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includes self-identified liberationists, liberation proponents, liberation theologists
some organizations may have libertine orientation contrary to optimal liberty
some organizations may have prohibitionist orientation contrary to optimal liberation
also see Animal Rights, Freedomists, Government Liberation, "Liberation" Theologists, Status

Liberationist Organizations
Freedom Network
Kosovo Liberation Army
Liberation News
Liberation News Service (defunct?)
National Liberation, Separatist and Self-Determination Web Sites Directory
National Movement for the Liberation of Azawa
North American Liberation Association/Army
Pan-African Freedom Movement of East and Central Africa
Party for Socialism and Liberation
Patriotic Liberator
Riseup Collective
Scottish National Liberation Army
Zapatista Front of National Liberation
Zapatista National Liberation Army
Liberationist Organizations by Location

Party for Socialism and Liberation

District of Columbia
Party for Socialism and Liberation

Party for Socialism and Liberation

National Movement for the Liberation of Azawa

Prominent Liberationists & Activists
Bolivar, Simon (deceased)
Fromm, Erich Pinchas (deceased)
Liberationists by Location

Liberationism Critics
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Liberationism Critical Organizations
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Liberationism Articles
"Bogus Freedom" by James P Bovard
"Is Freedom From Want the Greatest Freedom?" by Joe Carter
"The Meaning of Freedom" by Louis James

Liberationism Books
Bolivar: American Liberator by Marie Arana, 2013
Escape From Freedom by Erich Pinchas Fromm (deceased)
Freedom From Freedom Froms by Titus Stauffer
Globalize Liberation by David Solnit
The Christian Century by Ephraim Radner

Liberationism Chronology
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Liberationism Documentaries
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Liberationism Events
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Liberationism News
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Liberationism Periodicals
Liberation News
Patriotic Liberator

Liberationism Radio
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Liberationism Research
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Liberationism Television
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