Institute
Better Schools Foundation (defunct?)
Founders Lamar Alexander, Paul Coverdell; Past Executive Director Michael A Ferguson
Issue: Education Liberty
Beverage Retailers Against Drunk Driving Inc (BRADD) (defunct?)
7611 Birch St, Schofield, WI 54476, 715-355-0069,,,
Issues: Alcohol Regulation Interest Organizations, Driver Liberation
Contact Joseph R Nienow; Past President Richard B Berman
Bexar Recreation Society
Box 760091, San Antonio, TX 78245
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Beyond Belief Media,, email
Video: The God Who Wasn't There
Issues: Christianity Critics, God Critics
Beyond Prohibition Foundation
814-207 W Hastings, Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 1H7, Canada, 604-836-1420, 604-803-4085, email
Issues: Cannabis Liberty
Executive Director Kirk Tousaw; Policy Director Jacob Hunter
Affiliation: sponsor of
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)
11, Ashok Rd, New Delhi 110 001, India, tel 011-23382234, tel 011-23382235, fax 011-23782163, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Bible Believers
Issues: Atlantic Council of the United States, Bilderberg, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Club of Rome, Conspiracy Research, Council on Foreign Relations, Illuminati, Mason & Freemasonry Critical Organzations, Mason & Freemasonry Research, 1001 Club, Order of Skull and Bones, Orders of Saint John aka Knights of Malta, Pilgrims Society, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Secretive Organizations Research, Sovereign Military Order of Malta aka Knights of Malta, Trilateral Commission
"A Journalist's Introduction to Skull and Bones"
"An Introduction to ... Council on Foreign Relations"
"Atlantic Council of the United States"
"Carnegie Endowment for International Peace"
"Conspiracy Scholar's Nook"
"Initial List of Council on Foreign Relations Members"
"Initial List of 33rd Degree Masons"
"Initial Membership List of the Bavarian Illuminati"
"Initial Membership List of the Club of Rome"
"Initial Membership List of the Knights of Malta"
"Seventeen years of Bilderbergers including the 2000 invitees"
"The Illuminati and The Council on Foreign Relations"
"The 1782 Congress of Wilhelmsbad: The Illuminati Takeover"
"Trilateral Commission Members"
"Yale's Skull & Bones Society Members to 1984"
Biblioteca Pleyades, email form
Issues: Brookings Institution, Conspiracy Research, Committee of 300, Extraterrestrials Research, Paranormal Research, Travistock Institute
"The Brookings Report"
"The Story of the Committee of 300" by John Coleman
"Travistock Institutions of the United States" by John Coleman
Issue: Electronic Communication Privacy
Biker Dogs Motorcycle Club, email
Issues: Animal Liberty, Motorcycle Liberty
Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA)
Issues: Child Abuse Victims, Motorcycles
Bikers Against Dangerous Drivers Inc (BADD)
Box 2152, Timmins, Ontario, Canada P4N 7X8, email
Founder Angelika Archand; Board Vice Chair Leslie Mondrick; Directors Angelika Archand, Leslie Mondrick
Issues: Driver Liberation, Motorcycle Liberty
Bikers Against Manslaughter (BAM)
Issue: Motorcycle Liberty
Bikers Rights Action Group (BRAG)
Box 98, Fenton, MI 48430, email, email, email
Issue: Motorcycle Liberty
Bikisha Media Collective
BMC, #153, private bag X42, Braamfontein, 2017, South Africa, email
Issue: Anarchists
c/o Maja Banck-Polderman, Amstel 216, 1017 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands, tel 31-20-625-0252, fax 31-20-624-4299,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Issues: Globalists, Population, Secretive Organizations
Founders Joseph Retinger, Prince Bernhard, Paul Van Zeeland, Denis Winston Healey
Chair Etienne Davignon; Steering Committee Members Conrad Moffat Black, David Rockefeller Sr; Past Chairs Peter Alexander Rupert Carington aka Lord Carrington, Eric Roll of Ipsden (deceased), Walter Scheel, Alexander Frederick Douglas-Home (deceased), Bernhard van Lippe-Blesterfeld (deceased)
Other Prominent Members, Attendees & Invitees: Dean Acheson, Madeleine Albright, Keith B Alexander, Paul Arthur Allaire, Roger Altman, Julian Amery (deceased), John B Anderson, Nancy Kassebaum Baker, George W Ball, Evan Bayh, Lloyd Millard Bentsen Jr, Samuel R (Sandy) Berger, Eugene R Black Sr, Tony Blair, William L Bradley, Nicholas F Brady, Gordon Brown, Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, William Frank Buckley Jr (deceased), McGeorge Bundy (deceased), William Putnam Bundy (deceased), George Herbert Walker Bush, Peter Alexander Rupert Carington aka Lord Carrington, John Hubbard Chafee, Frank Forrester Church III, Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton IV, Barber Conable, Jon Corzine, Kenneth W Dam, Mitchell E Daniels Jr, Thomas A Daschle, Etienne Davignon, John M Deutch, C Douglas Dillon, Christopher J Dodd, Thomas E Donilon, Allen Dulles, John Reid Edwards, Mike Espy, J Michael Evans, Dianne Feinstein, Douglas J Feith, Melinda Gates, Richard A Gephardt, David Richmond Gergen, Felipe Gonzales, Donald E Graham, Katherine Graham, Charles Hagel, Denis Winston Healey, Richard Charles Albert Holbrooke (deceased), Jon M Huntsman Jr, C D Jackson, James A Johnson, Vernon Eulion Jordan Jr, John Kerry, Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger, Harold Koh, Helmut Kohl, William Kristol, Robert Strange McNamara (deceased), George J Mitchell, Peggy Noonan Barack Hussein Obama, Olof Palme, Georgios A Papandreou, Richard Norman Perle, Prince Philippe, Queen Beatrix, Donald Riegle, Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild (deceased), Robert E Rubin, Donald Henry Rumsfeld, Mark Rutte, Gerhard Schroder, Eric E Schmidt, Brent Scowcroft, George Soros, Lesley R Stahl, Peter A Thiel, Peter Sutherland, James D Wolfensohn, Robert B Zoellick
Event: Bilderberg Meetings aka Bilderberg Conference
Aka: Bilderberger, Bilderberg Group, Bilderberg Conference, Bilderberg Club, Bilderberg Meetings
Affiliations: overlapping membership with Committee of 300 and Club of Rome (2011)
Related Organizations & Websites:
American Friends of Bilderbergs, Inc
Bible Believers
Bilderberg Independent Press Summary
Free World Alliance
Independent Media Center
Intel Hub
Liberty Lobby, Inc
Public Intelligence
Ross International Enterprises
Related Books:
Bilderberg People: Elite power and consensus in world affairs by Ian Richardson, Andrew Kakabadse, Nada Kakabadse
Jim Tucker's Bilderberg Diary: One Man's 25-Year Battle to Shine the Light on the World Shadow Government by James P Tucker Jr
Rule by Secrecy: The Hidden History That Connects the Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons, and the Great Pyramids by Jim Marrs, 2000
The Bilderberg Conspiracy: Inside the World's Most Powerful Secret Society by H Paul Jeffers
The Bilderberger Group: Saviors or Destroyers? by Heinz Duthel
The Global Manipulators: The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, covert power groups of the West by Robert Eringer
The True Story of The Bilderberg Group by Daniel Estulin
Them: Adventures with Extremists by Jon Ronson
Who's Who of The Elite by Robert Gaylon Ross Sr
Related Documentaries:
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement by Alexander Emerick Jones
New World Order directed by Luke Meyer, Andrew Neel
Secret Societies with Arthur Kent, David Ackroyd Related Periodicals:
American Free Press
New World Order Intelligence Update (defunct?)
Related Articles:
"Alex Jones explains depopulation agenda on Ventura's 'Secret Society' investigation" by
"Barack O'Bilderberg: Picking the President" by Andrew Gavin Marshall
"Change? Obama Inner Circle Filled With Bilderbergers" by Victor Thorn
"Rumsfeld's Bilderberg Buddies sold nukes to Korea" (2012)
Bilderberg Independent Press Summary
Oberer Grundweg 20, Ossinger, Switzerland, tel 41-523171911
Contact Raphael Wickihalder
Issue: Bilderberg
Issues: Bilderberg, Bohemian Club aka Bohemian Grove, Conspiracy Research, International Monetary Fund, Secretive Organizations Research, Order of Skull and Bones
Founder Tony Gosling
"Bilderberg Conferences"
"Bohemian Grove - mock pagan ceremony or human sacrifice?"
"Debt Slavery - The International Monetary Fund"
"Skull and Bones, the Bush family cult - similarities with Hitler's SS"
Bill of Rights Defense Committee (BORDC)
8 Bridge St #A, Northampton, MA 01060, 413-582-0110, fax 413-582-0116, email
Issues: Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights, 4th Amendment Petitions
"Repeal the Patriot Act Petition"
Affiliation: member of Digital Due Process Coalition
Ann Arbor BORDC
Monroe County BORDC (defunct?)
Bill of Rights Foundation (BORF)
1325 S Wabash Ave #105 Chicago, IL 60605, 312-939-0675, fax 312-939-7867, email
Chair Robert H Clarke; Secretary Mabel Brail; Treasurer Milton Herst; Advisor Chip Berlet
Issues: Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights, Constitutional Organizations
Affiliation: Chicago Committee to Defend the Bill Of Rights (CCDBR)
Bill of Rights Institute
200 N Glebe Rd #200, Arlington, VA 22203, 703-409-3431, 703-894-1776?, fax 703-894-1791, email
President Victoria Hughes; Vice President of Development Christa L Floresca; Director of Program Development Andrew Gillette; Director of Communications Rachel Gillespie; Director of Major Grants Corey Lewis; Director of Donor Relations Erin Hymel; Major Grants Writer Goran Vucinic; Development Coordinator Matthew Hauck; Past? Major Grants Coordinator Aaron J Biterman
Issue: Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights Society
Box 44485, Panorama City Station, Van Nuys, CA 91412, 818-764-0639
Issue: Constitution of the United States Bill of Rights, Cannabis Liberty
Biloxi National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Biloxi NORML)
7122 Princeton, Box 6345, Biloxi, MS 39532, 601-392-3204
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Bionomics Institute
Issue: Environmental Freedom
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Issue: Biotechnology Liberty
Bipartisan Budget Appeal
Box 9, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 1004?
Issue: Government Budgets
Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC)
1225 I St NW #1000, Washington, DC 20005, 202-204-2400, fax 202-637-9220, email
Issue: Government Budgets
"Debt Reduction Task Force"
John Birch Society (JBS)
Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54912-8040, 920-749-3780, 800-727-8783, 800-527-8721, 920-749-3783,,
Issues: Conservatives, Free Trade Area of the Americas, Government Budgets, Taxpayers' Rights, US Ratings, United Nations
"Voting Index, Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard"
Eponym John Birch; Founders Frederick Chase Koch, Robert Henry Winborne Welch Jr (deceased), Revilo Pendleton Oliver (deceased); CEO Art Thompson; Public Relations Manager Bill Hahn; Past Chair Lawrence McDonald; Past Officers Nicholas J Bove Jr, Harry Brandler, John Deckert, Tim Heinan, Ted Henrickson, Robert D Love, Donald Prang, Tim Weir, Dick Weiss, Rex Westerfield
Periodical: New American
Event: cosponsor of Liberty Political Action Conference
Affiliation: Belmont Brotherhood
Get US Out! of the United Nations
Stop the FTAA
Birthright USA
686 N Broad St, Woodbury, NJ 08096, 609-848-1819
Issue: Fetus Rights
Issue: Monetary Freedom
Developers Satoshi Nakamoto, Gavin Andresen, Jeff Garzik
Affiliations: Bitcoin Foundation, formerly Mount Gox
Related Organizations & Websites:
Bitcoin Charts
Related Articles:
"Bitcoin Can Open Doors of the Global Economy for 2.5 Billion People" by Ed Moy, Aug 29 2014
"The Currency Revolution, Courtesy of Bitcoin" by Ed Moy, May 23 2014
"Charlie Shrem Speaks Out About Mt. Gox, His Arrest and the Bitcoin Bromance" by Emily Spaven, Feb 27 2014
"Mt. Gox Allegedly Loses $350m in Bitcoin (744,400 BTC), Rumoured to be Insolvent" by Pete Rizzo, Feb 25 2014
"Who's Willing to Go to Jail for Bitcoin?" by Alex Pasternack, Jan 30 2014
"US Bankers Balk at Bitcoin as Real-World Obstacles Mount" by Bloomberg News, Dec 5 2013
"Did One of the Silk Road's Successors Just Commit the Perfect Bitcoin Scam?" by D J Pangburn, Dec 2 2013
"Silk Road Competitor Shuts Down And Another Plans To Go Offline After Claimed $6 Million Theft" by Andy Greenberg, Dec 1 2013
"Beyond Bitcoin: A Guide to the Most Promising Cryptocurrencies" by Derek Mead, Nov 29 2013
"Bitcoin Shows Buffett Was Right About Seashells and Dollars" by Michael Carr, Nov 27 2013
"New Silk Road drug bazaar opens a month after FBI bust" by Noel Randewich, Nov 7 2013
"Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k" by Samuel Gibbs, Oct 29 2013
"FBI shuts alleged online drug marketplace, Silk Road" by Emily Flitter, Oct 2 2013
"Bitcoins Crash, Gold And Silver Plunge, What Is Next?" by Panos Mourdoukoutas, May 14 2013
"Will the Bitcoin Have Byte?" by Repair Man Jack, RedState, Apr 11 2013
"Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System" by Satoshi Nakamoto
Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO)
888 16th St NW #800, Washington, DC 20006, 202-429-2236, email form
Chair Kevin P Chavous; Vice Chair Deborah McGriff; Secretary Mashea Ashton; Treasurer W Raymond Bryant; President Kenneth Campbell
Issue: Education Liberty
Black Autonomy News Service (defunct?)
Box 19962, Kalamazoo, MI 49019, 616-337-7653
Issue: Africans & African Rights, News Services
Black Box
Black Box
Box 25552, Seattle WA 98165, 206-335-7747, 206-778-0524, 206-354-5723, email
Issue: Anarchists
Black Congressional Caucus
Black Political Action Committee
Box 6865, McLean, VA 22106, 703-442-7510
Black Silent Majority Committee of the USA
Box 5519, 2714 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201, 512-340-2424
Black United Fund (BUF)
2187 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI, 313-894-2200
Black Vault
North Hollywood, CA, 805-328-2858,!/TheBlackVault, email form, email
Issues: Extraterrestrials Research, Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA); Government Information, Dissemination & Disclosure
Founder, Owner, Operator & Author John Greenwald Jr
Aka: The Black Vault
Black Women's Health Imperative
Blackout Books
50 Ave "B", New York, NY 10009, 212-777-1967,, email
Issue: Anarchists
Blackwater Worldwide
Aka: renamed Academi, formerly Xe Services LLC
Blinded Veterans Association
Bloc Pot
3458, Rosemont #100, Montreal, Quebec H1X 1K6, Canada, 514-830-8568
CP 361, succ "C", Montreal, Quebec H2L 4K3, Canada, fax 514-285-4808 ?,, email form, email
Leader Hugo St-Onge
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: Marijuana Party of Canada
Bloc Quebecois
Montreal, PQ, Canada
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Blog del Narco
Mexico (Spanish), (English translation), (Spanish),,,,,
email form (Spanish), (English translation)
Issue: Black Market News, Drug News
Bloomberg LP
731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, 212-318-2000
Issue: Media Organization
Founder Michael Bloomberg
Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg News
Bloomberg TV
Bloomberg News
731 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10022, 212-318-2000,
Issue: News Service
Affiliation: news service of Bloomberg LP
Bloomington National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Bloomington NORML)
714 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404-3558, 812-336-4367
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Blue Dog Coalition (BDC)
Washington, DC,
Issues: Conservatives, Partisan Organizations
Aka: Blue Dog Conservative Democrats (BDCD)
Co-Chair for Administration F Allen Boyd Jr; Co-Chair for Communications Mike Ross; Co-Chair for Policy Patrick J Murphy; Whip Stephanie Herseth
Members Michael A Arcuri, Joe Baca, John Barrow, Melissa L Bean, Robert Marion Berry, Sanford D Bishop Jr, David Daniel Boren, Leonard L Boswell, Dennis A Cardoza, Donald J Cazavoux Jr, Albert B Chandler III, Jim Cooper, Jim Costa, Robert E Cramer, Lincoln Davis, Joe Donnelly, Brad Ellsworth, Kirsten E Gillibrand, Jane Harman, Baron Paul Hill, Tim Holden, Steve J Israel, Timothy Edward Mahoney, James Marshall, Jim Matheson, Mike McIntyre, Charles J Melancon, Michael H Michaud, Dennis Moore, Matthew Scott Murphy, Collin C Peterson, Earl Ralph Pomeroy, Steven R Rothman, John T Salazar, Loretta L Sanchez, Adam B Schiff, David Scott, Heath Shuler, John S Tanner, Ellen O Tauscher, Gene Taylor, C Michael Thompson, Charles A Wilson (2005)
Blue Ribbon Campaign
Aka: see Electronic Frontier Foundation, Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign, Blue Ribbon Campaign for Free Speech
Blue Ribbon Coalition
1540 N Arthur, Pocatello, ID 83204-2507, 800-258-3742, email
Issues: Driver Rights & Driver Liberty, Government Property, Roads
St Antoniesbreestraat 71, 1011 HB, Amsterdam, Netherlands, tel 31-0-20-6225232,,, email
Issue: Coffeeshops
Blutopian Medical Cannabis Society (BMCS) (defunct?)
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty, email (2005)
Boat Owners Association of the United States
880 Pickett St, Alexandria, VA 22304, 703-823-9550
Issue: Watercraft
Body Modification Ezine (BME)
1802 N Carson St #212-2498, Carson City, NV 89701, email, email
Founder Shannon Larrett; Support Rachel Larrett
Affiliation: BME World
Bogota Red and Anarchist Skinheads (Bogota RASH)
AA 56385, Bogota 2DC, Colombia
Issue: Anarchists
Aka: Resistencia Redskin
Affiliation: Red and Anarchist Skinheads
Bohemian Club
624 Taylor St, San Francisco, CA
Bohemian Grove, 20601 Bohemian Ave, Monte Rio, CA,,,,,,,
Prominent Members & Invitees Lamar Alexander, Ralph Bailey, James Addison Baker III, Riley P Bechtel, Stephen D Bechtel Jr, Stephen D Bechtel Sr, Alfred D Bell Jr, Richard A Boucher, David S Broder, David Brooks, Harold Brown, Edmund Gerald Brown Sr, Christopher Taylor Buckley, William Frank Buckley Jr (deceased), George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush, Richard William Butler, Joseph Anthony Califano Jr, William Joseph Casey, William Patrick Clark Jr, A W Clausen, Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Honorary, deceased), Walter Leland Cronkite Jr (deceased), John Eleuthère du Pont, John Daniel Ehrlichman, Dwight David Eisenhower (deceased), Geraled Rudolph Ford Jr (deceased), Henry Ford, David Richmond Gergen, Barry Morris Goldwater, Ellison C Grayson Jr, Phillip Hawley, S I Hayakawa, William Randolph Hearst, William Reddington Hewlett, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Herbert Hoover, John A Howard, Tom Johnson, Heinz Alfred (Henry) Kissinger, John F Lehman Jr, Franklin Murphy, Richard Millhous Nixon (deceased), Cathy O'Brien ?, David Packard, Colin Luther Powell, Ronald Wilson Reagan (deceased), David Rockefeller Jr, David A Rockefeller Sr, Donald Henry Rumsfeld, Charles Scripps, George Pratt Shultz, William French Smith, James Wadsworth Symington, William Howard Taft (deceased), Thomas Watson Jr, Caspar Willard Weinberger (deceased)
Issue: Secretive Organizations
Aka: Bohemian Grove
Related Organizations & Websites:
Bohemian Grove Action Network
Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics
Related Book:
The Franklin Cover-Up by John DeCamp
Related Documentary:
The Most Dangerous Game
Bohemian Grove Action Network
Box 296, Occidental, CA 95465
Issues: Bohemian Club aka Bohemian Grove, Secretive Organizations
Renee Boje Legal Defense Fund
Box 1557, Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada, V0N 1V0, email
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Boomer Initiative, email
Issue: Boomers
Borderland Beat
NM, email form, email
Founder Buggs
Issues: Black Market News
Drug War News
"Maps of the Mexican Cartels"
Boricua Popular Army
Puerto Rico
Issues: Assassins, Puerto Rico Government
Aka: Ejército Popular Boricua, Puerto Rican Popular Army, Los Macheteros, The Machete Wielders
Born Free Foundation
3 Grove House, Foundry Ln, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5PL, England, email
Issue: Animal Rights
Born Free USA
1122 "S" St, Sacramento, CA 95811, 916-447-3085, fax 916-447-3070
Box 32160, Washington, DC 20007, 202-445-3572
Box 22505, Sacramento, CA 95822
Box 3822, Riverside, CA 92519-3822 ?, email
Issue: Animal Rights
Bosnia Government
Issue: Europe Governments
Related Organizations & Websties:
Bosnia Homepage at CalTech
Bosnia Homepage at CalTech, email
Issue: Bosnia Government
Boston Refuse & Resist!
Boston, MA
Issue: Socialists
Parent Organization: Refuse & Resist!
Boston Tea Party (BTP)
Saint Louis, MO, 314-721-3960, email form
Founder Thomas L Knapp; Chair Douglass Gaking; Vice Chair Mike Blessing; Secretary Michelle Luetge; At-Large Thomas L Knapp, Darryl W Perry, Neil Kiernan Stephenson, Steve Trinward; COFOE Representative James Landrith; Site Administrator Thomas L Knapp
Issues: Libertarians, Partisan Organizations
Affiliate: BTP Michigan
Boston Tea Party Michigan (BTP Michigan)
Chair Todd Andrew Barnett
Issues: Libertarians, Partisan Organizations
Parent Organization: Boston Tea Party
Boulder County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Boulder County NORML)
Box 1903, Longmont, CO 80502, 720-275-0319, 303-449-4854,,
email, email
President Jeff Christen-Mitchell; Treasurer Bo Shaffer; Outreach Carol Cook; Publications Paul Tiger; Board Members Brenda Noehl, Spencer Thomason
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Aka: NORML For Boulder
Affiliations: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, also see NORML at Colorado University
Boulder Hemp Initiative Project (BHIP)
Box 729, Nederland, CO 80466, 303-784-5632
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty, Cannabis Propositions
Issues: Alcohol Liberty, Alcohol News
Randolph Bourne Institute (RBI)
Namesake Randolph Bourne; Fellow Justin Raimondo
Issue: Peace & Warfare Liberation
Bowhunters Against Drugs (BAD)
Founder Ted Nugent
Issue: Drug Liberation
Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence
1225 "I" St NW #1100, Washington, DC 20005, 202-289-7319, fax 202-408-1851,,,
Spokesperson Patrick V Murphy
Issue: Firearms Liberation
Aka: formerly Center to Prevent Handgun Violence (CPHV)
Affiliations: Americans for Gun Safety, Handgun Control Inc
Affiliate: Million Mom March (2005)
Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation
1241 N Franklin Pl, Milwaukee, WI 53202-2901, 414-291-9915, fax 414-291-9991
Box 510860, Milwaukee, WI 53203-0153,,,
Founders Lynde Bradley, Harry Bradley; Chair Andrew Rader; Vice Chair Allen M Taylor; President Michael S Joyce; Past President William Kristol, Michael S Joyce; Past Members William Bennett, George J Stigler
Grantees: American Civil Rights Institute, American Enterprise Institute, American Legislative Exchange Council, Center for Individual Rights, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, Committee for the Free World (defunct), Free Congress Foundation, Hoover Institution, Hudson Institute, Institute on Religion and Democracy Inc, Pacific Legal Foundation, Project on Transitional Democracies (defunct), Ward Connerly, Charles Murray, George Joseph Stigler
Issues: Conservatives, Neoconseratives, Philanthropies
Aka: Bradley Foundation
Brady Education Foundation, Inc
1818 Airport Rd #298, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-7415
Board Directors Kimberly O Dennis, Heather Richardson Higgins
Issue: Philanthropies
Aka: formerly W H Brady Foundation
Brain Injury Association of Michigan
8619 W Grand River Ave #I, Brighton, MI 48116-2334
810-229-5880, 800-772-4323 MI only, fax 810-229-8947, email
Branch County National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Branch County NORML) (defunct?)
MI, 517-369-5805?
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliations: not affiliated with Michigan National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Director B J Mallen
email (2005)
Issue: Waco
Brass Roots Inc
6390 Curtis Rd, Hale, MI 48739, 800-555-4867, 989-728-0118
Box 246, Hazel Park, MI 48030, fax 810-678-3448 ?, email
Founder Jon Coon; Chair Michael Carson; Executive Director Tom Kesler; President Michael Hoban; Vice President Duane Bigger; Secretary Wendy Kesler; Treasurer Cecil Correll
Board Directors Lorna Bergman, Connie Bigger, Fred Boynton, Michael Carson, Gary Dobrynski, John Emerson, John Lanning, Bill Medlen, Tom Reed, Lloyd W Sherman II, Robert B Van Oast
Advisors Arlynn Afton, Jim Church, Lon Cripps, Mike Fischer, Joanna Gargin, Barbara B Goushaw, Mark Hackel, Neal Knox, General Laney, Ted Nugent, Lawrence D Pratt, Carston Seales; Past Executive Director Michael Hoban
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Iron-Dickinson County Brass Roots
Marquette County Brass Roots
Ontonagon-Gogebic County Brass Roots
810-399-8333, fax 810-399-1899(2005)
Brassroots, Inc
9430 E Golf Links #246, Tucson, AZ 85730
888-449-3511, 520-270-6941, 520-750-1292, fax 520-750-0716, email, email
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Brazilian Communist Party
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists
Aka: Partido Comunista Brasileiro
Affiliation: not affiliated with Communist Party of Brazil
Brazilian Labour Party
SAUS Qd 1 bloco M Ed Libertasw Ioja 101 CEP, 70070-935, Brasilia DF, Brazil, tel 61-2101-1414, fax 61-2101-1400,
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Aka: Partido Trabalhista Brasileiro
Affiliation: Labor Party
Brazilian Republican Party
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Aka: Partido Republicano Brasileiro
Brazilian Social Democracy Party
Comissão Executiva Nacional Avenida L2 Sul, quadra 607, Edifício Metrópolis, CEP 70200-670, Brasília, DF, Brazil
tel 61-3424-0500, fax 61-3424-0519,, email
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Honorary President Fernando Henrique Cardoso
Aka: Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira, Party of the Brazilian Social Democracy, Party of Brazilian Social Democracy
Brazilian Socialist Party
SCLN 304, Bloco A, Sobreloja 1, Entrasa 63, Brasilia DF, Brazil, tel 61-3327-6405, tel 61-3327-1598, tel 61-3326-0722,
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists
Aka: Partido Socialista Brasileiro
Affiliation: Socialist Party
Break All The Rules (BATR)
Box 657, Naples, NY 14512, 585-534-5581,,,
Issues: Conspiracy Research, Libertarians, Jean Paul Sartre
Break The Chain Campaign!!
c/o Institute for Policy Studies, 733 15th St NW #1020, Washington, DC 20005, 202-234-9382, fax 202-387-7915
, email
Issue: Employee Organizations & Unions
Aka: formerly Campaign for Migrant Domestic Workers Rights
Break the Chains
Box 12122, Eugene, OR 97440, email
Issues: Anarchists, Prison & Prisoner Rights
Aka: Northwest Anarchist Prisoners' Support Network
Women's Committee, email
541 Cashmere Terrace, Los Angeles, CA 90049, 310-471-7960, 310-472-1424
149 S Barrington Ave #401, Los Angeles, CA 90049, email form
Founder Andrew J Breitbart
Issue: News Services
"Big Government"
"Big Hollywood"
"Big Journalism"
"Big Peace"
"Breitbart TV"
"Pigford Investigation Resources"
Brennan Center for Justice
161 Ave of the Americas, 12th Fl, New York, NY 10013, 212 998-6730, fax 212-995-4550, email
Issue: Campaign Finance
Donor Joyce Foundation
"Campaign Finance Reform"
Brew City Anti-Authoritarian Collective
Box 93312, Milwaukee, WI 53203
Issue: Anarchists
Brewers Association
736 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302
Box 287, Boulder, CO 80306
303-447-0816, 888-822-6273, fax 303-447-2825,, email
Issues: Alcohol Laws, Alcohol Liberty
"State Self Distribution Laws"
Aka: merger of Association of Brewers, Brewers Association of America (BAA)
Affiliation: House Small Brewers Caucus
Events: American Craft Beer Week, Craft Brewers Conference and Brewexpo America, Great American Beer Festival, World Beer Cup
Brighton Anarchist Black Cross
Box 74, Brighton, BN1 4ZQ, England, email
Issue: Anarchists, Prison & Prisoner Rights
Parent Organization: Anarchist Black Cross
Brisbane Anarchist Black Cross
Box 558, South Brisbane, 4101 Queensland, Australia, fax 07-2521950
Issue: Anarchists, Prison & Prisoner Rights
Affiliation: chapter of Anarchist Black Cross (2005)
British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (BASPCAN)
10 Priory St, York YO1 6EZ, England, tel 44-0-1904-613605, fax 44-0-1904-642239, email
Issue: Child Abuse Victims
British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists (BCCOM)
British Columbia, Canada
Issue: Motorcycle Liberty
British Columbia Liberal Party
150 - 10451 Shellbridge Way, Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2W8, Canada, 604-606-6000, 800-567-2257, fax 604-244-0450, email
Affiliations: Liberal Party, Liberal Party of Canada
British Columbia Libertarian Party
British Columbia, Canada
Issues: Libertarians, Partisan Organizations
Affiliations: Libertarian Party, Libertarian Party of Canada
British Columbia New Democratic Party (British Columbia NDP)
British Columbia, Canada
Issue: Partisan Organizations
Affiliation: New Democratic Party
British National Party (BNP)
Box 287, Waltham Cross Herts, EN8 8ZU, England, tel 0870-7576-267, email
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Nationalists, Populists
British Naturism
30-32 Wycliffe Rd, Northampton, NN1 5JF, England, tel 01604-20361, fax 01604-230176
Issue: Naturism & Clothing Liberation
Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI)
3340 Peachtree Rd NE #570, Atlanta, GA 30326, 404-261-5151
84 Harley House, Marylebone Rd, London NW1 5HN, England, tel 44 20 7486 2036
8730 Sunset Blvd, 3rd Fl West, West Hollywood, CA 90069-2211, 310-659-9109
1691 Michigan Ave #350, Miami Beach, FL 33139, 305-673-5148
10 Music Sq E, Nashville, TN 37203-4399, 615-401-2000
320 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019-3790, 212-586-2000
MCS Plaza, 255 Ponce de León Ave #208, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00917, 787-754-6490,
Issue: Intellectual Property
Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)
330 Independence Ave SW, Washington, DC 20237, 202-203-4400, fax 202-203-4585,
Board Members Joaquin F Blaya, Blanquita Walsh Cullum, D Jeffrey Hirschberg, Steven J Simmons; Past? Board Member Hillary Rodham Clinton; Past Board Member Edward E Kaufman
Issue: Radio
Parent Organization: independent agency of United States Government
Radio Free Asia
Radio Free Europe
Radio Liberty
Radio Marti
Radio Sawa
Television Marti
Voice of America
Brookings Institution
1775 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036, 202-797-6000, fax 202-797-6004,,,
email form
President Strobe Talbott; Board of Trustees Chair John L Thornton; Senior Fellow Rebecca M Blank; Donor Smith Richardson Foundation
Affiliations: Tax Policy Center, Travistock Institute
Related Organizations & Websites:
Biblioteca Pleyades
Bryan/College Station National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Bryan/College Station NORML)
Box 9077, College Station, TX 77842, 409-268-1180, 409-696-0976
Issue: Cannabis Liberty
Affiliation: not currently affiliated with National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
James M Buchanan Center for Political Economy
Buchanan House, MSN 1E6, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-993-2327, fax 703-993-2334
MSN 1D3, Carow Hall, George Mason Univ, 4400 University Dr, Fairfax , VA 22030-4444, 703-993-2330, fax 703-993-2323, email
Advisory General Director & Namesake James M Buchanan Jr; Director Tyler Cowen; Deputy Director Peter Boettke
Parent Organizations: Institute for Humane Studies, George Mason Univ
Affiliate: Center for Study of Public Choice
Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA)
14761 Pearl Rd #308, Cleveland OH 44136, 440-503-3011, 419-572-1526, 740-363-1213, email form
Issue: Firearms Liberty
Chair Jim Irvine, Vice Chair Chad D Baus, Treas Mary Friscone, Legislative Chair Kenneth L Hanson
Central Ohio BFA
Northeast Ohio BFA
Northwest Ohio BFA
Southwest Ohio BFA
West Central BFA
Buckeye Forest Council (BFC)
11315 Jackson Dr, The Plains, OH 45780, 740-797-7200, fax 740-797-8900, email
Issues: Deforestation Liberation, Habitat
Buck Buckley Campaign
Issue: Campaign Finance
Issue: Cannabis
Friday 420 Show
Genesee Compassion Club Show with Eric, Chad and Jeremy
Medical Marijuana Radio Show (televised)
NORML Live Show
Buffalo Bayou Cannabis Club
Issue: Medicinal Cannabis Liberty
Build Freedom - Free World Order
Issues: Libertarians, Persons Research
"Pro-Freedom Individuals"
Buidling Block
940-368-6320, email
Founder Christopher Largen; Board Directors Erin Hildebrandt, Christopher Largen
Issues: Cannabis Liberty, Child Abuse Victims, Sexual Abuse Victims
Bulgarian Social Democratic Party
Issues: Partisan Organizations, Socialists
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90, 1012 GG, Amsterdam, Netherlands, tel 31-0-20-6259864,, email
Issue: Cannabis Coffeeshops
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, BATF, BATFE)
99 New York Ave NE, Mail Stop 5S144, Washington, DC 20226, 800-800-3855, 202-648-7777, email, email, email
Issues: Firearms Laws, Fireworks Liberation, Ruby Ridge, Waco Seige
Director B Todd Jones; Agents John Dodson, Brian Newell, J Dewey Webb; Attache to Mexico Darren Gil; Past Acting Directors Kenneth E Melson, Michael J Sullivan; Past Deputy Director Kenneth E Melson
Operations: Operation Backfire, Operation Fast and Furious
"Don't Let Fireworks Make You a July 4th Statistic"
"Fireworks Safety Tips"
"Laws, Regulations & Rulings"
"New York City Anti-Fireworks Initiative"
"Safety Precautions for Legal Fireworks",
Aka: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Parent Organization: agency of United States Department of Justice, former bureau of United States Department of Treasury
Affiliation: Missouri Information Analysis Center
Related Organizations & Websites:
Public Intelligence
Related Articles:
"IRS Scandal Hearing: Conservative Non-Profit Head Fearlessly Takes on Political Suppression" by Emily Hulsey, Feb 8 2014
"Fast & Furious Bombshell: FBI Implicated in Death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry" by Kyle Becker, Dec 28 2013
"BATFE Implicated in more rogue operations" by National Rifle Association ILA, Dec 20 2013
"ATF uses rogue tactics in storefront stings across nation" by John Diedrich, Raquel Rutledge, Dec 7 2013
"A gunrunning sting gone fatally wrong" by Sari Horwitz
"ATF agent denies 'walking' guns into Mexico" by Matthew Boyle
"ATF priorities: Smuggle guns to drug cartels, arrest cigarette smugglers" by C J Ciaramella
"Abuses of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms" by Francis A Ney Jr, revised Aug 26 1996, Oct 28 2001
"Corruption Runs DEEP in BATF" by Juan Doe (pseudonym), Dec 19 2012
"Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes" by William La Jeunesse, Laura Prabucki
"Senior ATF, Justice officials ignored Mexico-based agentsí complaints, bragged about Fast and Furious successes" by Matthew Boyle
Related Books:
Fast and Furious: Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal and the Shameless Cover-Up by Katie Pavlich
The Unarmed Truth: My Fight to Blow the Whistle and Expose Fast and Furious by John Dodson, 2013
Related Documentaries:
District of Corruption by Stephen K Bannon, 2012
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)
c/o United States Department of the Interior, 1849 C St NW, Washington DC, 20240-0001, 202-208-3711, fax 202-501-1516
Parent Organization: United States Department of the Interior
Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)
Washington, DC 20520,,
Past Assistant Secretary Thomas Fingan
Issue: Government Intelligence
Aka: formerly Research and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services
Parent Organization: United States Department of State
Affiliation: member of United States Intelligence Community
Bureau of Public Secrets
Box 1044, Berkeley, CA 94701
Editor Ken Knabb
Issue: Anarchists
c/o Competitive Enterprise Institute, 1899 L St NW, 12th Fl, Washington, DC 20036, 202-331-2259, 202-331-1010
831 Beacon St #330, Newton, MA 02459-1822,, email hq{at}
Crasher-in-Chief Jason Talley
Issues: Activism, Libertarians
Aka: Bureaucrash The Freedom Activist Network
Parent Organization: sponsored by Competitive Enterprise Institute
Affiliation: not affiliated with Freedom Activist Network, (2005)
Edmund Burke Institute
Issue: Economic Liberty
Burlingame's Circumcision Issues
Issues: Genital Mutilation & Circumcision, Genital Mutilation & Circumcision Victims
Burma Campaign UK
28 Charles Sq, London N1 6HT, England, tel 020-7324-4710, fax 44-20-7324-4717, email
Issue: Myanmar Government
Burma Fund
1319 F St NW #303, Washington, DC 20004, 202-639-0636, fax 202-639-0638, email
Issue: Myanmar Government
BurmaNet News, email
Issue: Myanmar Government
Burma Project
c/o Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network, 400 W 59th St, New York, NY 10019, 212-548-0632, fax 212-548-4655, email
Issue: Myanmar Government
Parent Organization: project of Open Society Institute and Soros Foundation Network
Burmese Relief Center USA
1804 Orchard St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103, 734-327-9369, email
Issue: Myanmar Government
Thorbeckeplein 28, 1017 CS, Amsterdam, Netherlands, tel 31-0-20-3307475
Issue: Coffeeshops
Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp (BACH)
Box 1716, El Cerrito, CA 94530, voice/fax 510-215-8326
Box 9068, Chandler Heights, AZ 85227, 602-988-9355, fax 602-988-9438
Box 71093, Los Angeles, CA 90071-0093, 310-288-4152,
email, email
Founder & Director Chris Conrad
Issue: Cannabis Hemp Liberty
Periodical: Hempire News (defunct?)
Business Software Alliance (BSA)
1150 18th St NW #700, Washington, DC 20036
202-872-5500, piracy hotline 888-667-4729, truce hotline 877-536-4272, fax 202-872-5501,
Issues: Constitution of the United States 4th Amendment, Intellectual Property
Business Travel Coalition (BTC)
214 Grouse Lane, Radnor, PA 19087, 610-341-1850, fax 860-239-8229
Rue du Trône 130, B-1050 Brussels, Belgium,, email mitchell{at}
Issues: Aviation, Passengers, Travel Freedom (2004)
Butterfield-Jay Foundation
Box 57214, Oklahoma City, OK 73157, 405-521-8746, fax 405-528-7463
Issue: Drug Testing Liberation
54 W 21st St, 11th Fl, New York, NY 10010, email form, email
Issues: Gay News, News Services, Transgender News
Libreville, Gabon, Africa
Issues: Drug Religions, Ibogaine Liberty
By Any Means Necessary (BAMN)
Box 24834, Detroit, MI 48224, 313-468-3398, email, email form
Coordinator Donna Stern
Issues: American Civil Rights Institute, Immigration Liberty, Ward Connerly